The surreal experience of dodging obstacles and emblazoning the sky with your unbeatable propagating patterns has been very appealing to the teens. It does not only appeal to the teens but also the students who aspire to become a pilot. Besides the visuals, a joystick is the main factor that lies behind giving you this extraordinary feel.

Yes, if it would not have been for the controller in your hand, you would not have an interface for giving you the added controls over what you see on the screens. No wonder, you really feel like a pilot who owns the cockpit, with these joysticks in your hand.

Top Rated Flight Joystick Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Logitech 3D Professinoal $4013664.3/5
Saitek X52 Pro $2003243.9/5
Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Hidden 744.1/5
Thrustmaster T-Flight$507904.3/5
Mad Catz for PC$30883.9/5
CH Products $1501194.4/5
Thrustmaster T-16M $501964.4/5
Thrustmaster Warthog $5001744.6/5

Things to look for before buying a Joystick

As is true, there are lots of deciding factors that play their part before you embark on any gadget; this things also apply to a joystick as well. Let us look into the different factors that concern people before they choose this highly popular gaming contrivance.

• Buttons that give control – This is the based on will of the gamer who wants to buy a joystick. Usually joysticks come with 10 or more buttons but if the person wants to personalize the gadget then he can also add some more buttons for himself that can be put to function with the use of Shift key.

• Columns for alignment – Sometimes gamers get too excited while handling such gadgets or orienting their ship in their desired direction that the joystick meets the bad fate in the hands of the gamer. But on a serious note, axes just provide a certain degree of alignment which serves to give you the required feel.

• The force counterstroke – This is among the novel game effects that have been added to the joystick. It is a simple effect that needs you to really show that effort which is required during the take-off or touch down of flights. The most difficult of all the controls on the joystick but the one which actually gives you the bonafide perception of the pressure that the pilot feels during these processes.

• Recoil experience – This also gives you the added flavor of real-time experience. Those moments when you are shot or your flight receives a great jerk then it is because of these vibration motors attached to the joysticks that you get same felling as it for real.

Since joysticks find a wide range of applications which includes not only games but also other mechanical controls, we need to consider some other factors as well, apart from the above.

• The amount of usage – How the person is going to use and what will be the nature of its use. Frequent or seldom? Rough or easy? Gaming or real-time mechanical controls?

• Degree of compatibility – You need to ensure this always before buying a joystick, if the gadget you are about to buy will easily interface with the system you have. This can be ensured by checking the system requirements that come along with the joysticks.

• Provision of different functions – Since you are going to use the instrument you need to confirm with the dealer about the different features, the joystick comes along with.

• Type of connection – Some joysticks may require wired connections whereas most of them come with a wireless setup for your PCs as well as gaming consoles. Joysticks that are taken for commercial or industrial needs require technical skills for their installation.

Product Reviews

Let us explore some popular Joysticks of 2015.

1. Logitech Extreme 3D



This joystick comes with a number of exclusive features. It consists of 12 buttons, instinctive trigger and an 8 way touch hat switch made of rubber. You have an upper hand in customizing the buttons according to the nature of the game. It is possible to add diversifications as the complexity of the game varies considerably.

• Comes with an easy-to-use configuration module.
• Cost friendly on the economic front if you are a rookie.
• 12 buttons spaced perfectly to give you proper control and it also comes with a rapid fire trigger.
• You can modify the functions of the controller in a handy way to meet your needs.
• The rubber padding provides an excellent grip and guarantees a real-time experience.

• The joystick is well suited for right handed users. It becomes a little difficult for the left handed gamers to adapt to the settings and the nature of their gameplay to the joystick.

Final Verdict
This joystick promise great return values upon your investments as it ranks among the favorites based on different reviews. It provides an exceptional level of functionality and is compatible with X-Plane, FSX, FS 2004 and many others.

2. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS


It has been very popular in the gaming industry as it provides well-furnished hand-rest. This joystick comes with 12 action buttons and an additional feature of 5 axles. All of these controls can be functioned as per the gamer’s needs and style of play. You just need to follow the prompts on the install wizard for the installation purpose and you are ready to set the game on fire.

