Gaming is an involving activity which requires a lot of concentration and energy. Unlike casual gamers, professional gamers can ill-afford to assume the wrong posture when they are playing. Gamers must take their comfort seriously if they are going to experience great times in whichever game they are interested in. There are health considerations when one is playing a game, the fact that it is addictive makes it even more important to ensure that one is doing themselves justice by seeking comfort. One must know the health implications of bad positioning and the good aspects of being able to maintain one’s health. The traditional problematic areas such as the back, spine and neck can lead to muscle problems if one’s posture is not checked. Most people assume that the sitting position is the only determinant for better gaming or even working, but having a high quality desk will assist in better posturing. A gaming computer desk is a blessing for pro gamers and even casual gamers. A high quality computer gaming desk is a must-have. So before delving into the exact desks that one should look out for, it is necessary to find out more about the nature of these desks. How do they help? What are they made of? How can one identify a high quality computer gaming desk?

Top Rated PC Gaming Desk Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Z-Line Glass L-Shaped for PC $349.994174.6/5
Walker Edison 3-Piece L-Shaped $249.00 2,2084.4/5
Atlantic Standard Gaming $149.994924.4/5
Techni Standard mobile Computer Cart$89.995994.6/5
Prepac Floating $219.996934.6/5
Regallo Standard Expandable $146.141354.0/5
Coaster Peel Standard for PC $199.99854.2/5
Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass $359.991614.4/5
RTA L-Shaped $254.001604.6/5
Techni Mobili Standard Computer Workstation$249.993194.3/5

Qualities of a high standard computer gaming desk

Safeguards health

The benefits of a ergonomic PC gaming table are immense but narrowing down on a few crucial benefits, it is good for health. Yes, this may have been overstated but it is important to stress the fact that a good ergonomic computer gaming table is a deterrent to pain, discomfort, stress, aches and carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a hand and arm condition which causes numbing and tingling of the hands caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. This would normally occur when someone is at a game for long periods of time. The right gaming desk will increase one’s level of comfort and ensure that they are seated properly with their body balanced as they get involved in a very absorbing activity.


The right computer gaming desk for one is one which allows for multitasking. One will not have to leave their chair to reach for something. This is coupled by the fact that a desk should be very spacious. It should have enough space to fit a large monitor. It should have enough room to avoid knocking things over. Oftentimes, things like the mouse and key apparatus falls to the ground and gets damaged when the table is small and cannot accommodate several things at once. Getting a large desk is vital.

Sharpens gaming skills

With the correct sitting position and proper focus, one will undoubtedly become a better gamer. If one is poorly postured, they will struggle to play as they will be distracted seeking to find a better sitting position. But once one finds a desk that gives them balance and comfort they will be motivated to play more thus sharpening their skills. With a good quality computer gaming desk, concentration and skill will be certainly achieved.

What distinguishes a high quality gaming desk

What should one look for when they are looking to buy the best gaming computer desk? Well, such a desk should be strong, durable and easy to assemble. One should also look at their needs, there is no guarantee that one desk will fulfil the needs of everyone. Portability is another factor one has to consider because one might be forced to move the desk maybe because of cleaning or renovation, so having an unwieldy desk will not help matters. If one is into aesthetics, they should make sure that the looking of the desk they choose matches with the other furniture in the same room or house. Computer gaming desks are not only functional but add style to an environment.

Strength and maintenance

One should choose a table that is strong. A computer desk which is firm will support a majority of items placed on it without buckling. It should accommodate the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other accessories. Such a table should have a minimal assembly time, it should not be complicated and time consuming. The maintenance of the table should not be a headache, one should pick a gaming table that is easy to maintain.

Expensive meets expectations

Another consideration is the price. On this one, the regular cheap options that are normally fronted are not the solution. One should find a computer gaming table which is high quality and that will mean forking out a few extra notes to get a gaming desk that will meet one’s expectations.

Why You Should Have a Great Computer Gaming Desk?

