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Now that you have finally decided to get yourself a gaming chair, there are some important things that you have to consider. It is important to remember that not any chair can be used in gaming, hence the need to be specific in your selection. One sure thing is that you are bound to come across a number of options. However, the many options may not serve your specifications completely.

Top Rated Ultimate Gaming Computer Chair Comparison

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
Aeron Mesh Chair by Herman Miller Highly Adjustable Graphite $13501044.4/5
DXRacer Leather Office $3392294.5/5
Lorell Executive Mesh Fabric $3806424.1/5
Boss Leather Computer Chair$36011453.7/5
Office Star Professional Air Grid with Mesh Seat$5001324.4/5
Flash High Back Leather $4205573.7/5
PU Leather Ergonomic Office Desk$957234.1/5
Alera Fraze Leather Chair for Big Guys$3503944.0/5
LexMod Chair with Mesh Back and Leatherette Seat$4504093.6/5
Mid Back MeshHidden5044.1/5

The main secret in choosing a gaming chair is considering comfort before anything else. Everything about these chairs revolves around comfort. It is for this reason that any of your considerations has to cover comfort to the utmost.

Below is a list of key things to consider when choosing the best game seat:

1. Height

This is a very important factor that must never be overlooked when choosing an ideal gaming chair. The height of the chair should be defined by the height of the desk that you are using. The best thing is that most gaming chairs come with a function that gives room for height adjustment. The function enables the user to make adjustments to his/her preferred sitting height.

2. Armrest

You will realize that some chairs claimed to be best for gaming have no armrests. For your information, armrests are very important when gaming. This is because the position of your hands determines how easy it will be when gaming. The best gaming chair is one that comes with adjustable armrests. That way, you can put the armrests at your preferred position for easy gaming.

3. The Back

More emphasis is usually put on this part of a game seat. The back of any gaming seat should be ergonomic and very comfortable. It goes without saying that human back is very delicate and if not put in utmost comfort, complications can result. The best gaming seat should have a properly padded back to ensure that you do not easily get tired when gaming. The back can also be adjustable in order to meet the comfort of different users.

4. Size

The truth is that most people do not account for size when choosing the most appropriate game chair. Little did they know that size has a lot of connections with the user’s comfort. A small gaming chair is bound to tamper with your overall comfort. This is because delicate parts of your body are bound to strain when gaming hence rendering the experience hectic.

A large chair on the other hand is still bound to compromise your comfort. Note that you still have to support your back, use the armrests, and also access your gaming accessories. This means that the gaming chair you choose should neither be too large nor too small for you. A medium sized gaming chair is best.

5. Durability 

One sure thing is that you do not intend to keep buying game seats every now and then. This means that you have to opt for a gaming chair that has the capacity to serve you for a long time. The material used in making a gaming chair is a core determinant on how long it will serve you. Leather gaming seats tend to serve longer than others made of different materials. It would be best to invest a lot of money in buying a durable gaming chair than go for cheap and short-lived option.

Why Should You Invest In A Professional Gaming Chair (The Benefits)

There are so many benefits that come forth with a gaming chair. However, not every game lover may understand the benefits. Research has confirmed that over 40% of game-lovers do not invest in a gaming chair simply because they do not understand the benefits that come along with it.

So, which are the benefits that you should expect from a game chair?

1. Posture Support

The importance of sitting in the right posture when gaming cannot be overlooked at all. Wrong posture when gaming means that you stand chances of getting tired fast. It is also possible to suffer minor injuries when gaming in the wrong posture. A good gaming chair will offer you the best posture. It will be possible to game for a long time without tiring.

2. Reduced Risk On Your Neck

It is possible to suffer neck stiffness or pain if you face towards one point for a long time. However, with ample support on your neck, chances of suffering neck complications are reduced. One of the best ways of ensuring that your neck is in the right condition, especially when gaming for long is by getting the best chair. With a gaming chair, your neck will get full support. It is, however, necessary to ensure that the gaming seat you buy has a comfortable headrest.

3. No Back Pains

The natural curve of your spine must be properly supported especially if you are sitting in one position for a long time. Without the best gaming seat, it may be impossible to offer best support to your spine. This simply means that you will suffer constant back pains.

One of the benefits of investing in a gaming chair is that you will stand low to zero chances of suffering back pains. Your back will be granted ample support. You can actually game for a long time without experiencing back pains especially if your gaming seat has the best support.

4. No Unwanted Pressure on Your Hips

Lack of comfort on your hips is definitely one of the reasons why one gets tired fast. It is important to note that gaming is one of the experiences that can lead to so much pressure on your hips, especially if the right chair is not used.

The benefit of investing in a gaming seat is that your hips will not face unwarranted strains. A good gaming seat is designed in a manner that the user’s body weight is evenly spread. This means that your hips will not be supporting the entire body weight. This is, of course, a comfort complement for any game lover.

Top Computer Chair Reviews

1. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

The versatile nature of this air grid executive chair is one of the reasons why it is more preferable. It is versatile in the sense that it can be used for gaming and also other office chores. The design featured by this chair works in favor of the user to the maximum.

