To most people, a gaming headphone stand may appear mediocre. In fact, the largest percentage of gamers do not prioritize gaming headphone stands when buying all other relevant accessories. Little did they know that a gaming headphone stand is equally important as other accessories. It is very vital to invest some money in procuring such a stand, since proper storage of your gaming headphones is required.

Headset Stands Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Ear HS1$201684.2/5
Brainwavz Peridot$401224.7/5
Cosmos Matte Black $251873.6/5
Just Mobile HS-100$50744.6/5
Rubbermaid stands$157324.4/5
Sound Blaster $20364.3/5
Brainwavz Quartz $50874.4/5
FortuneCat $40364.0/5
Bluecell $13434.7/5

What are The Benefits of A Gaming Headphone Stand?

First, a gaming headphone stand makes your desk appear more appealing and organized. Imagine a situation where your headphones are just placed among other things on the table. The truth is that such a setup may not be appealing. You need to ensure that the environment within your gaming desk is indeed neat and organized.

Secondly, a stand makes it easy for you to trace and access your gaming headphones. The truth is that without a stand, you will be compelled to place your gaming headphones at any place of your choice. However, with a stand, you will have a very specific point of storing your headset. This means that it will be very easy to locate and access them. Some people take up to10 minutes accessing their gaming headphones especially if their desks in disarray.

Thirdly, a stand helps in ensuring that your gaming headphones serve you long enough. It is very important to acknowledge the fact that headphones are delicate and if not stored in the right condition, it is possible for faults to develop. Dust may find its way into the interior parts of the headphones. Better still, you may accidentally exert strong impact on the headphone while placed on the desk. There are so many other potential harms that stare to poorly stored gaming headphones. A stand will always ensure that your gaming headsets are very safe from any potential harm.

What To Consider When Buying A Gaming Headphone Stand:

Whether simple or complex, a gaming headphone stand should meet its purpose fully. It is, therefore, necessary to take into account all the things that make the best headphone. They include:

• Size

A gaming headphone stand can either be big or small. The main determinant of the ideal size of gaming headphone stand should be the available space. Also, the size of the headphones should be used in determining the best stand. If your desk is large and spacious, a large stand can be fine and vise versa. If the size of your headphones is considerably large, a small stand may not serve you best.

• Base

Stability is very important is a gaming headphone stand and that is why the base should be considered primarily. The stand should have the capacity to withstand forces from all directions without toppling over. An unstable stand may threaten the safety of your headphones.

• Shape

The shape of your stand goes along way in determining if your headphones will fit on it or not. Some stands come in awkward shapes hence proving totally incompatible with some headphones. A stand with a universal shape is certainly preferable.


Plastic, wood, aluminum, choose one you like

Product Reviews

1. Ear Force HS1 Stand

The manufacturer of this headphone stand was creative enough to come up with something very stylish yet simple. The stand is not only a storage facility for your gaming headphones, but also a beauty complement for your desk.

The base of this stand is stable enough to ensure that even heavy headphones do not move it. To make it even more stable, the base is installed with rubber feet. It can therefore, not slide back and forth when on your gaming desk.

2. Cosmos Headphones Stand 

The Matte Black finish used on this headphone stand is the main point of attraction to many. Its color is not ordinary black but a better spice. Aside from that, the stand has a broad base to facilitate stability even in strong forces.

The curve at the top part of the stand is meant to ensure that your headphones are properly hooked. The only little issue with this stand is that it is made of plastic. This means that it may not be as strong as metallic ones. It is, however, good enough to serve the stipulated purpose.

3. Cosmos Brand Piano Headphone Stand (Natural Color)

Here comes yet another stand from the Cosmos family. The design and color of this stand is quite different from the previous. The stand is made to resemble a musical note and this is why it is recommended for piano users. However, the design is very universal and it can comfortably support any headphone including the gaming ones.

Its smooth texture and appearance are a perfect complement for your desk. It is important to note that the stand is made of an acrylic material hence the very unique appearance.

4. BrainWavz Peridot Headphone Stand

For gamers who love fancy touches, here is the ultimate stand for your headphones. Mere appearance is enough to give you the feeling that you are indeed in a gaming environment. The stand is made of thick plastic to ensure that it is very strong and durable. The shape it features makes it universal, hence you can use literally any headphone on it.

The base is of a very unique appearance. Although it may not be as stable as other stands, your headphones are totally safe on it.

5. Cosmos Brand Piano (Glossy White)

For those who are inspired by white color, this may be your final stop. You will like the glossy white that this headphone stand comes with. Things would get even better if your desk is white also.

Due the kind of material used in making the stand, the weight is a little higher. To be precise, this stand weighs approximately 13.4 oz. The weight is an advantage since it makes the stand stable enough. You can mount any gaming headset without any worry of the stand falling off. Another important feature of this stand is the size. It is small hence it will not consume much of your desk space.