Choosing the Best Gaming Microphones (Buyers Guide)

In the last one decade or so, a lot of technological developments have been seen transpiring in the world of gaming microphones. Variations have been made and new models introduced. If you are looking for a gaming microphone thorough scrutiny and study on the available options must be done to ensure that the ultimate best selection is made.

Top Gaming Microphone Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Audio-Technica Condenser $149.006124.4/5
CAD Studio $79.009884.2/5
Blue Silver$149.0027494.4/5
Samson Studio$149.994574.3/5
Blue Snowball USB $99.0020594.5/5
Plantronics Wireless Headset$49.9969144.2/5
Samson Portable USB $89.998294.4/5
Sony Stereo $19.993554.2/5
Shure PG42 $311.00424.6/5
Samson G-Track with Audio Interface$149.00874.3/5

The list below discusses the major aspects that you should consider when choosing a gaming microphone:


Like earlier quoted, technology has really advanced in the world of microphones. It is through such developments that different microphones have been generated. When it comes to types, the functionality of one microphone may vary from another. Actually, that is the main difference among microphone types. Other mediocre features like size and shape may also be a point of difference between one type and another.

There are three types of desktop microphones for gaming in general:

• Ribbon Microphones– A ribbon microphone is considered best for gaming since it is small in size and very convenient to use. The operation of this ribbon microphone is based on a suspended ribbon inside it, hence the name ribbon microphone. The microphone is very sensitive to sound and this is one of the reasons why it is used in broadcast studios. However, in terms of fragility, ribbon microphones must be handled with care.

• Dynamic Microphones– If you are in search of just a simple or rather normal microphone, this should be your prime choice. It is not the best for gaming, though it can help to some extent. It is designed in a manner that sound is received in stereo. It also has the capacity to collect unwanted distortions. This means that if the microphone is to be used for gaming, then the environment within has to be conducive and preferably without external distortions.

• Condenser Microphones– Now, this is the best microphone for gaming purposes. Why, it has all specs that tally with gaming purposes. First, the sensitivity featured is not only high-class but very efficient as well.

Condenser microphones are designed to receive only specified sound and no distortion at all. They are mostly recommended for studios but they can be equally used for gaming. When using this microphone, it is recommended that you install a spongy cover on it to reduce the bang sound and also filter unwanted distortions. That alone is enough to render this microphone ideal for gaming.

The only little problem is that you will require investing a hefty penny in procuring a condenser microphone. Some go for prices as high as double that of dynamic microphones.

Polar Pattern 

The second factor to consider when procuring a gaming microphone is polar pattern. This determines the direction that the microphone will collect sound from. Dynamic microphones tend to receive sound in stereo while condenser microphones pick from a specified direction. In gaming, a microphone whose polar pattern allows it to collect sound from a specified direction should be considered.

Omnidirectional, shotgun, cardioid among other polar patterns can be considered for gaming purposes. However, the option picked should facilitate easy and efficient recording during gaming.

Noise Cancellation Feature

Modern microphones come with a noise cancellation feature which will make sure that recording is done clearly. However, there is a category of microphones that do not come with this particular feature. For gaming purposes, You team will listen to your order clearly without your mom’s rant. Because this feature will provide you with the best recording environment. It will be possible to engage in gaming even in noisy environments without any worry of distortion.

Audio Interface

Most gamers are usually torn between analog and USB interface when choosing a microphone. The two options are preferable for gaming purposes, yes. However, the input connection makes the whole difference. A form of configuration is required in USB microphones hence making it quite hectic for users. USB microphones are more digitalized than the analog types.

Care Tips For Gaming Microphones

It goes without saying that microphones are delicate and they may be denatured very easily. Taking good care of your gaming microphone should be your primary priority. There are some things that should not be subjected to gaming microphones, and there are those that may not instigate any harm.

Here are important care tips for a gaming microphone:

• Keep It Off Wetness– The easiest way of ruining the functionality of a gaming microphone is keeping it wet. Just like any other electronic device, you should not expect proper operation of a microphone even after exposing it to wetness. Make sure that your gaming microphone is always dry.

• Do Not Blow– It beats me why most people have to use their breaths to sound test their gaming microphones. This is an old and outdated method. Moreover, it comes as a big risk to the functionality of a gaming microphone. The moment you drive in heavy blow to your gaming microphone, sound receptors are affected. The eventualities may be total ruin to your gaming microphone. Simple tapping using your finger is enough to test sound.

• Avoid Phantom Power- It may not be seen as dangerous but the truth is that Phantom power can gradually threaten your gaming microphone. It would be best to ensure that your gaming microphone is not exposed to such.

• Keep It Mounted– Instead of laying your gaming microphone on the desk, it is recommended that you always keep it mounted. Lateral placement of a microphone especially on a hard surface is considered as a way of making its functionality weaker. If you must place it on the desk, ensure that the surface is at least tender and soft.

• Use Its Case– Some microphones come with spongy cases while others do not. It is always important to keep your microphone with the case since it prevents sound receptors from ruins.

Top rated Five Gaming Mic

1. CAD U37 Studio 

It is a cardioid polar pattern gaming mic whose audio reception is the core reason behind its prominence. It is very efficient when it comes to capturing of audio hence rendering it best for gaming. Aside from that, this video game microphone is designed to receive audio from 2 main directions. It is therefore not categorized as dynamic but condenser. The noise cancellation feature it has makes it ideal for recording in noisy environments.

2. Blue Snowflake USB 

While most people may underrate the capacity of this gaming microphone, the truth is it has the power that others don’t. It also has some benefits that you may not enjoy in other microphones. The small nature and design makes it convenient for placing on your desk. The high sensitivity it has is an assurance of flawless recording. Its compatibility with windows and Mac OS is also another point of convenience. Besides, the mic has the capacity to cancel unwanted noise and only record the immediate.

3. Samson Protable Condenser 

It is among the most efficient mics that you can use for gaming. Considering that it is a condenser mic, it is made to receive sound in two directions hence boosting its accuracy and efficiency. Another interesting thing about this mic is the it can be taken with you around conveniently. The manufacturer of this mic understands the meaning of a portable design and that is why it is created as such. All you need is a small carrier bag and you will be good to move around with the microphone. The small size is also a point of convenience in the sense that you can place the mic on your desk without limiting space.

4. Shure PG42-USB 

It is a condenser microphone that has the Zero Latency Monitoring feature. By this it means that users should not expect recording of unwanted audio. This is more like a noise cancellation feature meant to facilitate easy and cool recording. The sound receptors of this mic are not in any way disappointing. They are very sensitive to record fine details of the wanted voice. The additional headsets that come with the mic give you the privilege of monitoring sound recording easily.

5. Samson G-Track with Audio Interface

It is very easy to make settings of the kind of audio you would want to record using this microphone. This is made possible by the 3 setting knobs by the side. For instance, you can tune the sound volume to something better and audible. What’s more, the microphone features super-cardioid polar pattern. This is not just the normal range. It is improved to ensure that sound reception is at its best. Connecting the microphone is really easy. There is nothing like computerized configuration and tuning. Everything is manual and very easy.