The leather-padded seating point of this chair is an assurance of utmost comfort to the user. It is also a symbol of durability. Any person can admit that leather is very durable. It will take you a long time before you consider buying another gaming chair if you opt for Office Star Space Professional Chair.

The height adjustment feature is seen as a point of convenience to the user. You can raise or lower the chair to your preferred gaming height. Note that chair height has a lot to do with gamers’ comfort.

Not to forget, this memory foam chair has detachable armrests. You can opt to game with or without the armrests. However, gaming on a chair that has armrests is definitely recommendable.

The mesh back of Space Seating provides you with ample breathability. You will certainly need proper air circulation when gaming and this is fully facilitated by Office Star Space Professional Chair.

2. DXRacer FE08NB 

The structure and design of DXRacer FE08NB is a strong confirmation that it is the best for gaming. It is in itself a sporty chair hence complementing your gaming experience to the fullest.

It is possible to choose from a variety of upholstery used in making these chairs. You can opt for vinyl or cloth among other upholsteries. It all depends on your taste and preference. One thing for sure is that different upholsteries used in making DXRacer chairs are of high quality and durable as well.

The ergonomic design of DXRacer is an assurance of sound health for any gaming fanatic. It is possible to spend hours of gaming on this chair without experiencing any pain or discomfort. The neck support pillow is meant to keep your head and neck at the right position, and to keep them off possible injuries.

The ample padding on the back ensures that you assume the right posture. The padded computer chair also ensures that you do not experience severe back pains when gaming.

The amply padded seating point is also an assurance of comfort. Your buttocks and hips will not be subjected to a lot of pressure when gaming. The adjustable armrests ensure that your arms are properly positioned for the best gaming experience.

3. Boss Leather Executive 

Are you looking for a gaming cum office seat? Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive chair can serve as the ideal option. Its design is versatile enough to serve as a gaming and office chair.

The very first thing that will interest you is its appearance. It comes in a very unique design that is definitely a complement to your gaming theater/office.

The fact that Boss Leather Executive is ergonomically designed means that your health is observed. With Boss Leather Executive you stand very minimal chances of suffering any form of pain or discomfort irrespective of the duration that you sit on it. The back and the sitting point are properly padded to offer comfortable rest for your lumbar and hips.

The height adjustment feature that comes with this chair is a point of convenience to any user. You can decide to game at a high or low height depending on your preference.

The only little problem with leather material is that you may not have ample breathability, considering that it is made of leather fabric.

4. Herman Miller’s Aeron 

The structuring of this chair qualifies it to be ideal for game lovers or lawyers. It comes with everything that can, in some way, make gaming experience better and enjoyable.

The meshed back of this chair is meant to keep any gamer cool. It is a breathability feature that will ensure proper air circulation when gaming. The properly shaped sitting position is a comfort feature for any user. It is designed in a manner that any body shape can occupy it comfortably. What’s more, the chair has the capacity to spread out your weight evenly. This reduces the chances of straining your hips a lot when seated on the chair.

The adjustable armrests of Herman Miller are also a feature of comfort. You can tune the position of the armrests in order to match the best position for you. The height can also be adjusted. Gamers of different heights have no problem using this chair, thanks to the height adjustment feature it has.

The most important thing of all is that Herman Miller’s Aeron has a guarantee for durability. It is not the type that only serves you for a short while. The material used in making it sturdy enough to provide you with long service.

5. Lorell’s Executive Office 

When it comes to offering ample air circulation, Lorell’s Executive Office Gaming Chair leads. The meshed back of the seat ensures that you are offered enough breathability even when seated for a long time. You can be assured of a sweat-free gaming experience when on this chair.

Natural curvature of your spine is fully assured by the ergonomic design. The manufacturer understands the potential risks on any person’s back and that is why he came up with an ergonomic design.

The armrests can be adjusted in terms of width and height. This means that you can position them at the most convenient point when gaming. In addition to armrest adjustment feature, the back also has 3 control levels to ensure that you get the most comfortable posture when gaming.

The height of the seat can equally be adjusted. This feature is meant to ensure that gamers of different heights can use the seat.

The wheels that this seat has give an assurance of flexibility even when seated. You do not have to stand up in order to change the position. The wheels can facilitate utmost mobility of the chair.


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    DX Racer used low quality padding in their chairs. I purchased an Iron Series F11 and the padding is not nearly dense enough and there are areas of the chair that feel as though there is no padding at all. I can feel the steel frame directly underneath the fake leather covering which by the way is really cheap and plastic feeling stuff.

  2. Kanesh Mahr

    X Rocker gaming chairs is available in various layouts such as fantastic subwoofers to assist you immerse in your gaming session with theatre-like knowledge. Some designs have prolonged leg rest and hassle-free pockets for controllers or various other outcomes so you don’t need to stop your game in situation you need something. The X rocker gaming chair has actually quality created around it as a result of its diverse gear shifts, steering tires and specialized controls. It offers cordless audio for any sort of available media

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