The Herman Miller’s Embody chair is built upon decades of ergonomic experience with an aim to create the healthiest chair ever made. The chair is designed for office workers who spend an average of eight hours a day at a desk. In particular, it addresses the needs of people who sit at a desk using a computer for extended periods. The chair comes with a unique design that solves pains and aches.

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

What problems does it solve?

The chair is built with amazing amount of engineering that actively encourage and allow a healthy sitting posture. The chair has the ability to help you alleviate the pains and aches that are associated with long-term sitting and to help you to stay more alert while working. Some of the features that stand out in this chair are as follows.


It is constructed with non-toxic and sustainable materials that make the entire thing 95 percent recyclable. The chair is beautiful when you view it as a whole and it becomes even more amazing when you zoom in to look at each individual edge, connector, and joint. The chair has seven different knobs, levers, and buttons that you can use to adjust your sitting position to fit your body perfectly.


With no doubt, the embody chair is the most comfortable chair in the market. The chair is made up of four layers. First, the bottom is a series of plastic bands that offer the best suspension and a second layer made of sheets of coils that are for support. The third layer consists of hexagonal rings that shift your weight and a final layer, which is a mesh that allows air circulation to keep the chair cool. The other most important part of the chair to enhance your comfort is the backrest. The backrest of the seat is constructed using a matrix of pixels that creates a dynamic seat and back surfaces that will automatically conform to your movement and distribute your weight evenly. This will help to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, improve your posture, lower your heart rate and makes you a better worker.

Easy to adjust

Unlike many ergonomic chairs, the chair is so adjustable making it truly a one size that fits all. The chair can comfortably fit extremely petite people to very large people. You can adjust the amount of recline, the depth of your seat, the tension of the recline, your back curvature, how high the seat is and your armrest positioning.

The chair is very sturdy and you may never feel like you are going to break the seat no matter how your back leans. The chair is constructed in a way that you will not feel a horrible sensation of falling that one get from reclining back too fast when you turn the tension up high enough. Believe it or not, with this chair you will feel more comfortable and work faster that when using other chairs. Its unique design conforms to your needs rather than other poorly designed chairs that forces you to adjust to its design.

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