Travelling or driving in a car with good music is a really soothing experience. The quality of music in such a car greatly depends on the speakers installed. While most cars will come with already fitted sound systems, you may also need to either change or upgrade the speakers. When purchasing 6 x 9-inch speakers, one must look out for sound quality, the ease of installation, cost and design. We seek to review the best 6 x 9 speakers which will serve you well with a top sound quality.

Kenwood KFC-6965S

This is a full range speaker system designed to offer a high sound quality. The Kenwood KFC-6965S model comes with many exciting features suitable for users of all kinds. The sound system is easy to install. The sound quality is also very good even without an amp.
Features of Kenwood KFC-6965S

Full Range 6 x 9” 3-Way

This enables the sound system to produce high quality sound as well as boost the response range of the speaker. The 3-way speakers are also easy to fix in any part of your car. This will indeed make the car drive more fun. The audiophile sound quality is further assured. These speakers also have a 120 watt power handling ability.

Polypropylene Woofer Cone

This water resistant cone ensures that the sound system produces top quality audio output. This cone further provides resilience whenever there is a high sound output. This further makes the speakers rigid and more resilient to destruction. Polypropylene woofer cone also provided a full bodied sound.

2” tweeter and 1/2 ceramic tweeter

These two further enhance the audio output quality. They are lightweight and well-built to ensure there is limited sound distortion. The sound from the system is then released effortlessly with a fine finish. This ensures that the sound quality is of high quality with the bass being heavy and enjoyable.
Power handling ability
The Kenwood KFC -6965S model has a power handling capacity of 400 watts. It further has a total RMS output of 45 watts. This means that it can handle high voltage and produce high quality audio output.

Rockford Fosgate R169 X 3 Loudspeakers

The Rockford Fosgate models are among the best when it comes to loudspeaker manufacturers. This model also features 3-way speakers, a cone and a tweeter. They are best placed to replace factory speakers due to their quality sound output. The loudspeakers are easy to install and contain grilles which ensure they look as fantastic as they sound.

Key features of Rockford Fosgate R169 X 3 Loudspeakers

Features a Polypropylene Cone

So as to produce quality sound, the model is fitted with a Mica Injected Polypropylene Cone with a rubber surround. This makes the speakers rigid and resilient and produce great quality audio output. Providing full-bodied sound, the cone with a rubber surround also offers resilience against high audio output.

18 AWG Steel Frame

The steel frame has a a great powder finish which is abrasive-resistant. The frame can further be mounted in a shallow depth making it easy to install. This further saves time. The steel frame gives the speaker a great look and makes it compact.

1/2” Mylar Balanced Dome Tweeter

This dome tweeter is lightweight and provides open stage sound. The Mylar is both highly sensitive and also contains a smooth extended frequency response. In this manner, there is reduced sound distortion. The sound output of the speaker is very clear. There is therefore the guarantee of getting the legendary Rockford Fosgate sound quality.


This is a top model which features a Plus One Woofer cone, a Mylar-titanium tweeter and a 3-way loudspeakers pair. JBL model are famed for the sound quality aimed at transforming the music experience in the car. This speaker contains an adjustable Mylar-titanium tweeter and a super-tweeter which produces a fantastic audio output.

Key features of JBL GTO938 Speakers

Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter

The Mylar and Titanium have been blended to come up with both a lightweight and rigid tweeter able to produce a superb sound quality. It also contains a voice coil which boosts the audio output. This is the same technology used in high-end home speakers. The voice coil also reduces sound distortion ensuring the intended sound is superbly produced. There is sound optimization as the tweeter blends with the woofer.

Built-in crossover networks

This feature further makes the JBL model more efficient and unique. This is in addition to advanced high and low sound filters which ensures that there is a smooth sound transition between the tweeter and the woofer. Sound is therefore well sifted and produced.

Plus One Cone

The Plus One Cone technology is solely JBL’s and is awaiting patent. The technology gives the JBL GTO938 more cone surface. The wider cone surface area ensures that the speakers provide a wonderful bass and as well as being highly efficient. This ensures your car is booming therefore giving you a better sound experience. This combined with the 4-Ohm topology delivers super-quality audio output.

The installation of the above reviewed 6 x 9 speakers is easy. They are basically designed as a replacement of the factory installed speakers for cars. Their fixing is therefore very easy. The speakers will indeed boost your driving experience with great music. You also can get 6×9 speakers without amp on Amazon

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