Aimed at replacing the previous generation of 840-series drive, the Samsung 8340 Evo offers great capacity and speed at an affordable price. With several capacities to choose from, all your storage needs can be catered for with just one drive. This is actually the first consumer drive ever to offer 1TB storage. Thanks to this and the excellent speed guaranteed by the bundled software in the device, the840 Evo ranks on top of current best SSD list. For anyone looking for an SSD to upgrade their hard drive or extra storage space this is the way to go.

Design and features

The Samsung 840 Evo is just like the previous 840 SSDs in terms of design only difference is in the color. At 7millimeter, 2.5inch design, the standard internal drive Evo comes in a bold gray color. There are several capacities to choose from including 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB. Each of these drives is installed with Samsung Magician software to easily customize the drive as well as the Samsung Data Migration Tools which allow ease in data transfer without the need to install any additional software.
For those who would like to upgrade their existing drives to Samsung 840 evo, there is the liberty to do so by just purchasing a Desktop Kit Version or a Laptop kit Version depending on the device to be upgraded. The desktop kit is made up of CD software, a USB 3.0-to-SATA adapter, a drive way converter caddy and a spacer 2.5mm in thickness to increase the drive’s thickness to the standard 9.5mm. As for the laptop kit, it has all the aforementioned components except the CD software.
Flexibility is offered at its best with the Samsung 840 evo drives. The Magician Software for instance allows you to turn overprovisioning feature on and off hence the option of choosing between maximum speed and maximum capacity. The status of the SSD can also be easily checked, data erased and the OS settings changed to maximize the drives speed.
The speed is enhanced even further by both software and hardware upgrades. As for the hardware, the 840 evo uses the MEX controller and DDR 2.0 NAND flash memory. These and other firmware inclusions make this drive very fast. As for the software, a new Rapid mode is introduced with this line of SSD cards. This can be turned on and off and works by making use of the computer’s RAM as cache to boost the performance of the drive.
The sequential read speed of up to 540MBps is rather fast and so is the write speed at up to 410MBps. This is possible thanks to the TurboWrite Technology which offer double and triple write performance. The NAND acts as the buffer for writing first hand data after which it is copied to other parts of the drive when the drive is idle reducing the write time significantly.

Integratable OSs

The Samsung 840 Evo will integrate with several Operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The latest versions of these operating systems are the best options so as to ensure full functionality of the SSD.
• Excellent performance
• High capacity
• Little power consumption when idle (0.045watts)
• Great software inclusion for maximum functionality
• Affordable

• Relatively short warranty period of 3years

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