With advancement in technology and increase in demand of high-end devices, 3D TVs have now become very popular among masses. The three must haves for watching 3D videos are 3D glassed, 3D content, and a 3D source device. The whole technology works on visual interpretation of eyes particularly known as stereopsis which again owe its roots to the phenomenon of fusing.

The fusing concept used in 3D TVs merges the two separate images produced on screen making it appear like a single image which gives the whole content a three dimensional look. This entire notion of 3D has immense capacity to boom your gaming/watching experience to a new height leaving you with a more real and less virtual impression.

Why do you need a 3D gaming TV?

A TV supporting 3D undoubtedly has an upper hand over normal and average 2D TVs. Let’s have a glance over some of its key advantages.

• 3D TVs as 2D TVs: 3D is an exceptional feature. Remove this exception and you are back to usual two dimensional videos. The in-built 3D technology in no sense distorts the picture quality of 2D. When you opt out 3D, your TV will be suitable for both 2D as well as 3D videos.

• Gaming and watching videos: If the content; may it be movie, game or TV serial is in 3D format and if your TV’s setting is appropriate, your visual experience is going to be impeccable. This is how 3D TV is set apart from those huge screen theaters. Real experience at home on a smaller screen without having to buy the tickets with your very own 3D goggles.

• 2D to 3D conversion: Technology keeps on evolving and improving and same applies to TV sets. From SD to HD then HD to 3D and finally the most impressive technology which facilitates the conversion of 2D content into 3D. Now you don’t have to buy the content in 3D. High-end TVs are capable of transforming even the 2D videos into 3D format.

Product Reviews

We have reviewed three best 3D gaming TV.

1. Sony KDL50W800C

• Dimension: Dimension of this set is quite decent. 47.8 x 6.1 x 30.4 inches seems to be adequate.
• Weight: It weighs nearly 40.1 pounds.
• Backlight: The edge-LIT LED adorns the video quality and amps up the brightness of the display.
• Refresh rate: It offers refresh rate of 120 Hz (native) and motion flow XR 960 (effective).
• Input: You can plug in two USBs and 4 HDMI.
• Others: The X reality PRO picture engine improves the hues, precision and embellishes the video immensely.

• Clarity of the visuals is simply exceptional.
• It supports apps, games, voice search and many other features that are featured in android smart phones.
• You can play PS3 games on your3D TV without having a console in real time.
• Great sound.
• The Google play store enables you to download any app you wish to have.

• There is no smart remote. The remote provided by Sony does not compliments the overall smart features of the TV
• There are no 3D glasses. You have to buy one on your own.

2. Samsung UN55H7150

• Dimension: It measures 49.1×28.1×1.2 inches without stand and 49.1x30x9.1 with stand.
• Display size: It has display size of 54.6 inches.
• Resolution: 4K ultra HD of resolution is absolutely amazing.
• Input: You can plug in 4 HDMI devices and 3 USB.
• Wi-Fi: It has got an in built Wi-Fi system.
• Refresh rate: The refresh rate of this model is 240CMR (effective).

• Brighter hues and improved picture quality.
• The resolution of this TV is 4 times better than HD.
• Customizable contrast enhancer gives a richer look to the visuals.
• Operating system is easy to understand and use.
• Voice command feature in the remote is amazing.

• The remote is however not user friendly and have limited buttons.
• There is barely any 4K content and those available are for a price ranging around $30-$50.

3. Sony XBR65X850C

• Dimension: It has 57×33.3×3.1 (w/o stand) and 57.3×35.1×10.5 (with stand)
• Display size: It comes with 65 inches of display.
• Resolution: It has latest 4K ultra HD.
• Backlight: This model is installed with full array Led lights which illuminates the screen.
• Input: You can connect 4 HDMI and 3 USB to the TV.
• Refresh rate: Refresh rate as stated by the brand is 120Hz (native) and motion flow XR 960 (effective).

• 4K ultra HD resolution provides vibrant visuals with amazing clarity and motion.
• Clouding issue as experienced in many TV sets of different brands is not an issue in this model.
• You will never experience an input lag.
• Up-scaling is really great.

• The VA panel is slightly bad. A viewer watching the screen from a side angle will have unclear visuals.
• This model however lacks high dynamic range but the quality generated by this set is exceptional.
• The touchpad is slightly less intuitive.

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