Perhaps you are looking for some speakers to place in your study room. If that is the case, then you might want to consider bookshelf speakers. This is simply because such speakers are meant to be used in libraries or just any place with shelves where they can be placed. Like always, it is absolutely important to ensure that you take into account key factors in your selection quest. This is because you might end up making the wrong choice for failing to make vital considerations.

It all begins by considering the features of any bookshelf speaker. Note that it is features that define the overall functionality of speakers. You must begin with the very vital features that any speaker should have.

Among the key things to consider in this case include:

• Hertz

This is what most people know as sound frequency and it is measured in hertz. It is important to confirm the number of hertz that the bookshelf speaker you have chosen has. This is because the number of the said units dictates how loud the sound from the speaker will be.

Now, if the number of hertz is low, then you should expect bass from the speaker you have chosen. If the hertz are more, the speaker is probably designed to produce high frequency sound.

• Watts

This is defined as the amount of energy that a speaker can consume. The rate of energy consumption is measured in watts. You need to ensure that the speaker you have chosen has energy rate that matches with the amplifier you intend to use. A mismatch in the two means that the speaker’s performance may be on the lower side.

• Decibels

You need to ask yourself about the sound intensity of a speaker before buying one. It is important to note that sound intensity of a bookshelf speaker determines the potential volume. In other words, this feature is definitive of the nature of sound to expect. In this case, you should aim at getting a speaker that has more decibels. That way, you are assured of the best performance including sound quality.

• Drivers

In this case, drivers are the sound enhancers that a bookshelf speaker has. In other words, drivers entail subwoofer, midrange, and tweeter. In most cases, bookshelf speakers come with a tweeter and subwoofer. Others may come with all three components. Aim at choosing a speaker that matches your preference.

JBL ES30BK 3-Way

The speaker’s sound frequency stands at 40HTZ. This is simply a high frequency that assures you of nothing short of quality sound. The speaker is designed to hit the highest pitch. The best of all is that the sound produced by the same speaker is very clear.

Aside from that, the speaker’s design is very attractive. It can literally fit in any place of your choice and still work as a complement.

Audioengine A5 Premium Powered Bookshelf

The feature that makes this speaker on-of-a-kind is the in-built amplifier. This simply means that you will be spare the hassle of pairing an external amplifier with the speaker. The amplifier is of top quality hence a profound assurance of best sound.

You will also be amazed to know that the speaker can be controlled remotely. It comes with this feature to spare you the hassle of operating it manually. Not to mention, the speaker has RCA and mini-jack inputs.

Polk Audio RTI A3 Bookshelf

It comes as a pair of high quality speakers whose performance is certainly on the higher side. First, the speakers are equipped with 6.5-Inch dynamic balance to ensure that all drivers work in harmony. Important to note, the nature of the speakers is best in the sense that no distortion is experienced at all during playback.

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