Every DJ knows how important speakers are in bringing the hype in a party. Only well tested and proven DJ speakers are likely to bring a fantastic partying experience. With various models of D speakers available in the market, one needs to closely look at the features and quality before choosing a preferred model. Below are reviews of three top Dj speaker models.

1. The Mr. DJ PP3500MP3

The Mr. DJ PP3500MP3 speaker will bring the perfect sound quality for Public Address functions and DJ performance gigs. The models come will a fully in-built and integrated MP3, USB and SD card slot. This is meant to give the user a range of entertainment features all in the go. It is a more integrated version of the DJ speakers and it has a much enhanced audio quality. The model further comes with a microphone and a microphone cable.


Built in LCD

The LCD display boosts the music experience. The display pulses and glows as per the rhythm of the music bringing out the true party mood. The color display is wide thus ensuring that everybody is in the celebratory mode.

3500 Watts Max Power

This beautifully designed and finished speaker has a 3500 watts maximum power. This high watt power is used to fine tunes to sooth your spirits. Every professional knows how important a high powerful speaker is in entertaining loyal fans.

1.5’’ compression driven tweeter

This tweeter further comes with an in-built amplifier and an MP3 player. This enhances performance and enables the DJ to play quality music from the tweeter and MP3 much to the thrilling of revelers. This is the secret to entertaining music fans.
Passive bass output and treble equalizer
To ensure that superb sound is outputted, the Seismic Audio PA DJ speakers have a passive bass output and treble equalizer. Sound quality is therefore guaranteed. Every audio output is of top and desired level. The bass is heavy and booming further making the DJ experience worthwhile.

Pocket Handles

These are fitted on the iconic DJ speakers so as to ensure easy portability. The handles have made carry the speakers an easy task. The steel grills over each speaker further protect the speakers from damage.

2. Seismic Audio PA DJ 

The Seismic Audio PA DJ Speaker guarantees you complete ecstasy with superior sound quality. The speaker is designed with the DJ’s needs in consideration. The speaker is made with 50-oz magnet and a 2-inch voice coil. With a 700 RMS watts and a 1000 Max power. These features among others to be discussed below make sound production from the speaker to be of top quality.


Powerful speakers

The Seismic Audio speakers come as a pairs and are 15’’ wide. The speakers are powerful and produce quality performance. These 1000 watts Pro Audio dual speakers can be Daisy chained for improved performance. The speakers are protected with steel grills.

Pocket handles

These pocket handles make the speakers very portable. The handles will prove helpful whenever the speakers need to be moved or transported to music events. Safety of the sound system is further enhanced with a 5/8 plywood front panel. There is therefore no worry of dropping the sound system or having difficulty carrying.

Wired at 4-ohms

The sound system is wired at 4-ohms. This is combined with 96 db sensitivity and dual ports hence are ideal for listening to favorite music. The 4-ohms delivers great quality making the model a superb choice.

Two 2 x 5-inch tweeters

The DJ sound system further comes with powerful two 2 x 5-inch tweeters. Theses tweeters enables the speakers produce well-tuned music. Sound quality is further enhanced with great bass output and a treble equalizer. The sound quality is superb response in mid and highs without distorting sound in higher volume ranges.

3. Pyle PSUFM1040P DK

PylePSF1040P DJ speakers stand tall when it comes to delivering high quality sounds. The speakers have a great appearance and features which make them create a true music sensation. The color flashing on tweeters and woofers further makes these speakers amazingly beautiful.


Three Color Flashing DJ lights

When the music is playing, revelers get to experience to experience the flashing of three colors. These colors are made to follow the rhythm of the music played. These colors are attractive and make music great.

Dual 10’’ Woofers and Two Piezo Tweeters

These woofers and tweeters are powerful and provide a lovely sound experience. The tweeter and woofers have an enclosure. The enclosure gives the sound system an improved base output. The treble output further gives a wonderful audio output.

LED Sound Level Indicator

These DJ speakers entail an LED Sound Level Indicator. The DJ is therefore able to clearly keep track of the sound levels and regulate them to the fans’ satisfaction.

Power handling capacity

The speakers have a 500 watts RMS and a peak of 1000 watts. This power supply is translated into a superb sound quality. The system is further wired with 4-ohms to give the DJ great sound with a true DJ experience.

The above reviewed DJ speakers are essential for every DJ and producers who want to transform their music experience. The sound quality is top while giving the user a wide range of features for music perfection. Seismic Audio PA DJ speakers, Mr. DJ PP3500MP3 speakers and the Pyle PSUF1040P speakers are no doubt the best DJ speakers 2016.

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