Top Gaming TV Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Samsung 60-Inch 240Hz 3D Smart TV$2,199.999074.1/5
Samsung 60-Inch 120Hz Smart TV$1,699.9922384.3/5
VIZIO 50-Inch Smart HDTV$599.9918794.1/5
LG 65-Inch 60Hz TV$1,399.991994.4/5
Samsung 50-Inch 60Hz Smart TVHidden18824.3/5
Samsung Curved 65-Inch 240Hz 3D Smart TV$20251984.6/5
BenQ 3D Home Theater System$1099.007954.6/5
Samsung 46-Inch 60Hz HDTV$999.0015174.5/5
LG 42-Inch 60Hz LED TVHidden 11894.5/5
Samsung 51-Inch 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV$2699.993844.5/5
Sony 50-Inch 120Hz 3D Smart TVHidden 2834.4/5
LG 55-Inch 3D Curved OLED TV$3,999.99784.4/5
LG 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart TV$2,299.991514.2/5
Samsung 64-Inch 600Hz Plasma HDTV$2,099.001014.6/5

Good Gaming TV Selection Guide

It has to hit your mind from the beginning that a gaming TV is not just anything ordinarily. There has to be some unique things in a Gaming TV to ensure that the core purpose is served fully. You must take in-depth considerations before procuring any gaming TV for video games. In other words, the good and the bad of a particular option should be critically weighed and a justified decision made.
With so many options at your full disposal, it is very possible to come across the best console gaming TV. It is equally possible to come across the forbidden type. It is for your intellect to help you in going for nothing but the best.
Let’s have a close breakdown of things to consider when choosing a gaming TV:
1. Gaming Mode
This is the very first thing that you must check in any TV that is claimed to be ideal for gaming. A TV that does not have this mode fails at primary stage since it cannot serve gaming purposes.
Once the gaming mode is activated, the TV adopts the new twist and it is able to support game graphics. All the necessary adjustments, including color, contrast, and motion-blur effects are adjusted automatically to match gaming specifications. When shopping for your gaming TV, be sure to do a preliminary test to ascertain that the gaming mode is indeed active.
2. Image Quality
The quality of images that a pro Gaming TV can project should be considered early enough. Gaming is spiced-up a lot by high-quality images hence the need to get a TV that will facilitate just that. 4K Gaming TVs are always advocated for, since users can draw very close to the screen and still enjoy quality image. They feature minimal image distortion even if you are gaming an inch close to the screen.
In the same note, a Gaming TV that supports 3D image display should be considered. With such a display, different gamers at different view angles can stream their favorite game from a single TV. Remember that 3D gaming is rapidly dominating the industry, hence the need to get a TV that will support such.
3. Refresh Rate
This is something that you cannot overlook when choosing a Gaming TV. Refresh Rate is basically defined as the number of times that a single image is updated in a second. Refresh Rate is fully responsible for smooth image projection and prevention of blur.
You will realize that native Refresh Rate varies from one gaming TV to another. However, there are gaming TVs whose Refresh Rate is too low. It is recommended that you consider buying a gaming TV that has a Refresh Rate of at leas 60Hz. With such a TV, you will be able to play literally any game, irrespective of the motion speed.
Difference between 60hz and 120hz tv
The only significant will be in presenting 3D content, click for more information
4. Contrast Adjustments
This is yet another very prime feature to consider in a gaming monitor. Contrast adjustment means the capacity to tune image brightness either upwards or downwards. It goes without saying that different gamers have varying preferences. This implies that a contrast adjustment function in a gaming TV is integral. Some gaming TV models come with a feature known as Local Dimming and it is meant to make clear some of the spots that originally appeared dark.
5. The Gaming Ports
It is literally impossible to game on a TV that does not have ports to support the respective inputs. Thankfully, most modern TVs come with at least 1 HDMI port. Some may have several HDMI ports to facilitate several gaming inputs. A gaming TV that features two or more ports should be your primary priority.
6. Screen Size
When it comes to luxury, large screen gaming TVs may be considered. However, when it comes to concentration and general study of a certain game, a small screen gaming TV may work better. It is important to reckon that grasping each and every detail on a 92-inch screen can be really hectic, especially for gamers whose first priority is concentration. To those who love realism and sense of amazement in any game, without necessarily accounting for concentration and game study, shopping for a super large gaming TV is undoubtedly a great idea.

The Key Gaming TV Options

With the rapid advancement in the technological divide, a number of gaming TV options have been availed in the market. There may be a very thin line between one type of gaming TV and another, but the fact is that there are still some variations.
Efficiency in one type may not be the same in another. The main point here is that you have to weigh all the available options and opt for one that matches your taste and preference.
The main Gaming TV options include:
1. Plasma TVs
Plasma TV came as an immediate upgrade of the old Cathode Ray Monitors. They are considered better for gaming, though to some extent. The operation of Plasma TVs is based on irradiated pixels as a result of encased gas.
When it comes to provision of fine image details, especially for black and white, Plasma TV does best. However, this great display may be ruined if the Plasma TV is used in a fully lit room. The bottom line is that Plasma TVs are satisfactory for gaming purposes.
2. LED and LCD Television
The above-mentioned names may not be unfamiliar to many. This is because LED and LCD TVs are the most used in the modern world. These TVs operate with the help of light-emitting diodes that are located right behind the screen. This in return makes the screen to light and project images.
One of the main advocating traits of LED and LCD gaming TVs is the size. They feature thin and light structure hence facilitating easy installation and mobility. The only little problem is that LED and LCD TVs is that they may not be in a better position to support super-fast motion games. Otherwise, everything else about them is just fine.
This is the most advanced gaming TV category, and probably the speculated direction that technology will head to in the future. These TVs operate through lighting of each and every pixel individually without a light source. In terms of efficiency, OLED TVs are simply the best. Color display and everything else that complements gaming is perfect.
4. 4K TVs
The main difference between 4K and LED/LCD TVs is the number of pixels used. 4K TVs make use of more pixels hence offering the best resolution as compared to LED/LCD TVs. Actually, most people see 4K TVs as a revised version of LED and LCD TVs. Fine details including words and tiny images are better displayed on this type of gaming TV.

