Only with the right gaming wheels can one be able to experience the thrill of virtual racing to the maximum. The Thrustmaster t300rs is the very best choice for all your gaming wheels needs. Supporting PC, PS3 and PS4 gaming, this is a great choice for all gamers with the latest games to enjoy. By offering a sturdy design, high quality materials and latest technologies, this gaming wheel offers nothing short of the best to all who purchase it.
Design and setup
Out of the box, the Thrustmaster t300rs comes in several parts that are easy to assemble. The main parts include the two-pedal board, the actual wheel and the wheel base which has the feedback motors. To assemble these, place and screw the steering wheel clamps onto the base and attach the whole set up to a desk or table using a desk mount attached to its bottom. Choose the right desk size to secure it onto so you get the best results.
In the thrustmaster t300rs box is a pedal board with adjustable pedals made of metal to guarantee durability. The wheel is made of rubber to give great grip and ease in handling. The metallic gear shifters give excellent capabilities in responding to racing needs. As for the navigation, a standard dual controller just like PS4’s is in place to allow ease in manipulation without the need to flip between the wheel and the controller.
Once you are done with the assembly, simply plug the thrustmaster t300rs in together with your PS4, PS3 or PC. The wheel will automatically rotate severally for calibration and then return to the normal position.
The rubber steering wheel can be turned to the maximum 1080 degrees but this can be reduced to 270 degrees using the software. In this setting, the force feedback motors block off movement.
The force feedback is strong and fast giving the real-life feel to gaming experiences using this gaming wheel. This is achieved by brushless motors which use hall sensors rather than brushes. This makes them less prone to wear and tear in the long-term. With these brushless motors, the turning of the wheel is quiet but the fan that kicks in when the motor heats up tends to be quite noisy. With the strong force feedback capabilities, you not only enjoy your racing fun but also get a great workout.
Switching between PS4, PS3 and PC is very easy by simply pressing the small slider in the wheelbase.
The good
There are a few qualities displayed in thrustmaster t300rs review as loved by many. These include:
• Brushless motors that last long and make minimal noise
• Relatively cheap
• Ability to support full functioning with PS4 as well as PCs and PS3
• A rubber wheel for easy handling and withstanding tear.
The bad
The brake pedals seem to raise the most concern with those who have used thrustmaster t300rs before. The pedals are weak but for the price at which you get it, they definitely are ideal. The noise made by the fan also takes the fun out of virtual racing at times especially if it is overpowers the set’s volume. When not properly installed, it could cause serious back pains too.

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