The technology on outdoor speakers has come a long way. From the time huge boxes could be dragged outside, most people can now listen to music in their backyard using high-tech outdoor speakers. Buying an outdoor rock speaker is never an easy task with the different types currently in the market. Each set of outdoor rock speaker comes incorporated with more and more unique features. There are several considerations homeowners must take into account before making a purchase of any outdoor rock speaker.
Rock outdoor speakers are usually shaped like a rock hence their name. These speakers are usually designed in a manner that they blend into the outdoor surroundings. Some of the things to consider include:
The rock speakers come in different colors. Buyers must be aware of the color they want in their yard before making the choice on the speakers to buy. The speakers need to blend with the background and have the wires hidden in the ground.
Audio specifics
You know the kind of music you listen to so there is a need to choose speakers with the right audio specifics. The audio specs will determine if you want loud music in your yard or not.
The material used to make the speakers determines their quality. Make sure you choose speakers that are made of materials resistant to the harsh weather outside.
Cost is another important consideration when buying rock speakers. Remember high prices do not always mean good quality. Look for speakers that come at a fair price and still have excellent features.
Some of the best outdoor bluetooth wireless rock speakers one can find in the market currently include:

1. Sound Appeal Outdoor Rock

The stereo pair by Sound Appeal is one of the best outdoor speakers you can find in the market with a high efficiency class D amplifier. The speaker comes with a high range Bluetooth technology allowing users to play music from their smartphones directly. These speakers are very durable and can work under extreme heat and cold without failing. They have a sandstone canyon color that blends well with the landscape.
The speakers can bring life to your outdoor space bring out very clear and articulate sounds. There are various sizes and homeowners can select depending on their preferences.

2. OSD Outdoor Rock Pair

The OSD Outdoor Rock Speaker is ideal for gardens, pools, patios and backyards producing inconspicuous sounds. These speakers are well built to withstand all forms of weather making them ideal for your outdoor space. They are designed to look like natural rocks and are usually reinforced by resin.

The OSD outdoor speakers are available in different sizes and colors giving buyers options when buying. Depending on the model, buyers can get granite, brown, white gray or slate finishes. They are very durable made from aero-space multi-layer materials. They feature a 6.5 inches Polypropylene Cone Woofer that produces excellent sounds.

3. Klipsch AWR-650-SM All Weather 2-way 

The Klipsch AWR-650-SM All Weather 2-way Speaker is another excellent option for outdoor spaces. The speaker has very excellent features with a dual way design and dual polymer tweeters. The speakers are very durable and can resist UV light making them the right option for the sunny days. The speaker is usually available in sandstone finishes making them blend well in a soil backyard.

The speakers easily blend well with the background with wires being hidden in the ground. The Klipsch AWR-650-SM have been in use for long periods and withstood all harsh weather conditions making them the ideal choice for outdoor activities.


If in the market in search of the perfect outdoor speaker for your outdoor space, make sure you consider the three options above as they are among the best in the market. They are all durable, come in different sizes and colors and produce very articulate sounds.

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