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The kind of features that a tower wake speaker has dictates the nature of performance to expect from it. In this regard, you have the obligation to ensure that all features of your preferred tower speaker are accounted for before making your ultimate choice.

Among the key features that you should consider in any tower speaker for music include:

• Frequency Range– This is basically the amount of sound that a speaker can produce. Some tower speakers have the capacity to produce incredibly high sounds while others have limitations. It is advisable to ensure that the tower speaker you have chosen has the best frequency range since this is the only way quality sound is guaranteed.

• Impedance– This is the measure of resistance that a tower speaker features. It is absolutely important to ensure that you consider this feature especially of you intend to connect your tower speakers to an amplifier. Resistance in this case is measured in terms of ohms. The higher the number of ohms, the more the resistance. The idea in choosing a tower speaker is ensuring that its impedance is on the higher side.

• Power– You must not forget to consider the amount of power/watts that a tower speaker can carry. This is because power capacity always determines the overall performance of any speaker. It goes without saying that a speaker whose power capacity is high has the best performance. As long as you have enough power to support such a speaker, then you are assured of the best performance.

• Size– This is simply how large or small the speaker is. In as much as you would want to disregard size, it still remains important. Now, if you are planning to use your tower speakers on your desk, then you should consider a smaller size. However, if your speakers are used on another different surface, for instance the wall or ground, then a larger size will do just fine.

• Purpose– What do you intend to do with your tower speakers? Ascertaining the intended purpose of your speakers will give you a glimpse of what to opt for. Some of the things that you can do with tower speakers include gaming, playing music, public address among others. Only opt for a tower speaker that serves your stipulated purpose to the maximum.

• Sound Complements– Be sure to check if the tower speaker you have chosen has sound complements including midrange speakers, subwoofer, and tweeter. With such complements, you are assured of the richest sound from the tower speaker of your choice.

Best Floor Standing/Tower Speakers under 2000

1. Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

The speaker comes with a curved cabinet whose size is large enough to magnify sound in the best way. The curved back part also plays a vital role of ensuring that the speaker fits properly in cornered areas.

The 5.25-Inch subwoofers that come with the speaker are meant to ensure that sound if fully spiced. The subwoofers are made to produce rich low frequency sound.

To make the sound even richer, this tower speaker comes with a 1-inch tweeter. This is meant to produce high-frequency sound hence making the output totally appealing.

Best Affordable Cheap Tower Speakers under 500

2. Klipsch RF82 II Cherry

The wooden housing of this sounding speaker makes it nothing short of best. The housing is made that way to ensure that only the best output is produced.

The subwoofer that comes with the small home speaker is light yet very rigid. Apart from producing rich deep sound, the subwoofer is also able to prevent any form of distortion.

Buyers should note that this speaker comes as one piece. The subwoofer, midrange, and tweeter are all housed in one cabinet.

Best Value Tower Speakers under 1000

3. MartinLogan Motion 40 Gloss Black Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The folding motion tweeter technology that this speaker works under makes its performance unique. It features a large surface area to ensure that the sound output you get is absolutely the best.

The finish that the speaker comes with is more of a face-lift. It is so appealing hence a complement to your house. For low frequency sound, the speaker comes with a high quality subwoofer.

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