May it be the console or the playing equipment or the sound equipment, an avid gamer is very particular and picky while choosing gaming accessories. When we talk about sound equipment, one of the most important and widely used devices is the headphone. The demand of the hour is a great set of headphones that can provide the hardcore gamers with an astounding sound output with absolute quality and clarity.

Top Gaming Headsets Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Sentey Gaming Headset$75.9917494.4/5
Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset $59.9535004.2/5
HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset$149.9916584.5/5
Beyerdynamic Dynamic Headphone$399.004184.6/5
Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones$319.0013904.7/5
SteelSeries Wireless Gaming Headset$299.992674.1/5
Sentey Headphones Headset Flow Purple$35.9919864.1/5
Sennheiser HD 800 Circum-Aural Dynamic Headphone$1,599.95 1064.5/5
SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset$89.9916054.2/5
Plantronics-CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset$319.002374.4/5

Why there is a need to buy headphones?

Speaking specifically in relation to gaming, headphones is definitely a better choice if the people around you are sick of listening to that earth pounding sound effects of your game. Headphones facilitate the user with a better option of private listening.

Furthermore, they are very comfortable to wear and they produce an optimum quality sound that ensures least damage to ears. With the headphones you receive an appropriate equilibrium of the high, mids and lows.

With features such as noise cancelation, impedance, force feedback, Bluetooth, etc. a gamer is left with an incredible auditory experience. Some headsets (headphones with microphone) enable the user to input and record sound while gaming and also to establish a communication network. Using headphones/headset on the go can take gaming to an entire new level of excitement and it itself states the very basic need to buy headphones.

Types of Headphones Style

• Over-ear
Over-ear headphones are often called by the name full size or around-ear headphones. The user place them over his head and the speakers which are covered by a soft cushion like material fully covers the ears. This kind of headphones is best known for passive noise reduction, precision of sound and a good bass response.

• On-ear
On-ear headphones are closely related to over-ear model. They are similar in appearance. However, there is a line of difference between the two. Over-ear headphones cover the entire ear while the on-ear headphones cover the outer ear. This model provides high precision sound. Low or no passive noise reduction, less bass response and sound penetration through the headphones are some of its demerits.

• In-ear
Popularly known as IEMs (In-Ear Monitors), they are very small in size and light in weight.
IEMs are designed to sit on the ear canal and grip the passage firmly. These come along with rubberized nub of different sizes that enables the user in choosing the right fit for the ear. This model is incredibly amazing in isolating the user from background sounds and provides excellent fidelity.

• Ear-bud
Ear-bud models characterize compact drives which fit loosely in the ear. Although it reproduces a lower precision sound and entertains inferior passive noise reduction, it is priced at an affordable level. It supports many portable music devices and in relation to the quality and the price it can prove to be a good bargain.

Design of Earcups

• Open back
These types of headphones are designed to produce sound via electrical signals in two directions: towards you and away from you. The basic idea behind this design is to imitate sound generated in a concert hall. The earcups of such headphones are opened in an outward direction which is responsible for the reproduction of sound outside the headphones. This feature is undoubtedly very impressive and unique. However, the inclusion of this feature meant the exclusion of another. Passive noise reduction which is one of the most important features of headphones is eliminated from this model.

• Closed back
As the name suggests, the ear cups of closed back earphones are tightly closed to the outside. Closed earcups mean complete seclusion from the background sound. It offers the user with complete auditory privacy with excellent passive noise reduction and bass response. People who demand surround sound effect while gaming or listening to music, should select closed back headphones that generate high quality sound with fine fidelity.

Buying Guide – Consider These Factors Before Making Your Purchase Of Headphones

There are certain things that are inevitable to consider if you are up for making a perfect purchase. We have for our readers a list of features and functions that should be thought over while buying headphones.

1. Comfort
This is the most important feature to look for. Gaming requires a lot of mental strength. If your headphone is uncomfortable to wear, or it does not well accommodate your head or it is heavy and tight then it may distract you many times while you play. You may get busy adjusting it and by the mean time there are chances to get hit by the opponent. Before making a purchase, make sure that the headphone is very light in weight and is adjustable.

1. Wired vs. Wireless
Wired headsets are generally thought to be more convenient than wireless headsets. This is because it does not require to be charged again and again and as long as the cable is plugged in and the current is flowing, it will work flawlessly.
On the other hand, wireless headphones work on disposable or rechargeable batteries. Many manufacturers provide a charging port along with the headphones which ensures hassle free charging of the device. Moreover, wireless headphones prevent you from getting lost in those tedious wires and provide wire-free gaming experience.

