Are you searching for an in-ceiling speaker? So many options are in existence currently and it is only obvious that you will be spoiled for choice. It is for this reason that you should take in-depth considerations before opting for any of the speakers available. You must ensure that the in-ceiling speaker you have chosen serves you to the maximum.

The idea in choosing the best in-ceiling speaker is to consider its functionality. This basically touches on the features that each speaker has. Needless to say, the functionality of any speaker is the most important. Anything else comes later.

Below is an outline of all the things that you should consider before and when buying in-ceiling speakers:

1. Sound Controls

This is considered very essential since it determines the nature of sound that you will get from the speaker. A speaker that comes with sound control features is best since you can tune the output to suit your preference.

Some of the most important controls are treble and bass. The former is used to control the pitch of the sound produced by the speaker while the latter works by controlling the strength and depth of the sound. Aside from that, volume control function is very important too. This is used to increase and decrease the general sound output.

2. Swiveling Tweeters

Tweeters are basically an additional feature that is meant to enhance sound. Just like in the case of home theaters, in-ceiling speakers may also come with swiveling tweeters. Now, you need to consider the nature tweeters and confirm if they are indeed the best. First, the tweeters should have a feature that allows them to be tuned towards a certain direction for the sake of sound projection. Secondly, the tweeters should have the capacity to produce sound that is rich and comfortable to the ear.

3. Moisture Resistance

Just like any other electronic device, in-ceiling speakers can easily be denatured by excessive moisture. It is for this reason that you must consider if the in-ceiling speaker you are about to buy has a feature that keeps it safe from moisture.

You will realize that some brands do not have the moisture resistance feature. Such speakers should not be your choice. You should consider a speaker that has the moisture resistance feature, which is usually a thin lining. Such a speaker can be installed in humid areas including the kitchen and bathroom without any worry of having it ruined by moisture.

4. Frequency

This is basically the range that an in-ceiling speaker can hit with regard to sound production. When we talk of increasing the sound volume, it is simply the frequency that is increased. You need to consider the frequency specs of an in-ceiling speaker before you buy any.

The higher the sound frequency of an in-ceiling speaker, the higher the sound range. It would be best to consider a speaker whose frequency is high. With such, sound projection can cover considerably long distance.

5. Watts

This defines that maximum amplified power output that an in-ceiling speaker has. It is important to note that the higher the watts, the higher the power output. In this regard, you should consider in-ceiling speaker that has high watts. Normally, in-ceiling speakers go up to 250 Watts.

What is the effect of the number of watts in any speaker? The number of watts determines how rich the sound produced by an in-ceiling speaker will be. In other words, watts have a direct effect on sound frequency, treble, bass and the likes.

6. Size

To some people, size of an in-ceiling speaker does not really matter. However, it is still very important to consider how large or small an in-ceiling speaker is. Why? Size determines how convenient it will be during installation. You do not need a speaker that will consume a lot of space yet you can get a better option. Note that the fact that a speaker is large does not mean that its power is high as well. You can get a small in-ceiling speaker that has the capacity to produce high-quality sound.

7. Sensitivity

This refers how effective an in-ceiling speaker is with regard to power utilization. In other words, you can tell how efficient your speaker is when it comes to utilizing the amount of power it receives from the amplifier. Sensitivity is usually calculated in dB. It is always important to consider a speaker that has high sensitivity. With such a speaker, high-quality sound is assured.

8. Installation Feature

You should consider buying an in-ceiling speaker that is very easy to install. It is important, therefore, to check if the speaker in question has holes by the sides where screws can be driven through to the wall. Some speakers may not come with such features and that means that you might face a lot of challenges when installing them.

Best In Ceiling Speakers for Music

1. Polk Audio RC80i 

The mere construction of this speaker is an assurance of durability and quality. It comes with a moisture resistance feature to prevent it from damage that might occur due to wetness. The outer structuring of the speaker is very sturdy.

The frequency response of the speaker stands at 35Hz. This means that the speaker has the capacity to produce very strong and clear sound. Not to mention, the speaker has high sensitivity, which is again a sound complement.

Best In Ceiling Speakers for Surround Soound

2. Pyle PDIC60

This comes as a package of 2 high-quality in-ceiling speakers all meant to make your experience even better. First, the speakers are 6.6 Inches in terms of size. Such speakers are very friendly when it comes to installation. Secondly, the set comes with directable tweeters. You can tune the sound to head towards a defined direction. The power output of these speakers stands at 250 Watts. This is a simple indication that the speaker has the capacity to produce high-quality sound.

Important to note, the speakers operate under the 2-way stereo system. This is one of the systems considered very efficient in sound projection.

Best In Ceiling Speakers for the Money

3. Yamaha NS-IW280CWH

The first advocating feature of this speaker is that swiveling tweeter it comes with. It is totally easy to disperse sound in the direction of your choice, thanks to the swiveling feature in the tweeters. Aside from that, the speaker is designed to offer you high-quality sound. This is made possible by the 100-Watt power capacity that the speaker has. The frequency response of the speaker is also on the higher side, hence rendering it best in terms of sound projection. When it comes to durability, you have a 100% guarantee from this speaker.

Installing this in-ceiling speaker is the easiest task you can embark on. It comes with features that allow for easy and fast installation even in awkward positions in your house.

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