Fundamental Features To Consider In a Monitor (Buyer’s Guide)

We must acknowledge that there are so many features that come along with any game display. However, it should strike your mind that not all the features are fundamental. Some of them are secondary, hence with no much weight as the primary ones. In a nutshell, it is indispensable to account for all features that can, in some way, spice up your gaming experience.

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So, which are these fundamental features that you should consider when shopping for a gaming monitor?

1. Resolution

To make things clear, screen resolution is simply the number of pixels both vertically and horizontally in a game display The feature has to be accounted for when choosing a game display. If you must know, different screens may feature varying resolutions. This tells you that you have to distinguish between one monitor and another, with regard to resolution.

It is resolution that determines how clear the graphics on your gaming will be. Resolution also has a lot to do with the size of displayed images. It, therefore, goes without saying that resolution is indeed a fundamental feature that you must consider in any game display. The most recommended resolution for any game display is 1920×1080.

2. HDMI Port

This is undoubtedly a very integral feature for any monitors. The HDMI port gives you the privilege of making double-use of your monitor. In short, the screen can be used as a computer monitor, or better still as a television set.

You might have realized that some game display have 1 or 2 HDMI ports. A monitor with several HDMI ports is considered ideal since users can have several active inputs. However, a monitor with only a single HDMI port can only facilitate a single connection. For gaming purposes, it is best to opt for a game display that gives you the privilege to connect different inputs with the help of several HDMI ports.

3. Monitor Size (Bodily)

It may be regarded as mediocre but the truth is that monitor size matters a lot. However, most people tend to interpret monitor size in a whole different way. Screen size is not all about large graphics but also clarity. In other words, clarity must be considered concurrently with monitor size.

The fact that one game display brand is incredibly large does not mean that clarity is a guarantee. It would be better to go for a small gaming monitor whose display is indeed clear, than opting for a large monitor whose graphics are pathetic. Computer gaming experts advocate for monitors that are of 27 inches screen size. Whether larger or smaller than this, should be based on secondary preferences.

4. Refreshing Rate

Some monitors are designed in a manner that they refresh only a few times in a second. Others have the capacity to refresh maximally in a second. What is refreshing rate? It simply means how many times that a particular monitor can refresh in a given time (in this case 1 second). It is a bad idea to consider a game display whose refreshing rate is slow. The higher the refreshing rate, the better. Note that refreshing rate of a monitor has a landmark relationship with display and overall response.

5. Speakers

Gaming without sound may be a little boring. Similarly, gaming without high-quality sound may not be enticing. You should, therefore, aim at choosing a monitor that has high-quality speakers. Most gaming monitors come with inbuilt speakers. However, speaker specs are usually outlined on the package. Make sure that the specs are indeed a match to you. Also, go an extra mile to test the capacity of the speakers.

Gaming Monitor Types

When shopping for a gaming monitor, it is necessary to consider the different types transpiring in the market. Based on technological evolution, different types of gaming monitors have been introduced. The main difference between one type and another is the functionality among other specs.

The main gaming monitor types available include:

1. Touch Screen Gaming Monitors

This is one of the gaming monitor types that modern technology has prompted. The functionality of touch screen monitors relates heavily with mobile gadgets. In most cases, these monitors are known as Smart-TV.

Touch screen monitors have a number of benefits as compared to other types. However, the main benefit is the fact that a touch screen monitor is very easy to operate. As long as you know which function does what, then you are assured of simple operation.

2. Budget Display

When it comes to price, Budget Display Monitors are way cheaper. When it comes to display, Budget Display monitors are not as efficient as you would expect. However, this does not mean that this kind of gaming monitor cannot serve the stipulated purpose. The display may not be efficient, but it is still satisfactory in gaming. There is the necessity to undertake an in-depth comparison between different Budget Display Monitors. This should help you unearth the best monitor in this category.

3. Professional Display

Everything about this category of monitors is on the higher side. In fact, this is the most recommended category of gaming monitors. First, the display of these monitors is very clear and of high quality. Secondly, Professional Display Monitors have the most ideal resolution. In a nutshell, you should expect high definition display from this type of gaming monitor.

Other features that complement Professional Display Monitors include; ergonomic stand, auto rotate screen, ideal viewing angles and large screen. You should, however, be ready to invest a lot of money in procuring such a high-quality gaming monitor. The outstanding specs go hand-in-hand with high price deals.

4. Gaming Monitors

This is the actual type that is meant for gaming. All specifications that such monitors feature tally with gaming in all aspects. One of the defining traits of such monitors is the capacity to support fast picture motion. Resolution and refreshing rate of such monitors is always at its highest in order to facilitate flawless gaming. The speakers of such monitors have the capacity to project sound without distortion. There are cases where these game displays may come with independent speakers. The main point here is that Gaming Monitors are meant for that particular purpose.

Signs That Your Gaming Monitors is Developing Problems

In order to keep your gaming experience at its best, the monitor you are using has to be in the right condition. However, this may not be the case if your game display is developing some faults. It is quite unfortunate that most people do not know some of the signs that indicate developing faults in a gaming monitor. Failure to know such signs means that your gaming experience may be cut short when your monitor finally crashes.

It is integral to keep your monitor in the right functionality, and this means that you have to identify signs of ruin. The list below outlines some of the major signs that your gaming monitor is at fault:

1. Over-heating

Well, a game display is bound to generate some heat especially after a long time of operation. However, if the heat is far beyond normal, then the monitor may be at risk. Excessive heating effect in any screen, let alone gaming monitor, is an indication that repairs are needed.

Normally, screen overheating comes forth when the monitor is exposed to more electric energy than it can handle. The problem may also emanate from long operation without switching it off. Whichever the case, over-heating is the first indicator that your gaming monitor needs urgent checkup, and preferably repair.