The Ultimate Guide In Taking Care of Your Gaming TV

It must have cost you a hefty penny to procure your gaming TV, right? This simply means that you have to take care of your gaming TV to the level best. It is important to note that your gaming TV is an electronic gadget just like any other and it is prone to damages. Their sensitivity is very high.
Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that your Gaming TV remains in the right condition and serves you for a long span.
1. Use A Power-Guard
You may never know when power surges can hit you. This is the main reason why you need to get a power-guard for your gaming TV. With a power-guard, your gaming TV will stand minimal chances of developing faults due to unwarranted power surges.
In the same vein, it is necessary to ensure that your gaming monitor is unplugged from the power source any time that you are not using it. This is again a way of elongating its span of service.
2. Protect Your Screen From Image Burn-In
An ideal way of ensuring that your Gaming TV does not develop image Burn-in and other related issues is by setting a dynamic and moving wallpaper. In most cases, related faults occur when a gaming TV maintains still images for quite a long time.

3. Regularly Wipe The Screen
Scientifically, a TV screen is bound to attract dust due to magnetic forces that exist. However, extended accumulation of dust on the screen may instigate some faults.
Similarly, if a lot of dust passes through the perforations at the back of your gaming TV, faults may results. It is therefore very necessary to ensure that your gaming TV is wiped on frequent basis to avoid accumulation of dust.
4. Avoid Strange Cleaning Chemicals
The fact that you have to keep cleaning your gaming TV screen does not mean that you should use any agent. Some chemicals may denature the screen hence altering the overall display capacity. Only consider using agents that are solely meant for TV screen cleaning since it is the only way you can keep it very safe.

Best Refresh Rate for Gaming TV


Is 60hz good for gaming?

It’s good enough, but there are some very good priced 120/144Hz television and you can get more fun from 120/144Hz screens if you like to play FPS games

Product Reviews

1. LG Electronics 65LB5200 65-Inch LED TV

Rich color blend and top quality images is something that comes in handy with this release from LG. All this is made possible by a number of features. First, the flat screen is large enough. 65-inch screen just for gaming is no joke. High-resolution (1080p) capacity is also among the contributing factors to its efficiency. The screen is able to comfortably support fast-motion games without any blur.
When it comes to viewing angles, this TV provides nothing but the best. You can sit at strategic positions with your friends in your gaming theater and still enjoy spectacular views on the screen.
To top-up everything, the TV comes with 2 HDMI ports. This is definitely a point of convenience for any gamer, maybe the best led TV.

2. Samsung UN50H5203 Smart LED TV

With 1080p resolution capacity and 60Hz native refreshing rate, you have an assurance of good and reliable display. Some may underrate this TV for the low refreshing rate it has. However, the fact of the matter is that the TV is indeed very reliable in gaming.
Sound quality is also fully assured by this gaming TV. Samsung has never failed when it comes to production of the best speakers for their gadgets, and this TV is not exceptional.
The two HDMI ports that Samsung UN50H5203 Smart LED TV has gives you the opportunity to channel in double gaming inputs to a single end.

3. Samsung UN65H8000 Curved Smart OLED TV

Well, the experience of gaming on a curved Samsung OLED TV is irresistible. This is one of the very latest releases from Samsung and also one of the most recommended gaming TVs across the globe. There are a number of key specs that make this TV the best.
To start with, it is large enough since the screen alone is 65-inches. Secondly, the TV falls under the OLED category. This is the most sophisticated category of all and the most preferred in the gaming world.
Thirdly, the TV supports playing of 3D movies and gaming simultaneously. This is a very unique feature. Not to forget, the TV has 4 HDMI ports. Any gamer can confirm that this is just incredible.

4. LG 42LB5600 42-Inch LED TV

If you are looking for a full-HD gaming TV, this can work absolutely fine for you. The resolution of this TV stands at 1080p while the Refresh Rate is at 60Hz. Clarity index is also at a reasonable level of 120. The mentioned specs alone are enough to make your gaming experience better.
In addition, the TV has 2 HDMI ports to facilitate ample input space for gamers. Sound quality is a full guarantee since the in-built speakers are powerful enough.

5. Sony KDL50W800B 50-Inch LED TV

Some love it for the sleek design while others just enjoy the so many unique features it has. The bottom line is that you will just like the integration represented by Sony KDL50W800B Smart LED TV. With a native Refresh Rate of 120Hz, it is possible to engage in any form of operation on the screen without any hitches along the way.
Gamers are offered 4 HDMI ports to ensure that not one, but 4 inputs are hooked to the TV. This is just incredible. The 50-Inch screen gives you the element of reality and amazement. Gaming is certainly best with Sony KDL50W800B 50-Inch LED TV.

Top 5 TV Brands

1.Sony 2.Samsung 3.LG 4.Panasonic 5.Vizio