Selecting the best case for your PC can be one of the trickiest tasks especially if you are not aware of some of the top brands on the market. There are things you have to consider before buying a pc case. Generally, you should take into account features of the pc case and price. If you have been looking for the best Silver pc cases then your search ends here. In the discussion below, we have outlined the top five best Silverstone PC cases that you can from different online stores including the Amazon, eBay, Walmart just to mention a few of them.

1. Silverstone TJ11

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The Silverstone TJ11 case has an amazingly beautiful finish, wonderful ventilation, 90-degrees kind of motherboard mounting, quick access filters as well as adequate space where you can have two separate units for power supply. The qualities outlined above make Silverstone TJ11 to among the best Silver pc cases on the market. If you have never seen this case, check out with one of the online stores for the same.

2. Silverstone SST –ML03B USB 3.0 PC case


The Silverstone SST –ML03B USB 3.0 PC case can support up four different fans with each measuring 800m. It also comes with drive cages that feature multipurpose mounts. Therefore, you will not require adapters once you have the silver pc case. Installation of the case is very simple and it comes with a well-defined cable route. The device can support the standard PS2 (ATX) power supplies as well as the low profile expansion cards that include two USB 3.0 ports. The aluminum skin reinforced type of front panel helps in enhancing on its durability. If you have plans of building HTPC with cooling capability and good expansion, then you should buy Silverstone SST –ML03B USB 3.0 PC case. Once you place an order for this case, you will receive a package containing a manual, ML03 case and an accessory package.

3. Silverstone SST-GD USB 3.0 PC Case


To begin with, the Silverstone PC case comes with three silent fans measuring 120mm each. This case has a positive pressure design that allows for excellent cooling while at the same time preventing dust from destroying your appliances. In addition, its 340mm depth allows it to fit comfortably into your home cabinet. The manufacturer has designed the Silverstone PC case with cable routing to allow for easy installation of the same. The case can support both the 2.5” hard drive and 4×3.5 hard drives. While buying the case, expect a box that contains a manual, accessory package and one GD06 case.

4. Silverstone technology Milo series Aluminum/ steel


The Silverstone pc case has two USB 3.0 ports and supports the standard PS2 (ATX) type of power supplies. It can take care of up to four 80mm fans comfortably. Furthermore, it supports the low profile expansion cards. The case comes with drive cages that have multipurpose mounts designed to eliminate any need for adapters when using your PC for different tasks whether at home or in your small business in town.

5. Silverstone technology Grandia series Aluminum HTPC computer case


Silverstone pc case GD09B is yet another wonderful pc case that will rarely disappoint you. It features a positive air pressure design that promotes excellent cooling as well as prevention of dust from destroying the delicate parts of your system. The case can support expansion cards ranging up to 12.2 inches and ATX motherboards. Furthermore, it includes the quick access filters and has an incredible depth measuring 358mm that makes it to fit very comfortably into your home theatre cabinet without having to make any modifications on the same. The drive cages with the multipurpose mounts helps in eliminating the need for any adapters for your pc.

In conclusion, you do not have to walk up and down looking for stores where you can get yourself the best Silverstone pc cases. Instead, you can check with some of the leading online dealers for the latest and quality cases. Before you pay for any pc case, ensure that you look at its features as well as the price. If you are not sure of the right product for your gaming, simply choose from any of the above pc cases since they are among the quality cases on the market.

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