Choosing The Ideal Laptop Desk

The best thing that any laptop user can invest in is a desk. Most people fail to prioritize a desk since they consider it best to have laptops on their laps. If you must know, there has been a number of health risks associated with placing of laptops on one’s lap. As a matter of fact, men stand the risk of becoming impotent due to placement of their laptops on their laps. Instead of posing your health to any threat, it would be best to consider buying a portable laptop desk.

Top Portable Adjustable Laptop Desks for Bed Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Laptop mStand $6018774.7/5
Original Steady Desk Adjustable Height$1901024.2/5
LapGear Smart Desk Exec Lapdesk$352744.3/5
LapGear Jumbo MyDesk$307454.1/5
Cooler Master with 200mm Blue LED Fan$4865734.1/5
Logitech N500 $1604224.4/5
Cooler Master Comforter C-HS02-KA$606504.0/5
Logitech N315$1905384.4/5
Logitech Speaker Lapdesk $2403784.5/5
Furinno Portable Bed Stand (8 colors)$8011474.1/5
Thermaltake Oversized 230mm Blue LED Fan$3013313.9/5
Targus Laptop Mat Black/Gray$4313524.2/5
Kings Laptop Table With Cooling Fan& USB Ports$1305544.1/5

Important aspects have to be accounted for when choosing a laptop desk. This is because you are bound to come across assorted laptop desk options and it is very possible to accidentally opt for the wrong one. A laptop desk should match all your needs to the latter.

Below is a list of things that you should consider when choosing a laptop desk.


Normally, laptop desks are small in size. They are way smaller than those meant for desktop computers. This is for one obvious reason- laptops are small in size. Now, it is necessary to ensure that you consider the size of your laptop desk. The fact that this category of desk features small sizes does not mean you should go for any. The size chosen should be convenient enough for you.

If you have other accessories to place on the desk, then a larger option should be considered. However, if the desk is meant for your laptop alone, a small size is just ideal.


Though mediocre, the shape of a laptop desk should still be considered. Some of the shapes may be awkward hence not offering the best surface for your laptop. A desk, in this case, should be flat and with good shape to ensure that your laptop is well covered. It is very easy for your laptop to fall off from a desk whose shape is not the best. And a good laptop table should support wrist pillow.


The kind of material used in making a laptop desk should not be ignored at all. Some desks may be wooden while others may be metallic. Each material in this case has its own merits and demerits.

Wooden laptop desks are good in the sense that they may be cheap and durable at the same time. Aside from that, wooden laptop desks are light hence they can be carried around easily. Metallic laptop desks on the other hand are very durable, though expensive.


The mere fact that laptops are portable should prompt you to choose a desk which is equally portable. You should consider a computer lap board that has all portability features. First, the desk has to be light in weight. This will facilitate easy ferrying of the desk from one point. Another portability feature is folding legs. A desk that turns in a board-like item when the legs are folded can be easily carried from one point to another. And a laptop desk with light and adjustable height feature is always popular. Laptop with cooling pad is also a good choice.

Product Reviews

1. Francois et Mimi bamboo Multi-position Laptop Desk

This desk meets all specifications for any laptop and users. To start with, the desk comes with adjustable feet to ensure that you uphold stability at all times. The legs can be completely folded as well hence making the desk fully portable. The top surface of the desk is very flat and smooth hence ensuring that your laptop is in the right position. The drawer just beneath the desk is meant to facilitate storage of small items that you may require when using your laptop. Above all, the desk is eco-friendly since it is wooden.

2. Songmics 100% Bamboo Portable Wooden Laptop Desk ULLD001

The portable nature of this desk is one of the advocating traits that you might want to consider. The desk has all features that can facilitate easy and convenient portability. The legs are adjustable hence they can be folded completely.

The surface is perforated to ensure that heat from your laptop is properly dissipated. Note that blockage of heat produced by a laptop can denature its inner constituents. Aside from that, the kind of finish applied on the desk is resistant to moisture. This means that you can regularly wipe the desk without any worry of sustained wetness.

3. Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk

It may appear very simple but the reality is that you have everything in this laptop desk. It has all features that can facilitate easy use of your laptop from any place. The size is small and compact to ensure that you are able to move with it to any place of your choice. Moreover, the legs are foldable hence further facilitating portability. The antique walnut finish on this desk is a very outstanding beauty complement. It is also moisture resistant for the sake of ensuring that your desk serves you for a very long time.

4. Think Tank Technology KC68151 KCO Group Cheap Laptop Desk

Well, whether you want to use the desk while standing or sitting, you have the liberty. This is because the portable folding laptop table comes with adjustable height feature. It can assume high heights and it can still be lowered just fine. Assembling this desk is very easy and convenient. It takes a matter of minutes to have it up and ready for use. The top platform is bold and wide enough for different laptop sizes. Most importantly, it is stable hence able to support any weight of a laptop.

5. SoyBuy Portable laptop Table Desk

It is the kind of desk that any person would require for their laptops. It comes with foldable metallic feet to allow for easy storage and portability. It turns into a very simple board when the legs are folded. Aside from that, the desk is very versatile. It is versatile in the sense that it can be used as a flower shelf, mini desk, and a palette. The top board is large and wide enough to ensure that your laptop rests on it conveniently. It can be used from any place of your choice including the bed. Stability is not an issue with this standing laptop desk.


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