Improved posture for better health

So having looked at the outline, the basics of a gaming desk, what are some of the benefits of having a proper gaming desk? First, having the right chair and desk combination is a win-win situation for one’s health. Given people’s diets, these days, bodies have become fragile and less immune to diseases and illnesses. A little pain can cause one havoc if they are not careful. The benefits of the right desk as in working situations is that one gets to assume a good position when settled in a game. Gaming constitutes a lot of movement and having a comfortable desk to work on will not only earn one points and take them to the next level but their health will also be elevated.

Being neat and organised

Another plus for having chosen a good computer gaming desk is neatness and organisation. Just imagine if one had to live with someone who had their stuff all over the place, it would be an eyesore and a nuisance. Imagine accidentally stepping on a controller or knocking down a misplaced keyboard. All these frustrations can well be avoided with an astute decision to buy a gaming desk which has tools for ensuring that things are in place. It makes accessibility to one’s own stuff easy. One does not have to waste their time looking for where they placed the controller. One does not have to squeeze items together, a good desk has things well-organised for efficient time management and accessibility. The fact that one can arrange their items in trays, on shelves, on holders and store in enclosed spaces males such a desk crucial to have.

Add décor to one’s space

The benefit of having a great computer desk is that it can add style and finesse to one’s space. Style can be looked at from two angles. The first angle is functionally and the second angle is stylistically. First, the design of a desk should not be flimsy. It should not be rigid. A brilliant desk is able to adapt to one’s needs whenever they require so. Having a desk that can be assembled and disassembled at will is most probably is ideal. It allows one to maneuver the way they want in their gaming plans. What’s the plus? Being flexible. Flexibility in gaming is required.

The other angle of style is aesthetics. The benefit of having an attractive table is that it complements one’s space. Be it a wooden desk or glass, one can add to their environment and spruce it up by buying a gaming desk. Is it the office? Is it the house? One will definitely need a personality. The unique designs of most gaming desks make them stand out and it could be just what one’s space needs.

Reducing clutter

Finally, one will reduce clutter. This is not the same as accessibility. If one has been having a crowded space, the desk can help to ease the congestion. It will help create more space by taking up some of the items one wondered where they could keep. It is a refreshing sight when one sees they have as minimal baggage as possible and the gaming desk keeps a room looking presentable.

Materials for gaming desks

Glass desks


The materials which are used for making such table vary. There are wooden, PVC and glass computer gaming desks. Glass desks are covered with glass on the top only. They are modern and have a stylish look. Most of these desks are supported by a steel frame, this reinforced their durability. The only drawback with glass desks is that they may break.

Wooden gaming desks

The wooden designs can be made from maple, pine or oak. Pine is the most common because of its affordability and it is softer making it easier to assemble and disassemble. Wooden desks are known for their richness and elegance.

PVC and metal

Finally PVC and metal tables are blended in such a way that the tabletop is made out of PVC while the supporting frame is made out of steel frames. These desks are portable and that is why many gamers prefer this design to the others.

Shapes of gaming desks

For the best gaming computer desk, choosing the right shape should not be an afterthought. As stated earlier, one cannot imagine that every desk they use to play will fit their needs. There needs to be a look at the kind of shape and style one can best use for their gaming. There is the U-shaped desk, the L-shaped desk and the standard desk.

Standard (rectangular) gaming desk

The standard desk is cheaper than its counterparts and provides basic options for gamers. They are predominantly rectangular in shape enabling one to pull out a keyboard easily and these kind of desk could gave drawers which can be used to store accessories. They are in great variety.

L-shaped gaming computer desks

The L-shaped or corner desk as is referred to in some circles, is convenient for saving space. If one wants to utilise the room they have maximally, they should get this desk. It is efficient for multitasking and grants one adequate legroom to maneuver around. This table is good for those who revel in a surround sound system that brings life to the games they are playing. This kind of table shape makes a gamer more flexible, it is virtually wrapped around its user.

U-shaped desks

The U-shaped table costs much more than the other tables but carries with it more space. It is very roomy for those who have a lot of things to use on their desk. The only drawback with this table is that it is heavy thus cannot allow for portability.

The Best Gaming Computer Desks.

