Gaming is not just about getting the most powerful computer, or about acquiring the newest console. There are many other things that can be used to enhance your game experience, such as gamepads, wheels, or 3d glasses. There is also an accessory that many gamers neglect and others don’t even know it exists: the gaming chair. While other accessories for gaming can provide convenience and performance, gaming chairs offer comfort, a nice appearance and many other features. When you have to spend so many hours playing games, you need a comfortable chair that can help you to avoid health problems.

ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
ImagesNameList PriceCustomer ReviewsStarsBuy Now
X Rocker Pro 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless$3003754.2/5
X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 $2906384.0/5
X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless $2502044.1/5
X Rocker 5172801 Vibe Sound Chair with Arms$220444.1/5
X Rocker 5143601 II$2002314.1/5
Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 3Hidden204.8/5
X-Rocker 51092 Gaming Chair Wireless with Vibration$200354.2/5
Cohesion XP 8.1 chair with Audio$100443.6/5
V Rocker 5130301$701114.1/5

Some people think that getting just an armchair, a regular desk chair or even a office chair is enough. However, these types of chairs have nothing to do with the excitement provided by gaming and they don’t give you the fine details on comfort, design and appearance. The newest floor gaming chairs don’t offer just comfort, but also other advantages that can keep you totally immersed in a game’s world. A high quality game chair can provide the right ambiance in your room, plenty of comfort and enough excitement to play the games that you like for many hours.

In this review, we will try to present the best game chairs that at the best price. We will do our best to help you understand what chairs are suitable for your own needs, so you don’t waste your time and do the search yourself. We are constantly trying to find the best chairs from the newest models and to offer you valuable information about the best features. We are considering not only the features of each product, but also the price. A product that is full of features is not necessarily the best product. In this way, you will be able to reach a decision and you will know whether you want to buy a product or not. These reclining game chairs with speakers built in are all made for console games, read this post about PC game chairs without speakers.

What You Should Look for When You Acquire a Gaming Chair?

Integrated Audio System

When you get a office gaming chair, it comes with some optional features. The presence of an internal audio system of a high quality and fidelity is a must, especially if you don’t already have an eight channel audio speaker system for your computer. Not everybody can afford a 7.1 set of wooden speakers that can have a subwoofer so powerful to allow you to feel the racing‘s engine like when you would be driving for real. Hearing the engine can be fine, but you should also feel its power for more realism. An audio system that is integrated in the seat is not only great for racing games, but also for shooters. Wouldn’t it be great to feel the bullets as they pass by your ears?

Design and Affordability

A real gamer surely appreciates a chair with a cool design that is able to represent the gaming world. It is true that different gamers may prefer different styles and what can be cool for one person may not be cool for another. There are some standards of what it means to be cool in the gaming world and the best example can be the design of Alienware products for gaming. If you can find a chair with a really cool design that is cheap and has an integrated audio system, it is time to consider even more features, like ergonomics and comfort.

Comfort and Ergonomics

If you care a lot about your health in the long term and you want avoid the back pains that are usually associated with the use of standard office chairs, comfort should be your priority feature. It is enough that the computer screen can have a negative effect on your eyes. Your back, your neck and your ass can all be protected if you choose the right chair. For example, playing World of Warcraft can be time consuming. In instances and battles, you need to stay focused a lot and you may not be able to do it properly if your body hurts. It is like being wounded in the battle you are fighting in. When it comes to choosing the material from which the seats are made, leather can offer more luxury and polyurethane can be easier to clean. The durability of the material is important as well, because you will surely use a gaming chair more than any chair that you have.

Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox One

1.Best Seller X Rocker Gaming Chair Pro Pedestal 2.1

The number one choice for any gamer is able to provide all the three features mentioned above in this article: a sound system, good comfort and nice appearance, compatible with xbox one. While many other decent chairs can have a good price, this one is the best seller of all gaming chairs and provides the most comfort. The company that made this chair (X Rocker) has been the best in this field for years and this model is the best of all the gaming rocking chairs made by the firm.

