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Different people have different perceptions on how to fulfill their needs when it comes to having fun and enjoying recreational time. Gaming is one of the suitable ways of fulfilling ones needs of having fun. If you are a serious gamer, it is best to get a pro desk for the ultimate experience. This is a desk used for playing games with features to make the experience better than a normal chair. Many gamers suffer from challenges related to getting any accessories set up. These accessories include keyboard, joysticks among others. In buying gaming desks, what you need to consider first is the size. The desk should have a size that is suited with the items required for the playing games efficiently. Therefore, when you have many game accessories, you would require bigger desk and when you have few gaming accessories a small desk is best suited. Finding the best PC desk is a challenge to many gamers. Therefore, a review of some of the PC desk is important before any purchase is made. There are many specific purposes and qualities of computer tables that you would discover if you review them first before you buy. It is also important to consider the brand of the desk. The more trustworthy and known the brand, the better it is. In addition, many gamers use multiple screens when playing. Thus, a good gaming table should have a space for a minimum of 2 screens; basically it should have a large surface area. Let us review two reputable gaming desks: R2s Gaming desk and reccaforte gaming desk. They are among the best there is in the market.

R2s Gaming Desk


This desk was an idea developed by Prospec designs in 2012 with the aim of making playing games more engaging and fun. The goal of the company is to offer gamers an extensive solution without being forced to change existing desks. R2s Gaming table is an angular desk used at homes and/or commercially. It integrates Ergonomic design for supreme space saving as it can be positioned on the corner, and allows comfortable utilization. It is remote controlled for up to three computer monitors, it is made from eco-friendly material that gives space for homemade modding, and has hidden cable management meant for alternate hardware solutions. R2s Gaming Desk has three versions per product: R2 version, R2s version and X1s version. R2 version specifications include up to 3×24″ Monitors, two heavy duty selves that can accommodate up to 45kg of weight and specifically Customized Computer Case areas. On the other hand, R2s version has R2 version specifications and Remote controlled electronic lift for up to 2×24″ monitors. The X1s has R2s version specifications and upto3x27″ monitors.R2s Gaming desk has a design that allows users to combine four tables to develop a circular area basically for network games. The gaming desk can be used in promotional happenings say for software testing and competition.

Roccaforte gaming desk


Reccaforte gaming desk offers all the space a player would require from an ideal table for playing games. The desk has a large surface area that can fit 3 displays easily. When it comes to the appearance, the desk looks outstanding and spectacular. Dust is visible since the desk is black in colour and therefore it can be cleaned easily. Roccaforte fits all game accessories and computer peripheral devices and all are easily reachable. The desk is built from PVC, MDF and steel legs. The Roccarforte table has a flexible position that allows vertical and horizontal movement in the devices installed to provide best environment for play and work. The table is also easy to use. It has a number of regions that allows placement of items. Many people tend to have many computer hardware or several monitors. This table is capable of handling all these folks, hence easy to use. Even though the Roccaforte gaming desk has three distinctive tiers and gives plenty of flexibility for computer accessories, there doesn’t seem to be extra space to fit anything else. Those on a lower budget will perhaps be better off creating their own desk. In addition to this, roccaforte gaming desk is very expensive and individuals on a tighter budget cannot afford it. Another concern for Roccarforte is its colour. Its black colour tends to attract dust a lot and any dust on the surface will show necessitating frequent cleaning.

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