DXRacer GD/1000/N gaming desktop office desk

If you are a gaming extremist or you possess an office, a well posturing, comfy, sturdy and adjustable table is something on the must have list. In this dxracer gaming desk review, you will be able to know some information. This desk is sensationally structured with great features. It is mainly bought or ordered online from its website. The site is also straightforward and easy to use. Shipment is performed rapidly by an average of 3 or 4 day time based on the place. The shipment is performed through FedEx home supply services. Similar day shipping is done sometime but only on the available items that have been ordered prior 3 pm on working days. The desk is priced at 369 dollars with all taxes and shipping expenses. You can make payment by using Paypal account. The desk is shipped in a big cardboard box by having a weight limit of seventy pounds. Moreover, there is a guide manual that will assist you fixing the desk normally fast and straightforward.

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The features:

First, the designing of the dxracer gaming desk is appealing. After fixing it you will be able to notice that lot of cautious and precise design job was performed to offer best quality of experience to the user. The complete desk exoskeleton is complete size metallic steel design to make sure the table’s solidity, sturdiness and best comfort. The security and quality are proved by the truth that the desk and its materials have passed seventy two quality examinations strictly.

If you are using computer for eight hours per day, an ergonomic working area set up is very important. This dxracer gaming desk is installed with an adjustable procedure like height lifting levers and angle adjusting and the imported hydraulic system. The height of the desk can be adjusted according to your needs and you can also tilt the angle about 170 degrees backward. More over the desk is built with a twelve degree tilt rocking base that has a footrest shape and by having a racing tire design. The design of the base is of metallic aluminum that highly assures the hardiness of the appliance. Great research has been performed on the ergonomics of the desk, make sure it gives close perfect posture through supporting the spine, providing right ratio and maximum structure curve. The material availed to conceal the furniture is of new racing quality polyurethane that is imported from foreign countries, combined with deep ABS assuring safety, firmness and durability. The stuff is made to resemble and sense like leather that most probably adds to the desk’s appeal. This covering is shiny smooth and water resistant simply in case you mistakenly spill drinks on the chair. Other extra but completely cool features are the headrest cushions and removable lumbar. The cushions are attachable easily through certain bungee clips and can be disassembled at also. The cushions possibly to enhance posturing on the desk thus assisting avoid related spine and back complications. For the people who are desired in different colors like black, and white.


Along with the additional cushions the desk may do magic for the users spine and back. The designs are appealing; the ergonomics of the chair are just splendid. Lot of adjustment on the desk assist to make sure you are seated in a comfortable and convenient manner. Ten degree slop offers maximum ergonomic angle to rest. The extended work surface, offers additional support for the forearm when writing or mousing. The double triangle designs are the strongest design. The desk is examined to perform, 110 Ibs weight capacity of the desk offers good facility to the user. The large opening X4 is very helpful to deal with all the wires and cables. Large, trapezoid feet and 360 degree rotatable offers a bigger surface for a strong base of support which is easy to move, so it does not damage the floor. It is manufactured with natural wood, Eco friendly, there is no different smell, best impact resistance, and steel frame in the feet of the Dxracer desk has been designed. The desk top can have the capacity to hold several things on the desk.

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