All the products from X Rocker ultra are of top quality and this one is no exception. If you want to have a great sound experience, this model is what you may be looking for. Racing games will be experienced optimally using this chair, because it will give you the feeling that you are actually driving. The chair is made of quality faux-leather, and different layers of padding for more comfort. The audio system uses Audio Force Modulation Technology and has two speakers, a subwoofer and two volume controllers (one for the speakers and one for the woofer).

The speakers are placed in the top rest while the subwoofer is placed in the bottom of the seat. You can adjust the bass level easily, with the help of the subwoofer volume controller. The interior part of the chair is made in such a way to allow the two speakers to use the empty space as an amplifier and boost the sound. A high quality sound is transmitted wirelessly to meet the requirements of any game that you want to play.

For those of you who think that the sound would be better through wires, you can connect the wires that come in the package. But, there is no real difference in sound quality between the integrated wireless radio transmitter and the use of RCA cables. The xbox gamer chair X Rocker Pro Pedestal 2.1 offers an amazing sound quality and provides enough comfort regardless of how tall you are. Its ergonomic design with tilting pedestal and gunstock arms make it look really cool. It’s compatible with xbox one.

2.Best Overall X Rocker 5129 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless

This vibrating gaming chair offers all the features that you need without being expensive. If you want to get the most options for a decent sum, this is the best price chair you should choose. The product’s features will justify every dollar that you spend. This model has four speakers and a similar acoustics to the 2.1 model in terms of amplification. The interior from the back of the chair is used optimally for this purpose. For a complete audio experience, the audio system has a subwoofer that can deliver the lowest frequencies for obtaining a high quality bass.

No matter what other chair you compare with the H3 in terms of audio experience, the H3 is always the winner. The same AFM Technology is used and the wireless capability can help you connect with any type of device that has a headphone output. The design of this chair is simply awesome for any gamer, as the seat has a cushioned head rest, gun stock arms, vibration motors, volume control, bass control, four speakers, subwoofer, RCA cables, input and output jacks, upholstery made of sleek matte faux leather fabric, etc.

If you look at the black game chair when it is on the floor, it seems really cool. The chair is very comfortable, but not all people may find it suitable for them. For example, tall people who want to sit in a normal position may not be able to do it properly. Before you buy it, imagine that you are sitting in this chair while it is on the floor and try to understand if it would make you fully comfortable. It has to match your style of sitting. The problem with taller people is that they often sit with their legs crossed. Just for this reason, X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 is not the first chair of the top, but still a good recliner gaming chair with speakers.

3.Best Price X Rocker Bayou

It is the most cost-effective video game rocker chair that you can find, with features like ergonomic design, arms, Bluetooth stereo sound, subwoofer, polyester back, two volume controllers and a nice combination of colors: black and red. As you can see, this seat gives you most of the features of the other two chairs in the top, but at a lower price. Because this chair is placed on the floor, people with long legs may not like it very much. For anyone else, the chair can maintain their posture comfortable.

The amazing Bluetooth features can help you to optimally enjoy games and listen to music from various media sources. When it comes to providing comfort and having an ergonomic design, X Rocker Ace Bayou is a good competitor for another X Rocker chair, which is X Rocker Spider. An interesting thing about this char is that it has a great 2.1 sound system to the number one chair in this top, but you can adjust the volume twenty percent higher. This increase in volume can make the sound louder, but you may get distortions especially when you are listening to music. In games, you may not even notice any distortion.

If you want to connect the seat to any other audio system, you can do it through a headset or by using the available RCA cable. A minus of this chair is the fact that we can’t connect anything directly to the built-in Bluetooth receiver. We need to use our own transmitter, but this is not such a big deal. Bluetooth is a huge power consumer anyway. The true inconvenient of this seat is that it’s not good for tall people either.

Other Great Chairs that you also should look

If you didn’t already notice, all the three gaming chairs in the top come from X Rocker, the leading company in this field. There are other great seats from this company and from other companies as well. These seats are worth reviewing even if they are not in the top 3.

