Do you know that you can fix youreadbuds when they are not functioning properly? You do not have to waste time and money looking for an expert to help you repair ear buds as long as you have the requirements and tips on how to go about the process. However, ensure that you to take precaution so that you do not damage some of the delicate components of the headphones especially if you have never repaired any of them. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the simple steps that will guide you on how to fix ear buds.


The starting point when it comes to fixing ear buds is collecting the items you will need for the task. Some of the things you should have with you include damaged headphones, replacement jack, soldering iron, vice, matchbox or cigarette lighter, pair of scissors and penknife among other tools that you may find necessary for the task.

Steps involved in adding a jack plug toearbuds

• With the help of a pair of scissors or penknife, remove the old jack plug. Check whether the jack plug is molded or not. If yes, simply throw jack plug away since it is useless.

• You will require new jack plug to replace the one you have just thrown into the bin. Assuming that you are replacing a small size plug on our ear buds, you will require a 3.5 stereo jack plug for this purpose. We can find it on some of the leading online stores such as eBay, Walmart, Amazon among others. While buying, ensure that the dealer provides you with a stereo one. Mono plugs are very similar such that you may not differentiate them easily. If you want to replace one with a large plug, the instructions will still help but you need to buy a plug that matches with your original plug in terms of the size.

• Prepare the cable in readiness for replacement. Most of the headphones stereo cables contain two cables that run through them with one for the right channel and the other one for the left channel. Strip the red and green cables to obtain a shiny bare wire. Ensure that they remain separate as you twist two copper wires together to obtain three wires instead of having four of them.

• You may find ear buds with a slightly different design of wiring. For instance, you may come across a cable with either the green or red inside with an ordinary copper-colored wire surrounding it. The other stereo cable may have a red or green cable with a red or green striped wire surrounding it. In such circumstances, wrap the copper colored wire to give you a green wire, red and another third wire that will comprise a mixture of red wire, green wire and copper-colored wire.

• Strike your matchbox or cigarette lighter so that you heat each of the ends of the wires to remove the insulating cover. The insulator contains paint and plastic that may be dangerous to your health therefore you should avoid their fumes as much as you can.
• Unscrew the jack plug to see the three terminals for the wires.

• Before you solder the wire, carefully thread your cable so that it passes through the plastic top. If you forget this step, it will force you take your wires off and repeat.

• The next step involves tinning that requires a lot of care because it will determine whether the ear buds will work or not. Cover the bare cables using solder in order to make better joints as well as enhance on the electric contact for the same.

• Before soldering, you need to know that this process is not similar to welding. Unlike welding, soldering is not adhesive to metals. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is a good and reliable joint between the terminals and wires before you move to the next step.

• At this point, you can test whether the ear buds are now working or not by placing them into a music player. Ensure that the wires remain in contact while testing. In case you hear some flickering sound when testing the wires do not worry because it will disappear once you solder them firmly

• The last step after confirming that the ear buds are working is to solder them so that they stop producing any strange sound such as the one witnessed when testing.

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