When it comes to home recording, a microphone that offers best sound and easily integrates with existing hardware and software is the ideal choice. This is exactly what the Blue Snowball microphone offers you. Simply plug into your computer’s USB port and start recording. You need not buy additional sound cards, pro audio cables or any other additional software. This is designed for the home recording enthusiast in mind offering almost the same quality of sound as studio microphones at a cheaper price.

The Design

Shaped literally like a snowball, this microphone is of decent aesthetic appeal. It measures 4 inches in diameter and includes a threaded metal hole which is very useful in attaching the 5-inch long tripod base. Gracing the front is Blue’s chromed plastic logo. Beneath this is a wire mesh grille and integrated foam protecting the two deeply located mic capsules measuring 0.5 inches each.

At the back is a single audio output which is simply a USB port connection. Here, you will also find a three position switch that allow you switch between up to three recording modes. These are cardioids, cardioids -10dB and omnidirectional. At the top is a LED light indicator which will tell you when you are successfully connected to your computer.

Features and specs

The quality of the recordings you get with the Blue Snowball microphone is top notch. It offers monophonic recording with one of the capsules able to capture only cardioids recordings from a single source and the other taking in sound omnidirectionaly from all directions. These two modes together with the -10dB pad result in recording crisp-sounding audios that are free from distortion and feedback. The recording modes can be changed at just the click of a button. This allows the microphone to be useful in recording diversified audios ranging from podcasts to interviews and even instrumental and vocal music.

The plug-and-play feature of the Blue Snowball Microphone is what makes it so ideal for making at-home records. It is ready for use as soon as it is out of the box. It can be used with your Windows or Mac PC to produce quality sound without the need to install any additional software. The minute you plug it into the USB port, it is noted as an audio input device ready for use.

The good

Coming at a price tag less than $100, Blue Snowball microphone is quite affordable considering the features it offers. It will give you CD quality recordings at a very affordable price.

Quality recording clear of any feedback or distortion

It allows for noise reduction giving crisp recordings.

It is a plug-n-play without the need to install other software and/or hardware to you pc.

The bad

There aren’t many complaints about the Blue Snowball Microphone except the fact that it allows only one audio output option. Including a headphone jack would have been a greater addition to allow for direct monitoring.

Bottom line

From this Blue Snowball Microphone review, it is evident that it offers great features that anyone aiming at recording from home would find appealing. It is however not made to replace quality studio recording. All in all, it is a great purchase offering ease of use and quality recording as its most valuable features.

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