There are things you have to look at when shopping for a television set other than price. The features that come with the device determine its effectiveness. If you have been looking for a large television with the best performance then you should consider Samsung UNH65H8000. You can buy this set from various online shops. Before you think about buying the device, ensure that you read this review.

Features of the television set

To begin with, the television measures 57.1 inches x 12.1 inches x 35.2 inches and weighs 60 pounds only. It comes with a television screen measuring 64.5 inches, diagonally. The device also features a glossy screen, crescent stand as well as black bezel and Cabinet. You can enjoy a 3D display images with the help of 3D sunglasses that come in four pairs. The LED edge backlight that has a local dimming pro allows for excellent pictures and you can use to control the contrast of your Television set. For seamless web browsing and multi tasking using different applications, the device has quad core plus processor. Furthermore, its dual screen multitasking enables you to browse or stream your favorite videos as you continue watching a football match or any other program on air. The free downloadable apps for both Android and IOS allows you to use any compatible Smartphone or even tablet as the remote control for changing channels. The Any net+ feature makes it simpler to control any compatible Samsung devices that you may want to use via the HDMI connections. The Ethernet port on the devices makes it possible for you to link gadget to any network connection in your home. If you want to connect your camera or thumb drive, you do not have to worry because it features three USB ports for these and other purposes. Its stereo mini jack output helps in connecting a home stereo system or even a sound bar. The gadget has the ability of supporting as high as 5.1 channel audio while using streaming services such as Netflix as well as Vudu among others. The 2D- 3D type of conversions contributes towards the 3D like depth when using the non-3D sources for videos.

Pros of the product

• High quality sound and pictures

• More energy efficient when compared to plasma and other normal Television sets on the market

• Allows for multitasking

• You can place anywhere within your house since it is wall mountable

• It is easily portable hence; you can leave with it to any place when you want to enjoy full time entertainment
Cons of the product

• Setting up the system is not simple as expected

Final verdict

In conclusion, Samsung UNH65H8000 is simply the best television set on the market. The device is not only energy efficient but also displays high quality pictures and sound. In addition, you can multitask with the television set without having to switch it off when others are busy watching soap opera or football match. The set also allows DIRECTV subscribers who have Genie Whole home HD DVR to enjoy live broadcasts and any stored content with necessarily having an additional receiver with them.

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