A gaming chair is only worth investing in if it offers comfort, great sound and easy connections with other chairs. One such chair that is not only great in design but also in functionality is the X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1. It brings fun into gaming and listening to audios. This gaming chair has come to be loved by many and would make a perfect father’s day gift or a birthday gift for any gaming lover. With many functions to offer, it gives value for the amount spent on purchasing it. It allows one to relax and at the same time do a myriad of other activities including watching TV or movies, listening to music, reading and of course playing games.

The design

For maximum comfort, the X rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 gaming chair has an ergonomic design. The headrest has the X Rocker logo to decorate it while it is heavily padded to guarantee comfort to the head and neck regions. The backrest is heavily padded too to ensure enough maximum comfort. No matter how long you sit on this chair, you will not have any back complaints. For even more comfort, the pedestal allows one to tilt from side to side and swivel in all directions. The gun-stock arms offer support to the hands while still allowing liberty in movement. With all the parts of your body well supported and comfortable, there is no need why you should look elsewhere.


The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 offers ease of use and quality functionality wrapped in one. The controls are so easy to operate that even a toddler can do so with ease. The knobs are easy to control without the need to pause in the middle of a thrilling game. This panel is made up of volume controls, input and output jacks, and an isolated bass knob. The bass and volume controls allow you to customize how you hear the audio coming from the device you are connected to. The input jacks connect the chair to the source of audio be it your DVD player, your PC or any other while the output jack allows connection to other gaming chairs. This allows multiple players to play together for the ultimate gaming experience. For easy integration, a wireless transmitter is included with capabilities of sending audio outputs to all sources with RCA output. Optional RCA cables are also available.
By applying 2.1 AFM Technology, the two speakers and subwoofer give quality sound to fully immerse you into whatever you are doing. The strategic location of the speakers on either sides of the headrest makes them close to the ear so the booming sound is directed into the ear drum for best quality sound. The woofer magnifies the sound giving a boom.

The good

The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 gaming chair has many traits that many customers are satisfied with. These are:
• Great sound and vibration
• Ergonomic design for comfort and correct posture
• Easy setup

The bad

There are not many drawbacks associated with this gaming chair but the commonest complaint among clients is that the chair is a bit too small for bigger people. It is short and tall persons find it hard to sit comfortably. For the average sized and short people however, there are no complaints.

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