There are various aspects in the hardware industry. 1440p Gaming Monitor is one of the most important items for smooth and gaming experience. The device is used for gaming and serving the internet. What Is the Best 1440p Gaming Monitor? This question can be answered by the following top six 1440p displays which are currently on the market.

Overlord Tempest X2700C

The overlord is one of the best 1440p Gaming Monitor which can be overclocked. However, it uses custom PCBs which are tested for reaching at a minimum of 96HZ when overclocking is done. Nevertheless, the gaming software uses an IPS panel with a minimum refresh rate of 96HZ.

Asus PG278Q ROG swift

Asus PG278Q is a market leader which is suitable for gamers who are looking for a truly oriented gaming monitor. Unlike the overlord, ROG swift is the only monitor which has 1440HZ. In addition to that, it has a response time of 1ms. Most of the people who have bought the ROG swift have commented that it has the most notable feature referred to as variable refresh rates/G-synch. The refresh rate doesn’t require a display port connector and an nVidia GPU. In fact, the ROG swift has a display port input which is an imitation of G-sync.

The main disadvantage of the gaming monitor is that it uses a TN panel. Hence, the viewing color and angles will not be the best.  This is a cost which makes you to be hesitant in buying it.

Dell U2713HM

If you are a gamer with a similar mindset of own accuracy and color, you need to choose this gaming device. This is because it will create a more engaging experience. Consequently, Dell U2713HM satisfies this picky concerning color. It features more than 99% of the SRGB space. Even tough its frequency is 60 Hz, the response time is 8ms. Thus, gaming is not prevented significantly.

Asus PB278Q

The gaming monitor is similar to other monitors. However, it hosts one primary difference: The device uses a Samsung PLS which produces vivid and bright colors without lower quality issues. The response time of ASUS is 5ms. Apart from the above features, the gaming hardware has ergonomic and durable stand which can be adjust easily.

BenQ GW2765HT

BenQ offers a 27’ solid performance. The primary benefit of the gaming monitor is its superior stand, verified warranty and the best general adherence to the quality panel.

With a refresh rate of 60HZ, the response time of the device is 4ms. BenQ also has an LED back-light and an ISP panel. What makes the gaming monitor to be unique is the fact that it has a name brand of 1440p monitor and a solid standing. Even tough there are no major set-backs of this monitor; it doesn’t have any particular stellar offerings. It is a fast response monitor which does well for the 1440p gaming. This is a decrease in price for about $50.

QNIX 2710

QNIX 2710 is the most friendly budget monitor because of it’s interestingly 1440p unique screen. As compared to the screens maintained, QNIX 270 has a very low price. Moreover, it contains an overlockable fresh rate, a fairly low latency, 8ms response time and PLS panel.

The most noticeable feature of the QNIX is that it can be overclocked at 96 Hz or more. In rare cases, it its 120HZ and it has been reported by some of the users. The Samsung’s PLS panel for QNIX features a vivid, bright and crisp colors.

The QNIX’S common issues comprises of an excessive back-light bleeding of about four struck/dead pixels, a terrible stand, lack of a scaler(it only accepts DVI-D). QNIX also uses grade panels of B to A- rejected by name brands such as Dell and apple. This is the reason why it will result in worse than average light bleed and dead pixels. The device has a warranty of one year.


1440 gaming monitors are currently the most popular. The best monitor is the one which has a usable space. Nevertheless, it produces better gaming visuals and it is handy for productivity. Therefore, you can choose the best monitor which you like from the above.

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