2. Poor Response To Fast Image Movement

One sure thing is that gaming monitors are designed in a manner that they can respond to super-fast image movement without blurriness. There comes a time when the said response is not as efficient as it should. A game display that shows blurriness especially when the picture motion is at its highest should be repaired.

The refreshing rate of a monitor is the core reason behind support of fast-moving images. If the refreshing rate is affected negatively, then it is possible to experience blurriness in image display. The respective adjustments should be made to ensure that the refreshing rate is stabilized.

3. Power-On Delay

It goes without saying that if your gaming monitor is taking long before powering, then there is a big problem transpiring. A gaming monitor is made in a way that coordination between all internal constituents is perfect. This is why it should power within 2-4 seconds.

Any time you experience a long delay when your gaming monitor is powering, it would be best to consult a technician. There are cases where you might be forced to restart your monitor severally. This is, again, an indication that there is a serious fault developing. Rectifications can be made to speed up the powering-on of your gaming monitor.

4. Poor Signal Dissemination from The Input

If your monitor is, at times, failing to detect any signal from the input, chances are that there is problem cooking. The problem, at this juncture, is most likely your monitor’s HDMI port. This is the port that is used to link gaming input with your monitor, and if there is a problem in it, then input signal may not be detected fast.

A Simplified Guide On How To Keep Off Counterfeited Monitors

We cannot dispute the fact that so many counterfeited gaming monitors have found their way into the market. This implies that you have no choice other than being keen when shopping for a gaming monitor. A counterfeited gaming monitor is not bound to offer you the best gaming experience and this is the main reason why you must fight against all odds to secure an original product.

Here are among others some of the things that should help you procure an original gaming monitor:

1. Keep Off Strange Transactions

The great issue with so many people is that they opt for the easiest way of procuring gaming monitors. This means even using the ‘back-doors’ in order to procure their desired gaming monitors. A wise buyer should know that ‘back-doors’ in shopping for gaming monitors are the most profound way that counterfeits find their way to the market.

So, what should you do? It is very simple. All you need is to consider more secure ways of procuring a gaming monitor. Right channels of purchase have very low chances of making you a victim of counterfeit gaming monitors.

2. Tax Information

It is indispensable for any product to be subjected to tax as long as it meets all the laid-down policies. However, you will realize that counterfeit gaming monitors do not feature tax information. Why? This is Simply because such gaming monitors do not have the authority to circulate in the market.

You should detect a foul transaction if at all your gaming monitor does not have tax details. If all the tax details are provided, then you have nothing to worry about since chances are that the monitor is indeed authentic.

3. Tempting Deals

It is a norm that gaming monitors go for a considerably high price deal. After all, it is a gaming monitor that you are buying. Manufacturers know that art of creating very outstanding gaming monitors, hence they cannot hesitate to demand for a hefty penny from buyers. What do I mean? It implies that if you come across a gaming monitor that goes at spicy and incredibly low price deal, then you should detect something wrong. You might have come across a gaming monitor that goes at over 50% off the original price, yet there is no any offer transpiring. This is an indication that you could be dealing with counterfeits.

4. Original Seal and Labels

It is very obvious that any legal brand has a seal and packaging labels. This is the fist thing that you should check in any gaming monitor. It is very easy to tell if a monitor is authentic by simply checking the brand label. Unauthentic labels will always have some funny appearances and this must come to you as a red flag.

Product Reviews

1. Samsung Ultra-Definition (28-Inch)

The size of this display is large to ensure that you get large graphics when gaming. It is possible to play games from afar using this monitor. The fact that Samsung Ultra Definition gives you different viewing angles is another very important feature. With it, you can engage in gaming, alongside your friends due to the diverse viewing angles it provides.

The sleek framing and stand aid in complementing your game theater. The screen can actually be put in the main house without any worry of ruining the overall décor.

2. ASUS VG248QE LED (24-Inch)

Asus has always been considered as an ideal brand, especially when it comes to gaming. This model is not differentfrom other Asus Brand monitors. Its quality is not only appealing but outstanding as well. The very fact that this monitor screen is 24-inches is a promise of large and outstanding graphics.

When it comes to high-motion games, Asus VG248QE is undoubtedly an ideal selection. The resolution and refreshing rate of this monitor is nothing but the best. The adjustable stand of this monitor gives you the privilege of gaming at your most comfortable position.

3. Asus VS278Q-P Ultrafast

How about playing your captivating games from a 27-inch monitor? This is certainly a mind-blowing experience. The manufacturer of this display understands the importance of balancing image size and clarity. The fact that this monitor is 27-inch large does not imply that image clarity is compromised. On the contrary clarity is upheld. Resolution and refreshing rate are on the higher side.

What’s more, ASUS VS278QP Ultrafast Monitor has adjustments that you can use to alter clarity, volume, brightness and other important things. The in-built speakers that are of high quality will give you the chance to enjoy crystal clear and undistorted voice.

4. BenQ RL2455HM Gaming 

With a 24-Inch display gaming monitor, you should expect the best images. This is the experience that is in store for those who opt for BenQ RL2455HM . It is a modern-design display that will, in addition, go far in making your house appear complemented.

The firm and broad stand assures you of utmost stability of your display. Aside from that, the display is a perfect match with windows 8 and 7, hence you can use it as a computer display.

5. Dell E2414Hx LED

You can opt to use it as a gaming or computer display. Whichever the case, this display is versatile enough. It has 24-inch screen to ensure that users enjoy large graphic view, spiced up with clarity.

The TN panel technology under which this display operates is nothing but the best. Everything from graphics to resolution to refresh rate to viewing angles are in favor of any user. You can actually adjust the position of this monitor to assume the most convenient viewing angles.