The most interesting part of gaming is that people get hooked to the seats and do not feel like leaving them until when, well nobody knows. Research has linked sitting for long periods with many side-effects, from pain in the spinal cord to pain in your arms. It is very essential for people who are involved in using chairs for long period of time either due to gaming or extensive workload, that they receive the best possible comfort in every term to keep such issues at hand’s bay.

Here are some suggestions for cheap gaming chairs that you might find really enticing.

1. Cohesion XP 2.1 with Audio

Features and Specification

This series of Cohesion XP gaming chair has some really exciting and noticeable features. Every tech savvy person will surely fall in love with the features of this chair which includes dual wired audio-speakers, receiver audio as well as the front and rear portion padded with thick foam to give the user extra comfort. An easy customizing feature with the help of the control panel is also present and is attached to the side of the chair. Moreover, the chair is extremely lightweight and perfect to be placed near your gaming console.

Pros and Cons

The chair has been so designed that it provides utter comfort to any gamer. The long back as well as the thick padding of foam are enhancing the above-noted feature. Not only is the chair light-weighted but it occupies minimal space as it can be folded easily and kept in the corner of your living room. The speakers that have been embedded in the chair are designed to suit the gaming environment aptly. The only cons that the chair actually has that the audio quality of the speaker is not that amazing and the chair also requires 6 AA batteries that do not generally come in the package.

2. X Rocker 5171101

Features and Specification

This gaming chair has some rocking functionalities that totally goes with the gaming ambience. The features include a sound immersion experience incorporating the AFM technology provided within the audio speakers and subwoofer installed in the chair itself. The chair also has a wireless radio receiver and a transmitter that is a built-in feature along with RCA inputs. In order to enhance your gaming experience separate controls have been provided for sound and base. It has not been designed only for gaming but is also great for other activities like watching TV, listening to music or reading books.

Pros and Cons

The chair provides extreme comfort levels especially for children and has a backrest adjustment feature that can give nice tilts to any gamer. This chair has been designed in a specific manner to cater to the needs of gamer who like experiencing their games from ground level. Moreover, the sound quality is exceptional since it provides a 2.1 sound immersion experience. The only negative review that the chair generally faces is that the size is a bit small for adults as well as when compared to other gaming chairs. Except for this fact, the remaining features are absolutely alluring.

Cheap computer gaming chair

3. Black PU Leather High Back Office Chair Executive

Features and Specification

If your primal goal is the comfort, a chair that serves multiple purposes, a chair that can also be of great use for office purposes then this is the chair you are looking for. It includes features like the backrest and height adjustment that plays an important role in comfort. It has a rocking function which allows 360 degrees movement. The fabric used in its seating is soft PU leather and has a thick padding in the armrest and backrest which gives the ultimate experience at work.

Pros and Cons

The chair serves its motto of being really comfortable. Moreover, the installation process for the chair is extremely handy and can be done manually without much hassle. It also has a great design which will look good in front of your desk. The product has high-quality materials used in its making. The only negative review that it has generally received that its front tilt is not a pleasing feature which can be neglected because people generally do not need to tilt it forwards.

All the gaming lovers out there will acknowledge these alluring features these chairs are decked with. So, why wait any longer? Go grab your coveted pick quickly!

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