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The selection quest of a gaming CPU is something that must be done with utmost considerations. Why? This is because a CPU is very important in determining how efficient your gaming experience will be. There are a number of things that you have to consider before buying any gaming CPU. Note that any slight mistake in selecting a gaming CPU means that you will not have the experience that you have always yearned for.

Every important gaming factor has to be taken into account when choosing the best processor for the said task. Gamers are advised to take account of the least to most important factors. This is the only way you can have the assurance of not making a drastic mistake in selecting the best gaming CPU.

Most Popular Gaming CPU Comparison

ImagesNameClockList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameClockList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Intel Corei7-4790K Processor up to 4.40 GHz$379.997924.8/5
Intel Core i7-4790 Processoup to 4.0 GHz$384.291184.7/5
Intel Core i5-4690K Processorup to 3.9 GHz$264.994744.9/5
AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processorup to 4.2 GHz$229.0011704.8/5
Amd Fx-9590 Oem 8-core up to 5.0 GHz$899.991164.3/5
AMD FX-6300 6-Coreup to 4.1 GHz$149.008814.7/5
AMD FX-6350 6-Core up to 4.2 GHz$159.991014.6/5
Intel Pentium Processor G3258 4 coreup to 3.2 GHz$139.992404.8/5

The major factors to consider in choosing a gaming CPU include:


In as much as you would want to overlook the budget of a gaming CPU, the fact remains that it is a very important aspect to be considered. After all, you do not intend to stretch further beyond your budget. It should occur in your mind that you will come across different price deals with regard to gaming CPUs. It would be totally unreasonable to spend over $300 on a gaming processor when there are much cheaper options. The bottom line is that the processor you have chosen should match your budget and specifications squarely.

While most people may opt for cheap CPUs, the truth is that they do not understand the dangers that come with the package. It is possible to go for cheap CPU only for it to turn out inauthentic or with poor specs. Reasonably priced gaming CPUs should be considered.


One thing you should understand is that efficiency and the overall performance of a gaming CPU heavily depends on speed. Gaming computers that tend to respond slowly feature very poor processors and vice versa. In this regard, one of the primary factors that you have to consider is speed.

Processors vary in terms of performance speed. Processors that fall between 3.9Hz and 4.4Hz are considered best. This is because their speed of operation is good for any game.


Gamers should first understand that CPUs are of two major types. Intel and AMD are the principal types that are used in any gaming computer. There are some differences between the two types.

To begin with, the value of both types varies. AMD processors tend to go at sliced prices while Intel are much more expensive. However, this does not mean that AMD processors are not good for gaming purposes. They are equally efficient in gaming as AMD.

The other difference is that AMD processors support overclocking while Intel does not. Overclocking in this case is the capacity to increase the speed of the processor for the sake of boosting overall performance. If you are looking for best performance even in low-end games, then you will require AMD gaming processor. Intel processors may not be so reliable when it comes to overclocking.

The truth is that there has been a strong competition between AMD and Intel CPUs. However, AMD processors have shown dwindling prominence in the recent past. The introduction of New Pentium and Core Chips is the reason behind these developments. Intel tends to take the higher credit in today’s market.

Game Types

The kind of games that you play should also come to you as a guiding factor in the selection quest of a gaming CPU. It is very necessary to understand that there are different games available. Some of them require high efficiency and speed while others are just simple.

Modern sophisticated games require very strong gaming CPU. It must have very high clocking speed to ensure that such games run flawlessly. However, if the game in question is just simple, then a simple processor may work for you. In most cases, 3.9Hz processors work well with low-end games. For professional and sophisticated games, you should consider processors of 4.4Hz for the sake of efficiency.

Power Efficiency

The power efficiency of a processor must never be overlooked when searching for the best. It is power efficiency that determines if the processor you have chosen will support both simple and sophisticated games. Intel Pentium processors are consider somewhat best in gaming since they come with a thermal rating of between 53 and 65 Watts. With such specs, the efficiency of the processor cannot be doubted.

The bottom line is that you should aim at getting a CPU that has middle-range power efficiency. It might interest you to know that some desktop computers work well with low power efficiency CPUs and this is why you should aim at getting one that has average power in that regard.

What Are The Main Reasons Behind Development of Faults in A Gaming Processor?

Gamers should acknowledge the fact that gaming processors are very delicate. This means that any adverse exposure of the processor might amount to very serious implications in the end. It is very necessary to understand some of the factors that can lead to malfunctioning of a gaming CPU.

Below are some of the constituting factors to flaws in a gaming CPU:


Just like any other thing, gaming CPUs are bound to age as time passes. One of the reasons why gaming processors misbehave is age. If you have been operating with your computer for a long time without changing its CPU, then you should definitely expect some faults someday.

The best solution in this case is to consider replacement of your processor. It would be best to invest your money in buying a new processor than coping up with constant interruptions during gaming. Your replacement must be something reliable, preferably an upgrade of your previous one. It is only best to consider modern CPUs than the old versions.


The cooling system of your computer is very important. It is the cooling system that aids in preventing your gaming processor from potential damages. If the temperature of your gaming chamber is above 80˚F, then it is possible for your gaming processor to develop faults.

To evade this problem, you can implement two main strategies. First, you can consider improving the cooling system of your computer. In most cases, processors have a fan on top of them for cooling purposes. You can replace the fan with a better one in order to avoid overheating.

Alternatively, you can consider improving the cooling system of your gaming chambers. Installation of air corns is seen as a great move. It will help in reducing the surrounding temperature to below 80˚F.


To many, overclocking is considered to be a great option of elevating the speed of a gaming computer. However, this is one of the practices that can lead to faults in a gaming CPU. It has been revealed that overclocked processors are more prone to damages than the normal ones.

If you must overclock your processor, then you should be ready to bear the risk. If you must know, overclocking is seen as a direct way of overstressing your processor hence potentially risking its lifespan.

Power Surges-

It does not matter on the kind of effect that brought about power surge. Any voltage spike is enough to threaten the performance of your gaming CPU. The only best way of avoiding the effect of power surges is getting a power guard. This limits the possibility of ruining the performance of your gaming processor.

Three Quality Gaming CPU Reviews

AMD Athlon X4 860 Black Edition

The performance of this processor is undoubtedly the best. Firs, the power efficiency capacity of this processor stands at 95W. This is indeed very efficient for any gamer. The clock speed of this processor stands at 4.0Mhz. This is basically the turbo frequency that any gamer will embrace without the second thought. Not to mention, the processor has 4MB capacity, which happens to be another efficiency feature.

Intel Pentium Processor G3258 4 BX80646G3258

If you are looking for the best Intel processor, here is your ultimate selection. It is among the best performing processor versions in the market and an ideal option for high-end games. One good thing about this processor is that it is compatible with Intel 8 and 9 series chipsets. Aside from that, the processor comes with 2 cores. This makes it very fast in operation. The 3.3Hz frequency is another feature of reliability. You can be assured of nothing short of best performance from this processor.

Intel Core i5-4690 Processor BX80646154690

You will like the fact that this processor is fully compatible with Z87 and Z97 motherboards. However, for those with Z87 motherboards, some BIOS updates will be required.

The base frequency of this CPU is 3.5 GHz with maximum turbo of 3.9 GHz. With such speed, it is possible to engage in any form of game, be it sophisticated or simple. Aside from that, the processor has Intel Rapid Storage technology. This is a performance boost for any gamer.