If the Emperor Computer Station is too rich for your blood starting at over $5,000 there’s now a new option for gamers, programmers, day traders, and anyone else that spends a great deal of time in front of their monitor(s). The J20 Gaming Computer Workstation appears to be the ideal solution for those of you searching for a next generation workstation set up. We have brought to market an attractive alternative to MWE Lab’s Emperor line-up. The J20 Gaming Computer Workstation is priced at a reasonable affordable price($1,899 FOB Ningbo ), if you factor in the cost of a full office set up with a nice chair, desk, lighting, and dual/triple monitor stand The price look pretty competitive. Besides, you get a futuristic workstation with an unparalleled cool factor. Prepare yourself to demo it to family and friends.


J20 Gaming Computer Workstation Overview

Here is a list of the J20’s key features.

  • Upper display section lifts and lowers for easy entry and exit
  • Display support (up to three 27″ monitors or single 40″ monitor for ultra wide screen)
  • Adjustable & ergonomic race car style chair with foot rest, reclines backward (up to 45 degree tilt)
  • Chair features massage, heating, and vibration Settings
  • LED lights (soft lighting prevents glare on displays)
  • Side storage slot for computer tower or gaming console
  • Cable concealment/management system with built-in inputs for Mac, PC, or game consoles
  • Adjustable keyboard tray & two adjustable armrests on left and right for mouse, cell phone, and other accessories
  • Steel frame with powder coating finish covered by 5 year warranty
  • Standard black or custom color available (white, yellow, etc.)
  • Length 65″ x Width 47.25″ x Height (up) 82″, Height (down) 53″

J20 Gaming Computer Workstation (Dimensions in Millimeters)


J20 Workstation Positions

If the J20 has successfully managed to woo you, Contact Us to purchase. Our Email is [email protected] You may also contact us to request a full product spec sheet, shipping details, or with any other questions you may have. Simply put “J20” in the subject field.




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