Founded in 1986, in win is one of the leading electronic companies in Taiwan. The main product lines of the company include computer cases, rack mount and tower servers, power supply as well as computer storage peripherals just to mention a few of them. Annually, in Win showcases a relatively expensive pc cases at Computex, a Taiwan based Pc Company as a sign of its innovativeness. Many people find this as a crazy concept because of the limited number of cases sold to case modders and one or two enthusiasts of these devices during the event.

In Win’s prototype case 2015

H-Tower, In Win’s prototype case 2015 has left most of us speechless since it is not only amazing but also unique. The segmented metal panel of this pc case seems to have come from space. The panels of this pc case push outwards to create a spacious interior that can hold an E-ATX motherboard. One of the things that will interest you about this pc case is how its opens safely since it begins by scanning the surface around with the help of the bright lasers beams in order to detect if there is any obstacle around or not. Before we talk much about the pc case, let us look at some of its features as outlined on in Wins website.

Features of H-tower cases

h-tower cases

To begin with, the aluminum/ SECC pc case measures 617x 322 X 502 mm (H x D x W) when open and 620 x 680 x758 (H x D x W) mm when closed. In terms of weight, the pc case is 23.3 kg only hence moving it for cleaning or when you want to relocate will not be cumbersome. The internal drive bay of the case measures 35” and has the ability to hold four 2.5” x drive bays. The spacious interior can hold an E-ATX motherboard (12 x 13”), Micro- ATX as well as ATX. In addition, the device can support PSII, EPS and ATX12V power supplies. Unlike other devices with very small power supply mounting area lengths, this pc case can support up to 230mm. The pc case also supports high-end graphic cards with a height up to 200mm and length up to 340 mm. For thermal solutions, the device supports three fans with each of them measuring 120mm, a 360mm radiator with a maximum height of 35mm. It allows has room for height CPU sink (209-214mm) depending on the desired mounting position. In Win displayed the H-tower case at Computex in partnership with Asus, another global spanning conglomerate.

The H-tower cases are available in the red and black version. This offers you with the opportunity of choosing any of them depending on your taste and preference. The two cool pc cases for gamers come with parts fully installed parts. If you have not seen the two cases, I hope you can visualize how they look like. From this description, you can clearly see that H- tower pc case prototype needs improvement to make them more appealing and functional when it comes to gaming. Despite the need for modification, both the two cool pc cases are among the devices that most of us will consider buying at some point in the near future. The only thing that may not allow most of the gamers to enjoy the experience of using the cases is the high price. If you want to find more information about the pc, you can check on in Wins website for some of its videos. Although they display the same thing we are talking about, we believe that you will be in a better position to tell how exactly these cases looks like and why we call it crazy concept case from in Win.

In conclusion, if you have enough money that you can spend on a pc case then you should look at the two cool cases showcased by in Win at their annual event that takes place in Computex, Taiwan. The two cool pc cases designed in partnership with Asus feature aluminum/SECC materials that makes them one of the most durable cases debuted by the company. The pc cases have adequate space to hold E -ATX motherboard, Micro- ATX and ATX as well as supports high-end graphic cards among others. Just as the other products manufactured by in win, the pc cases comply with the RoHS regulations.

H-tower cases is conceptual product so it’s very expensive, you can check these normal but quality PC cases

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