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Solid State Drive (SSD) is a data storage system that traces its history back in the 1970s. However, its use as a primary drive began in the late 2000s with the introduction of netbooks. SSD utilizes a flash memory chip run by a micro controller to store data. The good thing about this flash memory chip is that it does not require constant power in order to retain the data.

Does SSD improve gaming?

Well, this question has led to a lot of debate, particularly among gaming enthusiasts. The truth of the matter is that it does. A Solid State Drive usually has slow write times but very quick read times. And since gamers use their PCs mainly to read rather than write data, a Solid State Drive is definitely the way to go. Additionally, gaming laptops and gamers desire the best possible performance that can only be provided by a Solid State Drive.

How to use SSD for gaming

The process is just as similar as that of a HDD. You need to first incorporate the SSD in your PC. Then download a game and save it on your SSD. On the installation option, choose to install the game on the Solid State Drive. After that you can initiate your game, which will be played using the SSD.

Difference between Solid State Drive and Hard Drive

Both Solid State Drives and Hard Drives are designed to perform the same function. They store applications, personal files, and boot your system. However, each storage system has its own unique set of features. So what is the difference between the two?

Storage capacity

SSDs are known to have a more storage capacity compared to HDDs. Solid State Drives can offer up to 4TB of storage. This makes them an ideal choice for multimedia users who require between 1TB to 4TB of storage. Incorporating a SSD in your PC offers more storage capacity for your documents, photos, videos, music, among others.


SSDs are generally more expensive compared to HDDs. The comparison is made in terms of dollars per GB. Actually, you will pay double the amount you will spend on a HDD with the same storage capacity and form factor. For example, you will pay between $60-$75 for a 1TB HDD and $130-$150 for a 1TB SSD. And the fact that they incorporate an older and more established technology, HDDs will remain less costly for the near future. Through this price comparison table, you can easily find the best Gaming SSD.


SSDs outshine HDDs when it comes to speed. Generally, a PC that incorporates SSD will boot in seconds. It will launch apps faster and offer an overall performance that is much faster. A HDD on the other hand will need more time in speeding up to the operating specs. It is much slower than SSD during normal use. Therefore you will be able to complete tasks much faster when using SSD.


A Solid State Drive will safeguard your data in case you accidentally drop your PC bag when it is still operating. This is because it does not feature any moving parts. A Hard Disk Drive on the other hand is more prone to data loss in case you are rough on your equipment.


A Hard Drive Disk will normally generate some noise. This is due to the spinning drive or moving read arm. Also Hard Disk Drives that are much faster will generate more noise than the slower ones. A Solid State Drive is designed to be non-mechanical. Therefore it does not generate any noise.


Due to their rotary design, HDDs are meant to work best with those larger files arranged in contiguous blocks. The fact that they incorporate a physical read head means that they can become fragmented. SSDs are designed to store data in a memory chip, which means they cannot be fragmented.

Form Factors

A Hard Drive Disk relies on spinning platters. This means that they can only be manufactured up to a certain size. A Solid State Drive does not incorporate any limitations when it comes to size. Therefore it can be constantly shrunk with time. But as for now, it is only available in a 2.5-inch size.


HDDs are generally more available compared to SSDs. Many laptop manufactures usually incorporate HDDs in their machines. The popularity of HDDs may be largely attributed to their inexpensive nature. They can be bought in just about any electronics shop.


The world of PC gaming is slowly being revolutionized by the introduction of SSDs. Despiet being less utilized at the moment, the popularity of SSDs is poised to increase with time. Therefore all we have to do is just wait and see if they will replace HDDs in the near future.

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