The yeti is one of the most versatile and advanced USB multi pattern microphones available everywhere. The microphone combines 4 different pattern settings and three capsules. It is one ultimate tool for anyone aiming to create amazing recordings directly to their computer. With outstanding performance and sound, this microphone can capture anything with ease and clarity that is unheard of with USB microphones. The blue yeti mic features an array of blue innovative triple capsules that allow for stereo recording or the choice of three distinctive patterns which include bidirectional, omnidirectional and cardioids. This gives you recording abilities normally requiring many microphones. The blue yeti mic helps you create unique recordings with your pc. Thanks to the tri-capsule-technology, Yeti microphones generate perfect, studio-quality recordings with famous ease. And four diverse pattern sets give incredible elasticity so you can make recordings of interviews, audio for videos, podcasts, instrumental music, vocals or even crypto zoology sermons in a number of ways that would usually require several mics. Whether you are making a recording at your home, on the way, or in the mountains, Yeti assists you generate studio-quality recordings always.

Total control when recording

Blue yeti microphone features a number of studio controls for microphone gain, instant mute, pattern selection and headphones volume which puts the user in charge of each level of the process of recording. If experiencing feedback or distortion while recording especially from a very loud source, just adjust the sensitivity of the microphone using the gain control. For instance, if you need to take breaks while doing a podcast, utilize the instant-mute button. The new microphone comes outfitted with a 3.5 millimeter headphone-jack and permits one to clearly listen to what they are recording in real time. This happens with no latency delays which imply that there is no hearing a note three seconds after you have played it. The volume of the headphones can be adjusted using the volume control on the face of the blue yeti microphone. The yeti makes use of high quality analog to digital converter to convey unbelievable audio dependability directly into your PC, a headphone amplifier that is built in for zero latency monitoring and easy controls for headphone-volume, microphone gain, instant mute and pattern selections which are placed directly on the microphone. The blue yeti microphone does not require any drivers to be installed as it is a plug and play. You simply need to plug the blue yeti microphone into your Mac or PC and load up your preferred recording software and record something incredible.

Hassle free set up

The blue yeti microphone is simply plug_and_play. Plug in the Yeti mic into your PC USB-port with the incorporated USB cable, regulate it with your working system, and it is ready to record. The blue Yeti microphone offers driver-free operation.

Innovative design that offers easy recording

The blue yeti microphone allows the user to pivot and adjust it in good relation to the source of the sound which optimizes the quality of the sound. Once done with the desired angle, just tighten the set-knobs with your hands to secure the microphone in place. The mic is also portable as it can be folded down or removed entirely from its base.

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