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Logitech G27 Racing wheel is one of the best gaming wheels for both beginners as well as skilled gamers. If you have been looking for a wheel that excels in all the categories, offers solid feedback as well as tight controls then simply order for this device. The high quality materials used in designing the wheel enables it to offer the best racing experience. The updated version of the wheel has additional buttons on its face, less noise and is highly compatible with most of the recent computer games on the market. The wheel works on PS2, PC and PS3. Although the wheel is not compatible with the Xbox one and PS4, it remains at the top. The design of the wheel is not only solid but also very attractive.

Features of the wheel

The racing wheel features a dual motor feedback force that has a helical gearing. In simple words, the wheel offers you with realistic pressure depending on your abilities. In case you throttle the gas excessively, your tires are likely to lose their grip on the road. The device also comes with a push down reverse gear, six speed shifter as well as clutch pedal. These three features make racing very accurate. Above the horn button, you will notice the presence of shift indicator and RPM indicators. This will make your racing experiences better because you will not only hear when you need to change the gears of the car but also see the same on your screen as you race. The leather grip design makes it to stand out from the rest of the products that you will get on the market. The buttons are very simple to allow you race with ease. You will find most of the 16 buttons of this device on the shifter. Unlike other wheels where mounting the peripheral may be one of the most daunting tasks, the wheel has dual clamping to make it a walk in the park. The strong rubber floor grip located beneath the device’s pedal will protect you from sliding when using the wheel to race. The steel material used in designing the pedals adds on the durability of this gadget.


• Comfortable to use since its soft leather grip and you can adjust the steel pedals easily

• Durable, thanks to the solid steel construction

• It is accurate and highly responsive


• The device has many controls that can be very confusing especially for beginners.

• Cable designed for each of the devices makes its set up messy

In conclusion, Logitech G27 Racing wheel is simplest the best pc steering wheel that you can buy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, the device has many features that will impress you. The design of the wheel, its features as well as customization of the devices makes it one in its own class. While using it, you can adjust the pedal the way you like to achieve ultimate comfort. If you will opt to buy the gadget, simply check with some of the leading online shops for the same instead of walking up and down the streets looking for a shop that stocks them.

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  1. diane brown

    bought this product used….need cable for steering wheel to foot peddles….cannot find…do not even know what I nned to buy…any ideas of size or name of cable?

    1. Daisy Post author

      It should come with adapter cables, you can ask the seller to offer it

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