Walker Edison Soreon Corner Desk

The type of office furniture you have within your business is very important. You need quality chairs and desks just as much as you need qualified members of staff among other requirements for a successful business venture. Whether you have adequate capital or not, buying the best pieces of furniture should be among your top priorities. If you have looking for the best home office desk that will provide with ultimate comfort then you should consider Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner. Before you begin saving towards the acquisition of this corner desk, ensure that you read the review below so that you determine whether the desk is right for you or not.

Product features

To begin with, dimensionally the corner desk is 51”W x 20” D x 29” H with overall depth of 51”. It has with a sturdy frame made from stainless steel with a powder coat finish that makes it durable and aesthetically appealing. The leg shape design of the corner desk offers ultimate comfort to working desk thereby increasing on productivity. The autonomous CPU stand and slide out keyboard that accompany it are the other features that will make to fall in love with this product as soon as you lay your eyes on it. In addition, it features flexible configurations options for easy mounting of the keyboard tray on any side of its sides. Its two deep rectangular shaped desktops measuring 21 inches each as well as a quarter circular desktop come together to create an L-shape that offers a corner wedge. This creates more space within your office for keeping other things. Once delivered, the corner desk requires assembly that will not take you long, thanks to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In addition, the package contains extra screws meant for assembling hence you will not incur another cost. All its parts have sticker labels with directions for allowing easy assembly.
Pros of the product

• Highly durable because of the sturdy solid construction featuring stainless steel

• Easy to assemble because of the simple design and instructions from the manufacturer

• Very comfortable to use

• It is aesthetically appealing

• Highly flexible

• Creates more space within the office because of its L-Shape

• The desk can compliment any room regardless of the size

• The black glass makes it great for hiding cables
Cons of the product

• The keyboard tray featured does not have enough space to accommodate a standard keyboard and mouse

• Tightening some of the screws is not easy to the point that you may need help from an expert
Where can you buy the product?
You can get the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner from you local store or alternatively you can check with some of the leading online stores. Before you place an order for any of the corner desks take time and compare the prices offered by various dealers so that you buy without digging deeper into your pocket. In case you prefer buying online, confirm whether the dealer offers free shipping services or there is an additional cost required before you have your corner desk. I recommend you to read this desk comparison table before buying.

Customer reviews


The corner desk looks great, durable and easy to assemble. I would not hesitate to recommend it for someone who wants a desk that will offer them with ultimate conform and worth their money.

The fact that It took me less than an hour to assemble the desk, its sleek design and sturdiness makes the best desk for me. If were to buy another desk I would still go for Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner.


I love its sleek design, solid and sturdy construction although assembling the desk was not easy for me as I expected despite the instructions that come with the package.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner is the best home office furniture on the market. The corner desk is durable, easy to assemble, high multipurpose and aesthetically appealing. You do not have to spend sleepless nights asking yourself where you can get the corner desk since it is available in most of the local stores as well as online. To increase on working hours of your staff as well as productivity, Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner should be on top of your shopping list next time you are budgeting for office furniture. Its price is equally pocket friendly hence you will do not have to break into a bank to add this piece of furniture to your office as soon as possible.

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