How Electric Screens Hurt Your Eyesight

There is no doubt that while playing computer games is becoming an almost in dispensable hobby, there are some bad sides to it. Regular playing of computers will result in being exposed to gaming apparatus screen for a long period. This can really be very harmful to the naked eyes. Today’s gaming technology has advanced quite a lot. Hence there are a number of spectacular and bright things that could be happening on the green. We have to bear in mind that being exposed to the gaming screen even once per day could be damaging to the eyes. Apart from gaming activities we also watch lot of television and spend a lot of time with smart phones and tablets.

Too Much Of Gaming Could Lead To Eye Damages

Hence whether we may like it or not there is no denying the fact that our eyes are exposed lot of unhealthy light and glare. The onus therefore lies on us to find out ways and means by which we can prevent the eyes from damage. It would also be not out of place to mention here that apart from eyes, our necks, backs, shoulders, arms and circadian rhythms also get impacted negatively. There are thousands of peoples who suffer from digital eye strain, computer vision syndromes and other such problems. If one ignores such problems and continues to engage in highly damaging gaming activities without the right protection it could lead to serious problems. These include early development of cataract and other such problems. Towards this objective choosing the right prescription gaming glasses is of course very important and indispensable to put it in light words.

A Host Of Other Problems Could Also Be Coming Your Way

In the zest for playing these computer games it is quite possible that we fail to see to long term and perhaps even irreversible damages that it can cause. Many people have been known to suffer from headache that is chronic and is glare-induced. Hence it is extremely important for us to find out ways and means by which this problem can be solved. The best way forward is to try and go in for the right eyewear and gaming glasses. This is something that should be taken seriously and ignoring it would certainly be very harmful and a heavy price might have to be paid for it.

What Are Gaming Glasses And Why Are They So Much Sought After

It is quite possible that many of us might have come across gaming glasses but may not have the right idea or information about the same. Put in plain and simple words, they are special types of glasses which have been designed with the main objective of offering a protective outside layer to the naked eyes. They avoid your eyes getting damaged because of glare from gaming monitors, computer monitors, televisions sets and other such devices. They have quite a few attributes and characteristics.

However, the most important is the fact that they come with amber-colored tints. This goes a long way in increasing the contrast of the image, especially when playing computer games. Further they also play a big role in helping bouncing of the glare that comes from the screens. Since the refractory glares are not absorbed by the eyes, they go a long way in protecting the eyes from damage. Since quality gaming glasses are made from several layers of protective materials it well and truly offers complete protection. A good quality gaming glass comes with lens, anti reflective layer, primer and a hard coat. They not only protect the eyes from glare but are also water and dust. They are also scratch resistant and can withstand impact of images that are intense. They are also smudge proof if the quality is really good.

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

There is a simple technology behind the working of these gaming glasses. It protects the eyes because of the sharper colors from which they are made of. They help in increasing the contrast and in turn also go a long way in reducing the glare that emanates from the glass. Further they also could make the text on the screen appear larger than they actually are. This could also play a big role in putting less strain on the eyes, especially when used for a long period of time. They also fit tightly in the eyes and therefore prevent infiltration of dry air inside the eyes. Moisture is very important for reducing strain on the eyes when playing games and this is what these gaming glasses help in. However, while all this is fine it is important that the glasses should be looking trendy and attractive. We are in a world where looks and appearances matter a lot. Towards this objective there is hardly any doubt that these gaming glasses could be very useful realistically and also from the aesthetic point of view.

Do Gaming Glasses Really Help? Are Gaming Glasses Worth It?

Too much of gaming can seriously damage your eyes. In fact, a couple of hours gaming may also affect your eyes and vision power. Now, the question is do computer strain glasses help? The straight forward answer is ‘yes’, They do help and worth investing. In fact, the gaming glasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays but at the same time, glasses also betters the gaming experience. A good pair of gaming glasses makes the graphics more vivid and alive.

It Could Improve Gaming Skills Too

While the last few paragraphs talked about the need for such video game glasses from the health point of you, we will try and have a closer look at the ways and means by which these glasses could help the wearers to have an advantage over their opponents. It has been proven time and again that those who wear these protective glasses are able to concentrate much better. Therefore they are able to perform much better when compared to those who are not wearing these glasses. They can see the images in much better detail and also the texts appear bigger than they actually are. They will also be in a much better position to be a step ahead of the opponents because they will be able to decipher things that much better.

