Gamers who are fond of playing high-end games like Gran Turismo, Forza 4, Colin McRae, etc. demand advance racing wheels to experience a hassle free and pragmatic gaming. A good racing wheel is designed to render its user with a realistic impersonation of the controls of a vehicle in the game. It provides a high grade racing experience which is an imitation of real life racing and the thrill involved in it.

Top Gaming Wheel Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Thrustmaster VG Force Feedback$4001124.1/5
Logitech G27 $30012634.5/5
Logitech Driving Force GT WheelHidden5824.4/5
Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Hidden1284.1/5
Mad Catz Pro Force Feedback Wheel $400493.4/5
Thrustmaster T500RS Playstation 3$600763.9/5
Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4/PS3 $100823.5/5
Mario Kart Wheel for Wii$117424.4/5
Xbox 360 Wireless Speed $404564.1/5
Genius TwinWheel F1 Vibration Feedback $2402243.5/5
Official Nintendo Wii Wheel$164274.5/5

Types of Racing Wheels

In order to own a sensational racing wheel to enhance your game, you must first know the types of wheels available in the market. There are two types of racing wheels:

• Wired
A wired racing wheel restricts you within a limited frame of area. With a wired wheel you can play within a few feet or so. You don’t have an option to go beyond that limit. If you are comfortable playing with a wired wheel and if it suits your playing style, buying one of this type is a good deal.

• Wireless
It is a tethered version of the racing wheel. It operates according to the program installed in it for its operation. It enables the user to race from whatever distance is comfortable to the player. This type of wheel is very popular among masses and being a bit more advance, wireless wheel is costlier than the wired one.

Buying Guide – Various factors you need to consider before making tour purchase

Now, when you want to make a purchase of a racing wheel, you need to consider some factors that can certainly help you in making the right choice.

• Rotation

Rotation is one important factor that plays a crucial role in enhancing your game of racing. The degree of rotation of a good wheel needs to range somewhere from 180 to 1080.
Inexpensive wheels generally have range of rotation which is less than rotation range of real road cars. On the other hand, expensive wheels provide same rotation degree as of real cars.

• Wheel size

Wheels that are of low quality tend to be small in making. It is a bit inconvenient to use while frolicking intense games and hence these wheels are not much popular among gamers wanting perfection in their gaming equipments.
Wheels that are of high quality are manufactured keeping in mind the real size and design of realistic vehicles. Imitating wheels of popular race cars incurs a considerably higher cost but the size, design and features plus the quality is absolutely worth the price. It will lag nowhere in satisfying your demands for the wheel.

• Vibration and force feedback

Force feedback refers to the experience of a realistic road one gets while operating the racing wheel. A practical experience of the race induces the user to take actions and use controls by following his natural instincts. The gamer use controls just like the way he would have used it if that was a real life race. It enables the gamer in pushing the limit of the vehicle to its maximum and having a good control over the front wheel.

• Pedal

Pedal to wheel is almost inevitable. It feels incomplete and weird while playing in the absence of playing. Keeping the satisfaction of customers in mind, manufacturers provide a set of pedals along with the wheels.
Wheels from reputed and popular brands will always provide you with metal pedals while the inexpensive and ill standard brands will provide you with a set of plastic pedals which certainly has very less durability. If you have a good budget and you seek for durability you should opt for a racing wheel which has metal pedals accompanying it.

• Clutch

Clutch is an important part of a vehicle in real and so is it in gaming. A clutch provides an extra edge to the wheel as a whole. It simulates the overall gaming experience and renders the user with an ultimate realistic game. In the absence of a clutch, the wheel can still shift the dependence of which lies on the pedal and not on the actual shifter.
Though a wheel accompanied by a clutch adds to the fun of the game but at the same time it increases to the complexity of the controls. It may not be suitable for every player. Those who are comfortable with using clutch can go really well with it, but it can prove to be really inconvenient for those who are not used to it.
However, there is no harm in trying new controls and equipments if it has the capacity of enhancing your gaming experience and excitement. The day you will get used to the clutch in your cockpit, you are sure to love it immensely.

