A sound card is something imperative for gaming. It is imperative in the sense that it helps in creating a medium that of sound projection. Without the best gaming sound card, it may be impossible to enjoy the best audio. It is for this reason that you should know some of the important aspects to consider before procuring a particular gaming sound card.

In most cases, a gaming sound card is considered to be an upgrade to the respective computer. It is important to first note that any computer comes with its own sound facilitating accessories, including internal sound cards. This means that a gaming sound card is only an audio enhancing feature for your gaming computer.

There are some important things that you must never overlook when buying a sound card for your gaming computer. They include:


It might interest you to know that gaming sound cards falls under 3 different categories. A particular category may not work well for your case while the other may. It is therefore important to understand the distinguishing clear-cuts between one type and the other.

The 3 main types are:

  • MP3 Cards- In most cases, this type of sound card is preferred for MP3 purposes, as suggested by the name. However, the same card has some traits that can be supportive for gaming purposes. The main thing about MP3 sound card is that it comes with a hardware encoder and decoder. This is seen as a feature of convenience since the speed at which your gaming computer rips is remarkably boosted.
  • Surround Card- No one can deny the fact that 3D audio is very entertaining during gaming. This is exactly what this sound card is meant for. Surround Card is comes with some features uniquely designed for 3D environment. In order to enjoy the full effect offered by this type of gaming sound card, you might require more than 2 speakers. If you must know, this is the most recommended type of sound card for gaming purposes.
  • 24-Bit Card- In terms of sound processing and reproduction, this is certainly the best sound card that any gamer should consider. The power featured by this card is the main advocating feature. Gamers who love using headsets can consider this category of sound cards since it has the capacity to filter and produce very clear audio. It is also important to note that 24-Bit sound cards support DVD sound output.


The next factor to consider is the compatibility of a certain sound card with the computer in question. You must remember that there are different models of sound cards and it is most probable that one may not be compatible with your gaming computer.

You should first examine the nature of slots offered on your gaming computer motherboard. This should guide you in selecting an ideal sound card. Again, you should consider the size and model of a particular sound card. Size may differ depending on the computer that the sound card is meant for. Sound cards for laptops may not be the same as those for desktop computers. Models differ in the sense that a manufacturer may instill some unique features in a gaming sound card hence rendering it not compatible with your gaming computer.


The first question that you should ask yourself is if the sound card you are about to buy requires any installation drivers or not. It is important to note that some of the sound cards cannot work without first running the respective program in your computer. However, there are some sound cards that do not require any drivers in order to start working. Such sound cards are categorized as Plug-and-Play.

The plug-and-play sound cards are considered best since they are much convenient to use. You will only require a few minutes of installation and everything will be set for gaming. However, the sound quality offered by Plug-and-Play sound cards may be compromised. Sound cards that require the respective drivers are usually sophisticated and with the capacity to project any sound. It is therefore a great idea to consider a gaming sound card that will offer you the best audio.


The operating system that you are using in your gaming computer should also be used in determining the best selection Some operating systems may not match with a particular category or model of sound cards. As such, you need to first inquire if the model of gaming sound card you are about to procure is universally compatible with different operating systems or it is selective. If it is selective, then you might want to reconsider and go for a universal version.

Top Three Gaming Sound Card Reviews

ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 Sound Card


The output signal to noise ratio of this Sound card stands at 105dB. This the first feature that any gamer will consider. This is a strong output power that can facilitate high quality audio. Aside from that, the card comes with a 24-Bit A-D converting feature. This is meant for supporting of analog outputs. In addition, the sound card has an analog jack port to ensure that the respective output is supported.

Compatibility of this sound card is wide enough to cover different models of gaming computers. All operating systems can support this sound card hence making it a preferable option.

Sound Blaster Zx PCie Gaming Sound Card

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The sophistication featured by this gaming sound card can only be termed impeccable. It comes with all features that can fully support best gaming experience. To begin with, the card delivers 116dB output signal to noise ratio. This is far more than what any gamer would require.

Another unique feature that this sound card has is the control panel. You can simply use the sound blaster control panel to toggle between your gaming speakers and headphones.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card


How about enjoying a 7.1 surround output? This is simply incredible. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card comes with this specification. In addition, the card has an output signal to noise ratio of 100dB. Audio resolution stands at 24-Bit/96kHz. All these are features of best performance. Top sound quality is an assurance with this sound card.