When it comes to matters of public address, powered speakers are considered best. Why? They are usually designed to project sound to a far distance. If you are looking for the ideal powered speaker, then you should be ready to make only the right choice and nothing less. This calls for a number of considerations.

Not all powered speakers can make the best and this is why you have to ensure that your choice is keen and very selective. Be fast in checking the specs of the powered speaker at your disposal and only opt for the best one.

Some of the things that you should consider when searching for the best powered speaker are:

1. Powering Mode

It might interest you to know that there are powered speakers that are designed to use batteries while others use AC power. There are also others that use both batteries and AC. It is very important to consider a speaker that has the powering mode of your preference.

The downside of battery-powered speakers is that they may not serve you best. This is because batteries are bound to exhaust even when least expected. The good thing about battery-powered speakers is that they can be used at any time as long as batteries are available. AC batteries may not be used when there is a power outage. However, if there is ample power supply, AC speakers are always considered best.

2. Portability

This has a lot to do with the size of a powered speaker and the material used in making them. It is important to note that portability is something very important since you can use the speaker from any place of your choice. You can also store the speaker in a much convenient way as long as it is portable.

The ideal powered speaker is one that can be carried from one point to another. In other words, the speaker should be of moderate size and light by nature.

However, you might want to consider permanent powered speaker if their use is only restricted to one point. For instance, if you need a powered speaker to use in your office, a permanent version may be the best.

3. Housing

The nature of sound that a powered speaker produces is usually based on the housing. This is simply the enclosure under which the speaker lies. It is important to, therefore, consider the kind of housing that the speaker you are about to buy has.

The best speaker housing is one that has enough vacuum to ensure that sound is projected in the best way. The bigger the housing, the better. However, you need to note that the speaker power is also part in determining the overall performance.

4. Power

This is basically the capacity that a powered speaker has in producing sound. Power in this case is measured in terms of watts. It is an essential feature that is used in determining the overall performance of the speaker in question.

A good powered speaker should have over 1000 Watts. With that, you are assured of quality sound projection. You are also assured of a wide sound coverage. Only opt for a powered speaker whose power is incredibly high.

5. Additional Accessories

These are accessories that are used in enhancing the usage and performance of a powered speaker. Needless to say, a powered speaker that comes with additional accessories should be considered over those that do not have any.

The first additional accessory you should consider is the subwoofer. Note that low frequency sound is very important in spicing up the final output.

The second additional accessory is a microphone. Like earlier stated, powered speakers are usually used for pubic address. It is only wise to opt for a speaker that comes with a microphone. Whether wireless or wired, a microphone is very important.

The last and most important additional accessory is the cables. It goes without saying that for sound to be produced and projected through the speaker, cables must be used. You should therefore look for a package that has connection cables. This will spare you the budget of buying cables differently.

6. Frequency Range

You also must consider if the powered speaker you have chosen has the best frequency range. This is basically the highest point that a powered speaker can hit in terms of sound production.

You should opt for a powered speaker that has a function that can be used in controlling the frequency range. With that, you can tune the sound to match the stipulated purpose. Important to note, the sound frequency of the speaker you have chosen should not compromise the sound quality even at its maximum. If your speaker distorts sound when at its highest range, then there is something wrong.

Best usb Powered Speakers

Seismic Audio Tremor 18-PW 

The power capacity of this speaker is undoubtedly incredible. It has a power capacity of 1000 Watts hence rendering it the best for public address with small size. With such power, sound transmission from the speaker can cover a wide perimeter.

Aside from that, the speaker is accompanied by a 90 oz. subwoofer, which is again a sound spicing property. With a blend of high and low sound frequency, you are assured of the best.

Best Powered Speakers for dj/turntable/keyboards

Rockville RPG15 2000 Watt 

If you are looking for a powerful and good-performing powered speaker, this can make the ultimate choice for you. You will like the fact that the speaker has a power capacity of 2000 watts. This makes it a great choice for public address.

Important to note, this comes as a 2-way sound system, an added reason why it is the best for public address. The housing of the speaker is very professional to ensure that the kind of sound projected is indeed best.

Best Powered pa Speakers

Behringer Eurolive B212D

In terms of sound quality, this speaker leads. It operates under the 2-way sound projection technology and that is why it is preferred for public address. In addition, the speaker comes with internal switch mode that is meant to ensure that unnecessary noise is eliminated. Only clean and undistorted sound comes from this speaker. The housing and design are also very favorable to the user.

Best Battery Powered Speakers

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