What is a Solid State Hard Drive?

Nowadays, a new form of hard disk is up coming, known as the SSD or Solid State Drive. The SSD and the HDD devices have a lot of differences. The computer data can be stored on the magnetic coating on the disks of HDD. When the disk spins, the data is readable and writable and it will not disappear even the Power is turned down. SSD saves the data in same theory. But the data is not kept on magnetic shell, but on interrelated flash memory flakes. Gaming SSD has now become a very essential component of any modern gaming PC. With your applications and operating system stored on an SSD, windows can be able to boot faster than you can blink your eye. Applications are able to load in seconds. Once you have had the taste of an SSD, you will never want to go back to a hard disk. So one can ask himself what makes this difference. The secret lies in the striking of the right balance between price, speed and reliability. SSD’s are the best for your dollar.

Top Solid State Drive Comparison

ImagesName List PriceSpeedCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesName List PriceSpeedCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SSD$149.99read speed 540 MB/s write speed 520 MB/s36604.7/5
Intel 730 SERIES 2.5-Inch 250GB SSD$494.99read speed 550 MB/s write speed 470 MB/s3704.8/5
SanDisk Extreme PRO 960GB 2.5-Inch SSD$699.99read speed 550 MB/s write speed 515 MB/s3974.8/5
Kingston Predator 480 GB SSD 3.5-Inch /480G$764.00read speed 1400 MB/s write speed 1000 MB/s244.5/5
Kingston 120GB SSD 2.5-Inch $194.00read speed 450 MB/s write speed 450 MB/s29254.5/5
Crucial MX100 256GB SATA 2.5-Inch$123.99read speed 550 MB/s write speed 500 MB/s26434.7/5
Silicon Power 120GB 2.5-Inch SSD$144.99read speed 550 MB/s write speed 500 MB/s2354.7/5

Benefits of the SSD. Why SSD is better?

Solid condition drives bring quicker load times and boot times to the table and they immensely progress the general speed of your PC. And, even though they don’t pass any major advantage to your in-game skill, they are a must have for any person with a decent to great budget. In this article I’m going to discuss the best SSD varieties in the market today. This new SSD storing device has been verified to be better than HDD. Even if your PC has an expensive graphic cards and a top CPU, you will still feel slow or unsmooth when playing epic games because HDD loads slower. CPU and video card can’t run at full speed because they are waiting the HDD to read the data on hard disk. This however is not a problem for the SSD devices, since they are exceptionally fast. SSD has got an upper hand over HDD in terms of speed, durability, power consumption, weight, cost efficiency etc. Whether you want to boost up the performance of a new computer or you want to upgrade your old computer, SSD is a perfect means to increase the overall flair and potential of your device.

• Speed
SSD enhances the performance of the computer by almost 100%. When we talk about speed, we want our large game files to load within a quick time frame, smooth transition to the upcoming stages of the game and to have a hassle free experience. High end games require advance resources to support its functioning and to eliminate any lag if any exists. Unlike HDD, SSD provide a much better speed and an amplified performance.

• Durability
SSDs have features that HDDs lack which makes it far more durable and reliable. It has a non mechanical design of NAND flash arranged over the circuit panel. These are also current repellant up to as maximum as 1500g/0.5ms plus these are not prone to higher risk of damage. SSDs live a long way, almost two to three times than HDDs.

• Power consumption
An HDD consumes approximately 6W of power while SSD consumes only 2W power. Less current consumption puts positive effects on the computer system which includes an increased battery life, reduced power tension and a less heated environment in the system.

• Size and weight
An average HDD weighs around 750 grams whereas SSDs which weighs approximately 77 grams making it much lighter in mass. Owning a SSD will not make your desktop/laptop heavier, thus it will be easier to shift/carry.

• Cost efficiency
Even though you will be required to pay more sum of money for an SSD it will save any secondary cost to be incurred in the long run. Unlike HDDs which do not last for long and are prone to damages which requires an additional amount to be spent in future, SSDs are very durable and do not require any further amount to be incurred over it.

Buying Guide

If you are impressed by the advantages of SSDs you may now want to buy one. But before you do so, there are certain elements that are to be considered in order to make an appropriate purchase.

1. Form factor
A hard drive needs to be harmonious with different devices. Manufacturers have put up various form factors to go well along with various devices.
• 3.5 inch – It is the most conventional from factor for computer system. It is large in size. It has more storage capacity than any other drive.
• 2.5 inch – It is the most ordinary form of hard drive in notebooks. It needs less power than 3.5 inch drive. It produces less heat and is very reliable as well as durable.
• 1 inch – It is suitable for smaller gadgets such as digital cameras, mp3 players. It offers least amount of space as compared to 3.5 and 2.5 inch variants. Its storage capacity ranges to only single digit GB.

2. RPM
Revolutions per Minute describe the number of revolutions the magnetic disk of the hard drive can make in a single second. The faster the disk spins, the more efficient the drive is.

3. Platter density
Apart from RPM, another factor determining the efficiency of the drive is platter density. It refers to the size of the magnetic disk. The larger the disk the more data it can store. A larger disk with a lower RPM is also a good option.

