New speakers can bring life back to your car. Car speakers are a means of mobile entertainment that people have been enjoying since cars were first introduced in the 1930s. A good audio system is necessary when traveling long distances. However, it can be overwhelming for people to choose in car speakers. Most inexperienced buyers will go out of the loudest, most expensive and largest thinking they are the best. This is not the case all the time. Buying the right speakers for your car requires knowledge and finesse to get high-quality sounds.

There are several factors every buyer must consider when venturing into new car speakers. These are factors that directly or indirectly affect the sound quality of installed speakers.

Consideration when buying new car speakers

1 Type of speaker

Buyers must decide on the type of speaker they want depending on their needs. There are full-range and component speakers. The component speakers are among the most expensive and designed to deliver high-quality sounds. The full ranges are low in prices and are an all in one system. They are easy to install and aimed at people looking to replace the factory speakers.

2. Sound quality

Sound quality is one of the most important features to check out. Look at the frequency range of the speakers. Speakers with wider ranges have better sound quality. In most cases, peak frequencies for car speakers are at 20,000Hz while the lowest being at 10Hz. Choosing speakers with higher frequencies means choosing high sound quality.

3. Car speaker materials

The sound quality and lifespan of speakers are determined by the materials used to make them. The materials used must be listed by the manufacturer. Speakers that lack a list of materials used are a sign of poor quality. The tweeter should be made of soft materials like silk that warm the sound. Hard materials like metals or graphite make the sound pop. Rubber is the best material for the case surrounding the woofer. The woofer, on the other hand, requires lightweight materials for high-quality sounds.

4. Extra features on the car speakers

Extra features on car speakers help improve the audio experience. Look out for speakers with extra features although this might increase the price. Detachable tweeters come in handy when changing vehicles. External crossovers can be seen full range features. These separate the sounds going to the woofer and those going to the tweeter resulting in cleaner audio. Some tweeters come with pivots that allow for proper installation. Instead of installing tweeters at awkward places like in the door, pivoting enables the sound to be sent in the direction of the listeners.

5. Speaker sizes

It is important to understand the various car speaker sizes if you are going to choose the right size for your car. The first thing is to check the size of speaker installed in your car and then learn about the different speaker sizes. Most cars are released from the factories with speakers installed. Upgrading such speakers will require knowledge of the speaker sizes.

We have selected some of the best car speakers in the market and given consumers a review of each to help them select the best. As seen from above buying the right speaker for your car is not that simple. Some of the best car speakers in the market are:

Best 4×6 Speakers for Bass

1. Infinity Reference 6432cf

The Infinity Reference 6432cf 4″x6″ offers users the perfect moving experience. The speakers feature a Plus one woofer design offering a greater surface area for low-frequency punches. The tweeters are dome shaped made from soft textile materials that guarantee high sound quality. The low impendence design of the speakers allows for more power to be pulled from your amplifier. This design is compatible with almost all stereos.

Other features that make this speaker exceptional include the durable rubber surrounds and the balanced dome tweeters. The infinity is a two-way loudspeaker with 2-ohm impendence and 120 watts of power handling. The only things they lack are the Grilles and screws for installation. Users are advised to have their self tapping screws and speed clips.

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462

The Rockford Fosgate is best suited for individuals feel and love powerful music. The Punch components in the Fosgate offer users very impressive and excellent sounds that stand out. Rockford is known for their sonic excellence. Each piece of Rockford Fosgate speakers comes with a butyl rubber and a polypropylene cone capable of withstanding high volumes in the jam. The new technology of attaching the surround offers up to 25% more of cone surface area. The tweeters are dome shaped offering clear and sounds that extend to highs even when the bass gets heavier.

Other unique features in the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 an OEM adapter plate. The Flexfit basket design makes the speaker stand out from the rest in the market. The speakers have a 70-watt power handling with a sensitivity of 87.5 dB.

3. Polk Audio DB461P

The Polk Audio DB461P is one of the best in the market incorporating some of the latest technologies. The Polk engineers have used some of the latest technologies in the industry to produce the perfect sound quality. They have applied the laser imaging technology to come up with a combination of the speaker design and materials. This is all aimed at removing sound distortions. The result is a sharp and smooth response when playing music.

The Polk speakers feature four woofers made from mica material. The woofers are surrounded by a durable rubber that won’t come off even in instances of stress. The silk Polk tweeters offer users a separate component to bring out clear sounds. Two-way crossovers have been built in the speakers giving high and low frequencies for improved imaging. They have a stainless steel mounting that has been certified for marine use. This makes the speakers a great choice for boats, motorcycles and ATV.


If planning to have a new speaker for your car, then you can never go wrong with any of the above choices. They have all the necessary features one would like in a car speaker. Make the right choice and enjoy good music while on transit.

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