RTA’s Mahogany L-shaped computer gaming desk

RTA products are known for their cool designs which break boundaries and harness innovation. And their Mahogany L-shaped computer gaming desk is a fine example of this. It is modern office desk designed for today’s professional and casual gamer. This desk features an innovative CPU caddy which makes it mobile for one’s PC. For those who spend hours on end using this table, they appreciate it for its mahogany design and laid-back look, makes the table likable. One of the features which makes it stand out is the keyboard tray which is durable and spacious for keyboards of various sizes. The table has a file cabinet where important documents aside from one’s collection of games can be stored. There is a computer stand to match the demands of whoever wants to use this table. The main strengths of this table are its elegance and fine design which males it likeable.

Atlantic gaming desk

The Atlantic stylish gaming desk is one of a kind. This sleek computer desk is what gamers dream of. It is made of metal and PVC. One can assemble it easily with minimal effort. From afar, the desk looks like it has miniature stilts for its legs. The Atlantic computer gaming desk is user-friendly, it ensures that one does not crowd their items on the table by having stands for various gaming apparatus. The desk has game controller holders at the front. This is important to avoid loss of property, it brings neatness. For further organisation, there is a headset holder which prevents one from scouring the table and the room in search of them. For gaming one needs a great sound system but it should not just be placed anyhow, that is why this Atlantic gaming desk has speaker trays for placement of speakers, they are strategically positioned for sound quality. To avoid spillage which might ruin equipment, the desk has a cup holder which one can put their coffee or beverage they take as they are involved in gaming. There is a phone deck which one can pace their communication devices and pick calls whenever they receive them. This gaming desk can support a laptop and a PC as long as it does not exceed 40 pounds.

Techni Mobili glass L-shaped desk

Along the way, one just has to come across a sleek glass desk. The Techni Mobili glass L-shaped desk. This one has a graphite laminate finish with a powder coated steel frame which is resistant to scratches. The glass supports up to 80 pounds with an 8 millimeter frosted safety configuration. For those who love flexibility, the table is adjustable and one can shift the long and short sides to suit their comfort. The compact glass table has an elevated caddy where one can pace their computer. The table is quite spacious and its parts can be easily assembled. The wood panels are well-polished for taste in design while the PVC laminate veneer makes it resistant to moisture which can be ruinous. The keyboard is stored in a keyboard shelf with a safety stop. The desk can accommodate a computer as well as various accessories which are required. In the looks department, one will not be disappointed with the attractiveness of its design mainly because of the conglomeration of different materials such as wood, glass and PVC. It is also a cheap l shaped office table with glass top, it’s big enough for 2 people.

Gaming PC Desk under 100$-Techni Mobili Mobile and computer cart

The Techni Mobili Mobile and computer cart is double tiered with spaces for the keyboard and the mouse. The main advantages of this table is that it is easy to move, it is easy to assemble, it is sturdy given that it is deceptively sensitive. The compact corner computer gaming desk saves a lot of space. The desk does not support CRT monitors but it does for laptops and flat screen PCs. There is a CD rack where one can store their favourite games as well as a shelf which one can store accessories. This desk is a boost for those who want to buy a cheap gaming desk. The position of the keyboard and the mouse make navigation smooth and one does not have to strain as they are playing, there is a healthy balance. This desk forces one to be disciplined in arranging and organizing their items as each item has its appropriate place on the desk.

The Regallo 50-100705

Finally among the best gaming commercial computer table is the expandable Regallo 50-100705. This cheap modern computer table has a progressive look and its design says so. It is made of steel, metal and mid-density fiberboard. The best thing about this table is that it can adopt an L-shaped design with shelves when the need arises. For adequate storage, there is a pull out keyboard shelf and a shelf for storing other items. These items may include work related materials and gaming accessories. This table is portable and one can move about without much tediousness. It is very light and strong.


As one has observed, the above are the best gaming computer tables around, you also can find some hide away table on Amazon. Most of them are versatile and can be used for office work as well. They most important thing however is that they safeguard one’s health and make better gamers. They are not only made for purpose but they can get away with a little elegance here and there to add polish to an already exiting game.The best place to buy computer desk is Amazon.