Best Overall Quality – X Rocker Pedestal

X Rocker Pedestal has more of an office appearance than a gaming chair, but it provides more comfort than Ace Bayou. It may not be a serious gaming chair like the ones in the top, but it provides an overall quality at an affordable price. The design has retro accents, but these accents are probably not enough for the chair to be really retro. Also, the black vinyl may seem too simple for some users, but it is easier to clean this way. The seat can be great for office use and for occasional gaming. A notable feature of this product is the ergonomic design. The chair also allows a wide range of motion, as it swivels and tilts. When you don’t need the chair, you can fold it and store it easily.

Best Racing Chair – OpenWheeler

Playseat Evolution is a seat dedicated to racing. It is comfortable, verisimilar and qualitied, it also has a beautiful gear shifter mount that racing enthusiasts will appreciate. You can use the chair with OpenWheeler PS3, Xbox 360 and many other gaming consoles. Racing simulators can go well with this chair. Even if the chair is well-made, it is not heavy. This is one of the best chairs for racers because of its appearance, comfort and compatibility.

Cohesion XP 11.2 Ottoman

This seat is made by another reliable company in the gaming chair industry. The name Ottoman comes from one of the chair’s features: it can be folded into to an ottoman-like configuration. In this format, you can use the chair or store it somewhere. Cohezion XP 11.2 Ottoman offers great comfort and support for games like the GTA series. With black vinyl and some silver notes, this seat has an ultra-sleek appearance. It is a good option in terms of price.

With such great features, you may wonder why we didn’t consider the chair for top 3. The reason is that the audio system’s quality is quite poor. If you have a decent audio system for your computer and you compare it with the one that is integrated in the seat, your audio system will win. It seems that the wireless transmitter is responsible for the almost unbearable sound quality. There is a lot of interference and the only alternative is the use the cables that come in the package. Despite the audio minus, this chair looks amazing and is very comfortable.

Best Gaming Chair Under 100$ – Cohesion 2.1

If you only have up to 100$ to buy a small gaming chair for kids, you may want to consider this one. It is lightweight, comfortable, with a simple foldable design and has a decent audio system. For a low price, you can get a product that respects all the standards of quality.

Gaming Chairs for Children

You can use the majority of the seats presented above for children as well. If you are not a big individual, you will fit in any of the above chairs. Bigger people with children could get two products: a separate chair under 100$ for their kids and a chair made specifically for bigger individuals.

Gaming Chairs for Big People – Alera Ravino Series  Swivel Mid-Back

Big guys may find this chair perfect for them. If you are obese, you will have no problem using this seat, as it will offer you the comfort that you need for gaming and the necessary support for your weight. While any other chair can support up to 205lbs, Alera Ravino is made for people whose weight is less than 450 lbs without any problem. The chair is equipped with a solid metal base and strong armrests. The chrome-plated base with nylon casters makes the chair mobile. The only inconvenient may be that the chair breathes less due to the leather coverage. This is the strongest chair for heavy guys.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs – Ace Bayou Video Bean Bag

You can use this L shaped chair for more than gaming: watching television, watching a movie, listening to music, reading etc. Made of lycra, the sitting part of the chair provides much comfort. The seat is easy to clean and has double locking safety zippers. You can use it in any of your rooms.

Bottom Line for Best Gaming Chair

Compared to the use of an office chair, a comfortable seat is one of those simple items that can enrich your game experience the most. There is no purpose in buying a regular office chair for gaming if you are a true gamer and you really want to get the most of your game experience. This is not just a matter of convenience and comfort, but also a matter of maintaining your body in good health when you spend a lot of time playing video games. When you have to make a choice, your own preference is the first decisive factor and then you can look at the list of features provided by each particular chair. For example, X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 looks and feels amazing, but it costs more than Ace Bayou. For people who have no problem sitting with their legs crossed, Ace Bayou can be a good choice. One of the best things about X Rocker seats is that they can be interconnected for obtaining a great multiplayer experience. These chairs can also have microphones for a complete immersion in the gaming world.