If you want to enjoy an excellent sound system, then installing in-wall speakers would be the best idea. There are plenty of benefits that have identified with in-wall speakers with the economy of space being one of the main factors that is attracting many. These speakers do not occupy any space and thus, you need no arrangements to accommodate them. A majority of the in-wall speakers in the market have a reputation of producing super quality sound, but you must be very careful with the brand that you are going for.

Not all in-wall speakers can meet your expectations. Some of them may be counterfeited products and thus due consideration and research must precede the shopping. There are several factors that you must put into consideration before shopping any of these speakers. Here are some of the main factors that you must look into before paying for that in-wall speaker.

1.Speaker quality and performance

The definition of quality with regard to an in-wall speaker varies with the buyer’s preference. The most important thing that you must look into is the sound quality. Go for the in-wall speaker that can provide clear, smooth, and natural sound especially if it is for house entertainment. This will ensure that you have gotten value for your money.

It is also crucial to consider the durability of the speakers. Remember that these speakers are supposed to be inserted or be fitted into the wall and thus, their durability is a factor to be considered as part of the quality. It is also a fact that materials do corrode and thus your choice of in-wall speakers should withstand any form of corrosion. This will ensure that you have enjoyed their services for a longer period of time and value for money will be achieved.


Mostly, the wattage of the speaker is equivalent to their sound power and quality. The higher the wattage, the better is the quality of the sound produced. Go for the wattage rating that suits your sound needs. It would also advisable to get experts’ insight on the right wattage to go for.

You must also be very smart when it come the speakers’ wattage. The rating of each set of the in-wall speakers will determine by how much your electricity utility bills will rise. Select a set with a lower wattage and at the same time producing excellent sound quality.

3.Moisture resistance

One thing that can destroy any speaker is the moisture. In-wall speakers are also highly prone to the moisture destruction. If you are to install the speakers in a humid environment, then moisture absorption is a crucial factor to consider. The material used in constructing speakers’ cover or the speaker’s housing is crucial in protecting the same from the moisture destruction. Go for the brand that guarantee 100 percent moisture free destruction to ensure that you have enjoyed your sound system for a longer time.

4.Power mode

The type of power that you intend to use for the in-wall speakers is an important factor to consider while shopping. With many people going for the renewable energy such as solar power, then you speakers must be designed to utilize this type of DC power if it is not inverted. You must there choose wisely whether you are going an AC or DC powered in-wall speakers.

5.Physical dimension

The size of the speaker will definitely affect the sound quality. Selecting the physical dimensions in-wall speakers must, therefore, be done carefully to ensure the quality of sound of achieved.

6.Additional features

With the market competitiveness, manufacturers are trying their best to capture a bigger market as they can by incorporating additional accessories and features on the speakers. It is prudent to go for the brands that are offering attractive additional features like Bluetooth control, remote control, and others that make their operation easy. There are many brands that are offering amazing additional accessories to select from.

Best in wall speakers for the money

Polk Audio RC85i 

This is one of the in-wall speakers that have an impeccable reputation in the market. The quality of Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speaker is incomparable with many of their competition. You will be amazed by the quality of sound that these speakers have. Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speaker is equipped with an 8-inch dynamic balance, a metalized soft dome tweeter with 15-degree swivel amount.

Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speaker has an excellent response ranging from 35Hz – 20 kHz. It is also constructed to be moisture resistant, highly durable and it can be used in bathrooms, saunas or any other moisture exposed place.

Best in wall surround sound speakers

Yamaha in wall speaker NS-IW760 6.5″

This is another great in-wall speaker that you can go for. Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ in-wall speaker is supplied with dual 6.5” cone woofers that produced an excellent quality sound. You will also be amazed by its 1” dome tweeter that filters the sound to produce a soothing sound.

Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ in-wall speaker has 130-watt maximum input capacity and thus its sound quality is absolutely amazing. Its frequency response ranges between 50Hz to 24 kHz and it is very easy to install.

Best Rated in wall speakers for music

Micca M-6S 6.5-Inch 

This is an amazing in-wall speaker that is attracting many from its excellent quality, especially on performance. Micca M-6S 6.5-Inch in wall speaker comes with a high incursion 6.5-inch poly woofer and a 1” soft dome tweeter. If you want to have a smooth and natural sound especially in your home, this is the perfect set to go for.

Micca M-6S 6.5-Inch in-wall speaker can be used for any home entertainment application.it is very easy to install and at the same time, it is a pocket in-wall speaker. It can be painted to blend with you home decor.

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