4. Seek Speed
Seek speed refers to the speed of the disk to locate or find a particular data stored in it. A disk that is fast in searching data is always good because it increases the operating speed of the system.

5. Size
Choose a hard drive which has ample amount of space. For gaming purpose, you can opt for a disk that is 250 GB in size. This amount of memory will be enough to store and ensure the smooth running of multiple games.

6. Cache
The basic function of cache is to retain information that is temporary and important in nature. It is always recommended to select a drive which has more cache, 64 MB variant being the highest among all. Having sufficient cache will enable you in accessing data and games with absolute ease and speed.

7. Connection Interface
The existing three types of connection interface, namely IDE, SCSI and SATA help the hard disk in communicating to the whole computer system. Gaming demands an advance communication channel and connecting interface. For this purpose SATA is the most appropriate option.

8. Stability
A hard drive having a good speed is always beneficial to choose. But if that speed lacks stability, than the price you paid for it will sure go in vain. It is important that the drive you buy is stable and consistent in its performance. Stability is an indicator of minimized errors and flawless operation. Before making a purchase, do not forget to go through the reviews of the hard disk posted by its customers and particularly by the IT professionals.

9. Endurance
Endurance determines the tolerance and forbearance withstanding the damage causing actions over the drive. It is important that the disk you are selecting is capable of combating such factors. Disk should be able to maintain the quality as well as stability of the drive even under heavy and high end operations.

10. Warranty
A product having long warranty is a proof of its high quality and standard. Even if in future you come across any failure or damage the company will get it repaired or replaced. Warranty is in a way, a surety given by the manufacturer for his product and that he gives assurance for the appropriateness of the disk. A hard drive having a warranty period of 2-3 years can prove to be a good pick.

There is a number of good gaming SSD in the market which include:

The Samsung 850 EVO 2.5 SSD

The Samsung 850 EVO

Samsung 850 EVO 3.5-Inch

Samsung 850 EVO 3.5-Inch

The term best s when talking about a storage device means the best value for immense real world performance, money or a radiant feature set. The Samsung 850 EVO SSD is one of the ideal ones for a gaming PC SSD when striking that perfect reliability, performance and price balance is considered. The technology that is behind the 850 EVO is in many ways alike to that in Samsung’s high end 850 Pro. Samsung stands out to be the only manufacturer of SSD that operates a completely vertical business and owning the production means of every feature of its products. It plans the firmware, devises the controller, produces the NAND flash memory and offers finished products. Every other company is compelled to rely on third parties for at least if not all of one of these components of its SSD’s.

The benefit that this offers is close collaborations between teams. When coming up with the controller, the engineering team knows exactly the kind of NAND that will accompany it. When designing the firmware, every final detail of the 850 EVO is well known to the programmers. The 840 EVO the exact vertically set 3D NAND flash memory that is in the 850 Pro. This setting permits for larger chip thickness with no necessary need to go down the path of the shrinking sizes of cells which starts to initiate problems that have an effect on the reliability and performance.

Samsung terms its proprietary 3D flare memory technology as 3D V-NAND, and has been able to load 32 layers of flare cells on top of each one of them. Each level is linked to the other through exceptionally tiny wires, with an extreme bigger number of links between layers than you may anticipate from a 2D (planar) display. The 850 EVO is available in 1TB, 480GB, 240GB and 120GB capacities, with the costs on Amazon varying from about 65 dollars for the 120GB replica, up to about 400 dollars for the 1TB. It’s not rather the most inexpensive SSD, but it is more or less 20 percent less than the top end Samsung SSD 850 Pro for instance, and less expensive than the high end replica Extreme Pro from SanDisk’s. It’s perhaps best grouped as a middle range drive, although if you compare it with other drives, you will realize that it outpaces many expensive drives in several tests.

The Intel 730 series

The Intel 730 series

Intel is famous on processors, it also has a superior SSD storage devices. The Intel 730 SERIES is a perfect model. Produced with a 3rd generation Intel regulator, this model is the best of all version. The speed of the controller and the flash memory’s bus speed are over clocked from the plant, presenting greater performance than before that are up to the requirements of any PC task. When you are running photograph program, massive multiplayer MMORPG or media program you will enjoy speed all the time. It has an amazing speed (writing 470 MB/sec, reading  550 MB/sec). While Other SSD write endurance is up to 20 GB/day, this one is 70GB/day. 730 series is always a good choice.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk Extreme Pro

Another good SSD to look out for is the SanDisk Extreme Pro. This one is ideal for gamers, media professionals and developers, since it offers the utmost performance in most cases. With the unique technology known as ncache Pro, this SSD can write and read at very great speeds, (both over 500M/S). The aluminum casing offers improved stability and can defend against to shocks and vibrations. Your data is well protected, the disk has a good quality and you get a warranty of 10 years for this purchase. The constituents of the disk are designed to prevent high temperatures means it’s able to work at extreme situation. The fitness of the drive is examined in real time. If you desire a drive that is fast, resistant, durable, and quiet and one that has enough capacity and uses less power than others, then the SanDisk Extreme Pro is the right choice for you.