2. Surround sound vs. Stereo Sound
Technology has made it possible to imitate surround sound generated by loudspeakers which is quite impressive. Now the question is-what do you need a surround sound effect or normal stereo effect.
If you are one of those gamers that want extra ordinary sound effect while gaming and you want to hear sound from multi-directions while your enemies make their moves and to pin point their location, then you should opt for headphones capable of generating surround sound effect.
Stereo sound which is of high quality and precision goes well with all type of games. You may not have that extra edge of surround sound but it lacks nowhere in providing with a satisfying output plus the price you pay for headphones generating stereo sound is much lesser than those producing surround sound.

3. Microphones
Microphones let the user to input sound and establish conversation network with other gamers. However, it is not very necessary to have microphone in your headset. Just in case you want to own one with a microphone, make sure that it has noise cancellation ability and that everything you input, sounds very clear. A variant which has detachable microphone can be preferred for using headsets as simple headphones.

4. Force feedback
Force feedback gives a more realistic experience while gaming. Some headphones have in-built motors in the ear-cups which vibrate or pulsate with every sound produced for instance, while shooting or having been hit. This feature enhances the overall fun of the game making it more lively and pragmatic.

5. Sound mixer
Sound mixer enables the user to customize and adjust sound of the game in accordance with one’s preference. It actually is a very innovative and interesting feature which enables you to connect your phone to the headphone and add tracks from your music library and also to receive call just in case you receive any while gaming.

6. Noise cancellation
This is one of the most desired features for avid gamers. From the full size headphones to the most compact ones, noise cancellation is on the top of the list. It reduces noise from the immediate surrounding making the sound seem clearer. Noise cancellation lets you hear audio at lower volume as you will not find a need to raise the volume level just to ignore unwanted noise.

7. Audio impedance
Impedance of the headphones can either be low or high. Headphones having low impedance retaliate well to lower voltage and vice versa. Generally, current output of many media devices are considerably low and therefore impedance in headphones is set accordingly.

8. Bluetooth
Bluetooth facilitates exchange of data within a limited area. You may use headphones having Bluetooth while gaming or otherwise in order to have a more convenient and pleasing auditory experience. Make sure to have the latest version of Bluetooth in your device.

9. Controls and accessories
Anything and everything, specifically electronic devices seem incomplete in the absence of accessories. A gamer may particularly want a separate microphone and gaming volume control, USB connection, carrying case, etc. The product box should contain everything that a user may want to accessorize with the main product.

10. Help and support
The manufacturing company must have a good support system for its consumers. It should be responsive and capable enough of solving customer problems and dissatisfaction in relation with the product. A company that ensures customer satisfaction is the most reliable and trustable. Go for company which provides best help and support facility to its customers.

Product Reviews – Two Best Headphones of 2015

1. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO is a prodigiously phenomenal headset. Xbox and Ear Force XO are simply made for each other. It has got 50 mm speakers which produces sound of remarkable quality. Its noise cancellation mic enables the user to chat via skype and Xbox LIVE. The sound controls lets you maintain a proper balance between game and chat sound. This device is capable of creating noise isolating barriers to outside sound.

• Exceptional sound quality.
• Mic monitoring and multi-step bass boost feature gives the device an extra edge.
• Game and chat volume mix control gives the user a complete control to maintain sound balance.
• Swappable speaker plates.

• There is a little bit of static crackling sound only noticeable when the sound in the game is low.
• This set of headphones is a bit expensive.
• A bit uncomfortable for people having big head.

2. ASTRO Gaming A40

ASTRO gaming A40 headphones are acoustically upgraded with the MixAmp pro that satisfies the auditory demands of gamers. It comes with 7.1 Dolby surround sound which is incredibly amazing. It has got customizable speaker tags with magnetic speaker tag system and a microphone that features noise cancellation.

• Multi system compatibility feature supports almost every gaming platform.
• It perfectly fits the head and is very comfortable to wear.
• Detachable microphone.
• Good customer support.

• Chords are of low quality.
• Mic sometimes produces strange feedbacks.


Buying good headphones can be a bit confusing as you have to consider before buying a lot of product features and functions, the aptness of which is extremely important. It’s important that you first figure out your demands and narrow down your options accordingly. Enjoy high end gaming with suitable headphones for your pc/console that fits your budget and cater your needs.