Though the tricks and trades pertaining to playing the game better is available on the print media, not many younger generation are interested in reading it. They would rather use the internet and look for the information. Hence, if you are one of those who are regular in wearing these gaming glasses, you can get access to information on the internet which could be available in fine print. This is another big and obvious advantage as far as these glasses are concerned. When it comes playing these games using mobile phones the information is usually available in the Xbox of PS areas. Reading such small print information could be a tough job. However this problem can be addressed when one wears these glasses.

Going In For These Glasses Is Imperative And Urgent

Given the above facts there is hardly any doubt that buying a 100$ gaming glass is a decision that should not be postponed any further. If you think about saving a few dollars now and insist on playing games in the naked eye, the price that you would be paying later is much larger. Though there is nothing wrong in playing computer and online games one should ensure that the best of audio and video facilities are available. Towards enhancing the video facilities there is hardly any doubt that these gaming glasses have a very big role to play. You have to bear in mind that today’s modern games are high definition in the true sense of the term. They come with thousands of images so that they make your eyes tired. Hence having a good gaming glass will also ensure better viewing of the images and texts.

Choosing The Right Materials Is Important

Choosing the best materials is very important and there are quite a few options that are available. When buying these glasses it should be ensured that they are light in weight. This is important because the glasses are worn for long periods of time. Heavy materials could put pressure on the ears and the nose. It would also not be a bad idea to try out a combination of materials. When buying the glasses one should also take care of the quality of frame, lenses, their compatibility with head phones and much more. Those who suffer from short sightedness also have seemingly benefitted from these gaming glasses.

Top Gaming Glasses – A Look At A Few

Amongst the various brands that are available in the market, many customers feel that Gunnar Optiks is a good brand. The brand is also recommended by pro eye doctors and many professional gamers have also given their seal of approval. They are known to reduce fatigue arising out of visual stress. However, it would be better to ask your doctor first, before choosing the right model as far as these gaming glasses are concerned. It is also possible to customize the gaming glass.

A Look At Top 10 Gaming Glasses

Gunnar INT-00101

These glasses are well known for their full rim and it has many different sizes or shapes as far as heads are concerned. Gunnar INT-00101 is very well designed and almost has no weight. It therefore can be worn for a long period of time.

Gunnar PPK

It is considered as a very good gaming glass because it is made from high-grade steel. It has a metallic frame. The lens are of the best quality and it is also capable of filtering ultraviolet rays and therefore offers a much better contrast when compared to other brands in the market.


The VAY-00101 is a wonderful pair of gaming glass made from high quality aluminum-magnesium and comes with an onyx frame finish. It also comes with a quad-core hinge design. It has one of the widest frames and therefore can easily fit for large head and offers comfortable viewing for a long period of time.

Phantom Onyx

This is considered to be a great gaming glass because it can help reverse the harmful glare of screen. It is very comfortable and light and the weight distribution is very even. It is considered to be one of the best for those who are watching television and playing computer games regularly. It has a yellow amber tint which certainly makes it unique.

Call of Duty Black II

The Xbox is a famous pair of gaming glasses which increase contrast significantly. On the other hand it very subtly increases the finer details of the game. It also has a curved lens which is known to reduce peripheral light which could also help in better concentration and focus. It also comes with a tested and proven anti-glare coating.

Gunnar With Cobalt

This is considered to be one of the best gaming glasses which come with cobalt frame finish. It has lent that effectively block blue light and also stops UV rays. It fits tightly in the eyes and limits flow of air to prevent dryness of the eyes. It has a patented optical design. It also has a special layer using hard cover which enhances its life.


This is considered to be a very good gaming glass especially for those who are working as video editors or going through a formal course in gaming. It reduces eye strain and also improves visual performance. It comes with a reliable frame. It also has thermoplastic rubber temples and therefore is headphone compatible.

Vayper Rim

This is considered to be a high-class video game glass. It is known to provide a panoramic view so that one can experience the best of gaming experience. It has very comfortable and durable frames. It is without any doubt a framing glass that should be present in any professional gamers’ wardrobe. It will avoid blinking and drying of the eyes.

Semi-Rimless Optiks

The Gunnar Optiks is considered by many to be one of the best gaming glasses available in the market today. It is suitable for long wearing and it totally does away with fatigue. It has a unique semi-rimless design. It covers the eyes almost fully in spite of having a semi-rimless design.

Gunnar PHA-05601

This is a very sophisticated pair of gaming glass that incorporates the best of i-AMP technology. The frame is the takeaway and can fit almost any head sizes and shape. It is also helpful for panoramic viewing and offers great looks and comfort as a total package.


All the above gaming glasses have a few things in common including one year warranty and free shipping. However, the main objective of all the above brands is to provide complete protection to the eyes of the customers.