You could be having the best of gaming computers, but if you do not take the trouble of installing the right power supply device with the right power inputs then you could be heading for trouble. So this article is all about having a look at some of the best possible power supply devices that are available. This certainly would go a long way in ensuring that you do not end up choosing the wrong product and end up paying a price for it. There should never be a compromise on quality when it comes to choosing the right power supply source and going in for cheap supply sources would be akin to being penny-wise pound foolish. So lot of care, caution, information seeking and knowledge seeking is very important before one is able to choose the right power source.

Top Rated Gaming PSU Comparison

ImagesNameWatts&+12VList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameWatts&+12VList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Silverstone Tek ST15001500W&Eight Rails$400.11174.2/5
Thermaltake TPG-1200M1500W&Two Rails$301.28574.3/5
Antec HCP-1000 Platinum 1000W&Four Rails$253.99254.4/5
Corsair Professional AX860860W&Single Rail$209.992944.4/5
Seasonic SS-850KM3850W&Single Rail$177.99774.7/5
XFX PRO P1850BBEFX850W&Single Rail$149.991034.5/5
Seasonic SS-620GM2620W&Two Rails$89.99844.4/5
FirePower Silencer MK III750W&Single Rail$219.99654.7/5
Antec VP-450450W&Two Rails$48.953104.6/5
SeaSonic G Series550W&Single Rail$121.851294.7/5

The Common Mistakes That Many Of Us Make

The biggest problem that many of us make is not paying enough attention to choosing the right power supply source. We often tend it take it for granted and this should be avoided under all circumstances. We keep this in the last, as far as priorities and this again is again something that should never be done. In fact doing such a thing would be akin to putting the cart before the source. Hence, identifying the right power source with the right wattage is perhaps the most important points that one needs to keep in mind. However, at the same time one cannot overlook the importance of power supply because then the whole concept of gaming computer will be a non-starter.

Why The Need To Choose The Best Silent PSU

There are quite a few reasons which makes it imperative to choose the right power supply sources. The quality of PSU which one chooses would ultimately define the quality of power supply that one gets. It will also have an impact on the life and durability of the various spare parts that go into the making of such gaming software. It could also impact the software and poor quality power source could also damage many applications. For example when you choose a low end power supply, it may not be possible to go in for a high end video card. It could also play havoc with the other systems and spare parts and could totally damage the computer beyond repair. However it is important to bear in mind that increasing power supply wattage will also not be advisable and should be avoided. If you have a system that supports a particular pixel configuration, no amount of increased power supply will make any difference. Hence the onus lies on the customer to choose the right power supply unit so that it supports and enables the computer to work well.

How to Choose the Right Power Supply

It would be pertinent to mention here that when looking out the right power supply source, it certainly would call for some calculations being done. Whenever choosing wattages the minimum should be 550 and the maximum could up to 1000 and more. However, it should not exactly be the same and there should be some buffer available. There are many online calculators which certainly could help the customers in this regard, so just google “computer power supply calculators”, it’s very simple to use.

Other Factors You Should Consider Besides Wattage

Efficiency – There are 5 levels of PSU efficiency, the best is 80 Plus Platinum and the worst is 80 Plus. With higher efficient it will be quieter and cost less power, If you are going yo purchase hundreds of computers, you should consider your electric bill.

Cabling – Modular cabling is more expensive, but it’s cleaner and neater, and it’s good for cooling.

Rails – Some expensive graphic card or processor may need a recommended power wattage. If you have good understanding of ‘rails’, you may need dedicated rails for some important parts of your PC.

Compatibility – Don’t buy some weird computer cases, make sure the case space is enough to put everything you want, ATX form factor is standard nowadays, buy a big fun and big case which will make your computer quieter.

PCI-E connectors – Buying a CrossFire or SLI Ready PSU if you are using multi-GPU rig. Make clear how many connectors your video card needs.

Best 1000+ Wattage Power Supply – THermaltake Toughpower 1200W 

It would be not out of place to mention here that not many gamers who would be looking at 1000+ wattage supply system. Because they are plain and simple massive ones and perhaps would be suited only for those gaming enthusiasts who are on the lookout for building something unique and out of the world. Those who are not on the lookout for a 3-way or 4-way SLI or Croff Fire, then you certainly do not need a big power supply source. But if you want the above and also would like to over clock your CPU and also the video card and reach very high levels then the wattage certainly would increase quite.

When choosing such power supply sources one must bear in mind quite a few considerations. It should have a Tier 2 PSU and preferably 80 plus certified. It should use very high quality capacitors and many of these wattage systems are known to use Japanese capacitors. This is because the Japanese capacitors are well known for their durability and stability. It should be able to accommodate 4 way GPU whether it is SLI or CrossFireX Configurations. It should also have the best possible rails which should not be less than 12V and the quantity should be six and not below it.

Best 800 to 1000 Watt Power Supply – Corsair Professional 860W

Though there is a demand for 800 to 1000 Watt PSU, there is no denying the fact that it could be overkill for most of the gaming enthusiasts. They are extremely expensive and only those who are planning to use multiple video card configurations would be in need for the same. Further only those who are planning to go in for some extreme tuning system would in the need for such enhanced power requirements. However, there are some situations where one would be forced to go in for such high wattage power supply units. It is perfectly suitable if you are planning to go in for a 2 way SLI/Cross Fire Setup. As mentioned above If you are planning to use 2 video cards then there is no doubt that you would need 850 watt of input power. Though it is quite expensive it certainly will go a long way in helping you to come out with some of the most amazing setups and it will certainly a proud possession for you.

Best 600 to 800 Watt – XFX TS Series 650W 

Though not as powerful as the 1000+ and 800 to 1000 PSU sources, there is no doubt that even 600 to 800 Watt PSUs are considered by many gaming experts to be a big on the higher side. However, those who are using a high end single video card and a low end 2 way SLI/CrossFire Setups would do well to choose something within range. There is hardly any doubt that when one chooses a quality PSU within this range, he or she will be able to even two moderate video cards apart from other devices. When buying them it would be not a bad idea to have some leeway for tuning and other purposes. These PSU should amongst other things have double ball bearing fans. This will keep the PSU cool and also will contribute to your system being silent. You should preferably choose that works on silent mode though normal mode is also available. As is the case with most PSUs, it is always advisable to use Japanese capacitors for obvious reasons or durability and stability. It should also be borne in mind that that it is better to opt for modular designs because it has better cable management capacities when compared to others. If you really want peace of mind you should opt for PSU that offer industrial grade conductivity and durability, though it cost a bit more.

Best 400 to 600 Watt – Antec VP 450W

This is without any doubt one of the most widely used PSU by a majority of gamers. This is because it fits into the budgets of most gaming enthusiasts. It is well and truly suited for those who are looking for a good gaming system that does no guzzle power left, right and center. In fact the ideal wattage should be around 4-50 W with a ten percent margin for other uses. In fact even for those who want to play a power videogame using cards like GTX 780 Ti, would do well to stay within this range. A PSU of around 550W would be enough to take care of such requirements. Therefore the bottom line is that unless there is a need for high end gaming system anything between 500 to 600 watts should do the job quite well. It should ideally have a two tier 2B PSU. It should also come with dual rails of 12 V each. It is always better to go in for non-modular varieties because of some obvious reasons. It should also have a heavy duty circuitry for enhanced performance and durability.


Taking the above points into account there is no denying the fact that a lot of thought, knowledge, information and due diligence processes must be gone through. There are a number of parameters that should be looked into and lot of preparatory works should also be done.