• Comfortable in use and gives a wonderful play-feel.
• The buttons are placed in such a way that they provide better control as well as flight simulation.
• A new feature is added in this joystick namely, the mapping buttons. They transfer the function of a button to another and as many times as you wish.
• Easily detachable from the port.
• Has a rough exterior and long durability as it can withstand hard falls.

• The joystick’s throttle is not as functional and quick in reaction as much is expected from highly demanded joysticks.

Final Verdict
It has aced the level of popularity because of its easy handle nature that meets the purpose of different gaming applications and also flight simulations. The Plug and Play model of the Thrustmaster joystick enables easy installation and also provides the best gaming experience. The feedback response of the joystick is exceptional.

3. Saitek X52 Pro


This joystick takes the delight of gaming encounter a notch higher with some of the exclusive features that add novelty to it. The Multi-Function Display (MFD) buttons along with the tactile buttons add to the functionality of the joystick, the revolutionary set of dials also supplement the factor. This joystick’s very objective is to suit and modify itself to any platform and marks its independence in the gaming field.

• Gives great ease in the grasp of the handle with its 5 way handle positioning feature that can adjust to different size requirements.
• Provision of a scroll wheel as well as a built-in button.
• The force feedback and the flying simulation can be enhanced with the presence of Multi-Function Display (MFD) buttons.
• The mechanism of adjusting the axes easily, gives better adaptability to games.

• This joystick finds a drawback when it comes to the tactile responsiveness. This is mainly due to the fact that the buttons are positioned slightly differently contributing to a decrease in the ultimate feel.

Final Verdict
Besides the negligible effect of its cons, Saitek joystick successfully masters the market because of its ability to be customized with great ease and also because its throttle is very functional with the adequate number of buttons. It has been delivering the best results and has been in the top because of its new technical feature of diversification.

4. Logitech Flight G940


This joystick is very popular among gaming freaks. It won’t fail to give you the unparalleled experience and a real-time effect with its unbeatable force feedback feature that gives you the right shake when it comes to experiencing turbulences, air flow or any G-forces. Moreover, it has a dual throttle system, rudder pedals and some great action buttons that will take you into a totally new world.

• Comes with the warranty of 1 year.
• Equipped with 12 action buttons that can be functioned and modified according to the game player’s use.
• It has an 8 way hat switch made of rubber that delivers great performance.
• The countenance it has is quite combative and ranks among the favorites of users.

• It requires that the controller should be plugged to the PC if you need to make any kind of stick functions or customize programming profiles.

Final Verdict
When it comes to monetary value, this joystick never disappoints its customers with the level of performance it provides. The different combination of features and functionalities that it has to give enrich gaming experience are absolutely non-parallel. Due to this it has created a lot of buzz in the industry.

5. CH Products Fighter


With some pre-configurations and some added features this joystick is another addition to the line of astounding gadgets that deliver the best performance. Even this joystick comes well furnished with the true Plug and Play feature that provides all the moves, dodges and simulations surreal and at the same time it is very easy to operate. It has a new feature which allows its controls to be remapped for the purpose of other games. It has a chip that stores these customized settings.

• It has 24 action buttons and 3 axis controls.
• The mapping feature allows you to take the function from one button to the other easily.
• It is very cost-effective and has great adaptability.
• It requires simple programming to install.
• A person can get grasp over its controls very easily.

• The make of the joystick is not as appealing as is the design of all other joysticks.
• The plastic countenance is also its thumbs down.

Final Verdict
If we consider the economic front, then this joystick offers great precision and flight simulation controls at very cheap rates. It can adapt to the gaming platforms very well and is suited for the use with a host of PC applications.

The people who are into core gaming do not like to be dismayed when it comes to choosing the device that will cater to their wishes. They like to overwhelm in their victory and have some of the best moments using the flight simulation features.
In order to have the best intuitive control, you need to be astute as well as clear in your minds about the joystick that will serve your purpose. The detailed description of some of the popular joysticks listed above might have quenched your thirst and thoroughly helped you in deciding the appropriate gadget.