A 5.1 speaker system is a surround system that comes with a subwoofer, 5 mid-range speakers, and a mixer. It is similar to a home theater only that 5.1 speaker system may at times come without a DVD player. The 5.1 speaker system is categorized under the surround system since the speakers can be positioned at different strategic positions to project sound from different directions.

What are The Key Components of A 5.1 Speaker System?

Like earlier stated, the 5.1 speaker system comes with a subwoofer, mid-range speakers and a mixer. Let us have a close look at each component:

• Subwoofer

This is a large speaker that is usually powered. The speaker is designed to produce low frequency sound. In other words, the subwoofer is responsible for bass production. Basically, the subwoofer uses air pressure to create a deep and rumbling sound. The deep and heavy tone produced by the subwoofer is considered a perfect spice to music.

• Mid-Range Speakers

These are the 5 speakers that come with any 5.1 sound systems. It is important to note that the operation of all the 5 speakers is not the same. The speakers are categorized as follows:

– Center speaker- It is the most important speaker of all. Its role is to produce clear and unenhanced sound. It is the speaker that is mostly heard. It is usually placed above the subwoofer.

– Satellite Speakers- The speakers occupy the side position. It is recommended that you place 2 of them on the right and the other 2 on the left. The kind of sound produced by these speakers is rather enhanced. They are meant to spice up the bass from the subwoofer and the clear tone from the center speaker.

• Mixer

Some may know the mixer as an equalizer. Either term works fine for the component. Now, the mixer plays the role of a central point where all controls with regard to sound production are done. It is from the mixer that the user is able to increase sound volume or even enhance the tone.

Some of the 5.1 speaker systems come with a mixer that has a DVD player while others only have an amplifier. There are other cases where the mixer may be integrated to the subwoofer. It is very important to ensure that the 5.1 speaker system you have chosen has a sophisticated mixer for the sake of maximum sound enhancement.

Benefits of A 5.1 Speaker System

• High-Quality Audio- One unique thing about 5.1 speaker systems is that they are very efficient in sound production. You can be assured of the best sound from this type of system.

• Multi-purpose- Another great thing is that 5.1 Speaker systems can be used for other purposes other than just music. They can be used for gaming as well. They can also be used as public address system especially for indoor gatherings.

• Harmonized Sound Production- The 5.1 speaker system is designed to be set up in a strategic way. With such an array, you are assured of harmonized sound. In other words, sound in your house will come from all directions. It is simply satisfying to the ear.

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