• Noise level

Everyone is different from other in some way or the other. For instance, some may like the racetracks to be at a loud volume while some may like it to be at a lower volume. In order to make it adjustable according to ones preference and convenience, the need of a voice cancelling device is a must to protect the user’s hearing.

• Cockpit

A cockpit refers to a basic frame within which all the components are placed. It ensures that the wheel, clutch and the pedal stays in place and do not wobble from their mean position while the user use them. Some sets come with an inbuilt cockpit while some come with a setting or a kind of fixture over which the components can be set. A cockpit not only makes it look fancy but it also presents a realistic view.

• Customization

When we talk about customization, we think about modification, suitability, adjustability and appropriateness. A customizing option lets you modify settings on the device according to your requirements. It enables you in adjusting settings to a level with which you are comfortable. For instance, the wheel sensitivity, vibration, feedback, ABS, etc. can be easily modified.

• Warranty

Now after everything the final thing you demand is warranty. Warranty acts as manufacturer’s surety for the quality of product and commitment to repair or replace in case of any default. The longer the warranty period the more reliable the product is.
Manufacturers also provide the terms and conditions in relation to the warranty which states the cases for which warranty can and cannot be claimed. Customer must go through it in depth in order to know the company’s policy over warranty.

Product Review – Best 3 products of 2015

1. Logitech G27

This product comes with six position gear box and a push down reverse gear which will allows you to switch to another gear without any hassle. It is equipped with dual motor force feedback system and helical gears. It has got shift indicator LEDs which signals the need to shift gears. The size of the wheel is 11 inches and nice comfortable leather hugs the rim. Its pedals are metallic giving it enough durability plus the brakes and shifting controls provide the user with the ability to play with accuracy.

• Helical gears helps in noise reduction.
• Smooth turning of the wheel.
• Adjustable pedals.
• Customizable buttons on the wheel.
• Durable.

• Hard to set up.
• Cables are way too much in number.

2. Logitech Driving Force GT

This product from Logitech is absolutely amazing when it comes to high end racing. The size of the wheel is 11 inches and it offers a rotational capacity of 900 degrees. It has a total of 16 buttons which are completely adjustable even in midrace. It also has a directional pad which is very responsive. The 24 position real-time adjustment dial give its controls an extra edge. Though it does not have a clutch but the sequential stick shift is no less in performance.

• Good build quality.
• Incredible force feedback.
• Brake pedal is very responsive.
• Durable.

• There is no clutch.
• ABS and force feedback is not customizable.
• The wheel requires a considerably more amount of strength than the average strength required to turn the wheel.

3. Genius TwinWheel F1

TwinWheel F1 has got a design close to the actual F1 cars. It has got a very strong vibration and force feedback system which will make you feels every bump, collision and turn. The touch sense technology is amazingly responsive. The direction pad adds to the functions of directional control. The four action buttons at the front are dedicated functions like giving horn and changing the view. The wheel is also equipped with suction cups which reduce its movement from its mean position.

• Easy to set up.
• Stable.
• Lap attachments enable you to drive from your most comfortable chair/couch.
• C-clamp fits almost every kind of table or desk.
• The stick shift available in place of a clutch is quite good.

• There is no clutch.
• Lacks in terms of durability.
• Vibration does not work with windows 7.
• The steering wheel is small. It should have been at least 8 inches.
• The pedals are also small and closely assembled.
• Pedals slip on the carpet.


High end gaming is all about making things look and feel real. When you are ready to invest a good amount in a racing wheel, the excitement and thrill needs to be at its peak and the wheel should be worth the price.

It is important to know whether or not the wheel you are choosing is in congruence with your requirements and comfort. If one is not absolutely comfortable in using the device, the whole experience will not be less than any disaster.

It is always better to figure out your needs, mug up important information about the device, go through the best selling products and their specification and lastly read their in-depth review before making a purchase.