With the in increase in celebrations and get together there are a lot of factors that matter in organizing a party. One of the main requirements of any celebration is the sound system. Speakers are an important investment one needs to do. Since there are a number of speakers out there in the market here is the guide to buy the best party speakers.

Benefits of having a party speaker

Speakers play an equal role while partying like any other element. Also in our daily life who doesn’t like to listen to songs or watch movies at home and having a party speakers can serve all your needs.

Since they are portable they can be easily shifted to the place of party and connected to your laptop or mobile. They can also be used with your television to act as a good Surround sound system while watching movies. Having good speakers at home saves you the cost of renting speakers for every event and also comes in handy for day to day use.

Moreover, these speakers also comes with feature of creating disco style light show which is a huge plus point to take your party to a new level.

Buying Guide – Important Aspect You Need To Look For Before Buying Party Speakers

You don’t need to buy the most costly speakers out there to get good sound. Trusting your ears is the very basic step when you start looking for speakers as you would like to hear those that sound good to you and not that are priced high.

First thing to look before buying party speakers is your room size, where you would be keeping and using the speakers. There are speakers of different shape and size from long to wide to round. Filter out those that you can’t keep in your room.

Next comes the specifications. Once you are done with the placement you need to look for the specifications. The standard terms used while looking for speakers are as follows:

• Impedance – Impedance means that how much resistance an amplifier will encounter while playing audio from that particular speaker. Most speakers are equipped with 8 ohm impedance. When buying a multi speaker for your system try to keep all the speakers with same impedance.
• Sensitivity – Sensitivity (Decibles / Watt) means how loud the speakers can deliver sound per watt of power. High sensitivity means that speaker can play at higher volume while consuming less power.
• Power Handling – This tells the power of the sound signal (in Watts) your speaker can accept. Giving more power in the input than it can handle can physically damage the speakers.
• Light Feature – All party speakers comes with feature to produce light show along with super quality high sound. Checkout the various lighting patterns the speaker can show before buying your party speaker.

Afer you are done with the choosing part you can either buy the speakers online or from the reliable store. Shopping online can fetch you some more discount while buying from the store allows you to actually hear the sound quality of speakers play before buying.

Best Speakers for House Party

1. ION Audio Block Party Live Bluetooth

Features and Specification
If you are a music lover and have a fetish for creating the environment of a discotheque in your small space then this is what you are searching for. The ION block party-live speaker is a 50 Watts audio system that has an inbuilt light show feature along with a rechargeable battery. It can create a party theme anywhere and also ably stream the music wireless with the help of a Bluetooth enabled-device.
Moreover these speakers have 4 light modes that can be controlled remotely through a tablet or smartphone. You just need to install a Party Rocker app in your device and you are set to rage the floors. You can even amplify the audio output of your non-Bluetooth enabled devices with the help of a 3.5mm input. The other features included are a microphone (along with cable), integrated wheels and a telescoping handle.

Pros and Cons
The ION Block Party Live speakers undoubtedly provide exceptional sound experience. The audio output is great but the part that is even more enjoyable is the built-in feature of creating a light show. This feature brings life into your party and gives the real feel. You can even connect the devices using an AUX cable to stream the desired music. The microphone included with the speakers avail features of karaoke and emceeing.
The only problem that was notably experienced with these speakers was that there were difficulties encountered in controlling the lights through an iPhone app.

Best Speakers for Outdoor Party

2. PYLE PSUFM1040P 1000-Watt 

Features and Specifications
The PYLE’s disco-jam speakers are functional in giving an unforgettable experience if you ever plan to throw a party within your homes. Not only these speakers have an attractive exterior but they also provide a feature of DJ lights that dazzle take your party experience to a different level. It also has a feature of controlling the multi-colored racing lights with the help of an ON/OFF switch when your music is playing.
The speaker is also equipped with 10” dual woofers as well as 3” dual Piezo tweeters. The tweeters and woofers are furnished with DJ lights that are capable of flashing 3 different colors. Moreover the speakers also have a ported enclosure that provides added bass-response.

Pros and Cons
The speakers are great in terms of sound and performance. It can provide a loud output which can be out of your imagination. It definitely gives you an extraordinary feel with the Disco Jam lights that are provided along with it.
The only problem that the reviewers face is that the lights start working only when sound levels are really high. If you live in a closed apartment where your neighbors might raise an objection to turning up the bass, it might be problematic.

Best Portable Party Speakers

3. Sharper Image SBT609XBX 

Features and Specifications
Experience the quality of sound from a different realm. The Sharper party speakers give you a complete hands-on control over the customization of equalizer. You can direct hold over the bass, tones and the treble. The various light patterns decked within the speakers are extremely sound-responsive. The volume options can be controlled either directly from speakers or through your own device.
The Bluetooth seamless feature that provides a better connectivity of streaming music wirelessly is a novelty in itself. The AUX input supports a 3.5mm cable for direct connectivity of various compatible devices like iPhone, Tablets and Smartphones that support Android system. Moreover, the speakers have a heavy duty handle that allows for the portability of the speakers.

Pros and Cons
The speakers are great for providing an exceptional audio output. These speakers can make the atmosphere lively and bring the desired feel to your party. The light show promises an entirely different experience. Moreover the microphone input which has been provided along with the speakers makes karaoke and emceeing an enjoyable business.
The only problem that the customers usually face is that the lights do not spin and synchronize with the beats of the music mostly. This sometimes becomes a setback in the case of Sharper Party speakers.


Good speakers are very much important at any event. Buying good speakers can bring your party to life. Look out for the speakers that suit your requirements and don’t forget to give a look at its specifications as well. Well that’s all you need to buy a good party speakers, go grab a cool and awesome speaker for yourself to throw a kick ass party.

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