The Ultimate Guide In Choosing The Best Gamepad

Out of the many gaming accessories, a gamepad is certainly among the most important. You must have realized that majority of computer games in the modern world require major keyboard controls that can be substituted by a gamepad. In most cases, the use of keyboards in gaming may be limiting. For instance, the size of a keyboard is way too large to facilitate easy gaming. After all, you will only require few buttons on the keyboard hence it does not make sense to use the whole thing. A gamepad makes a perfect substitute since it is small and easy to control with your fingers. All controls are integrated in the gamepad.

When it comes to selection of the right Gamepad, everything may not be easy. Remember that the market comes with a great deal of options to choose from and not all may go well with your specifications. The best gamepad is one that matches your gaming specifications and upholds total comfort. Above all, a gamepad must be modern as opposed to old and analog. Remember that in the last decade, evolution in the world of games has been major.

Top Gaming Gamepad Comparison

ImagesNamePlatform List PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
ImagesNamePlatform List PriceCustomer Reviews StarsBuy Now
Xbox One GamepadPC/Xbox$59.9917264.3/5
Xbox 360 GamepadPC/Xbox$49.9941414.5/5
PlayStation 4 ControllerPC/PS$59.9944804.6/5
Logitech F310PC/PS$24.9913854.1/5
Logitech F710PC/PS$49.997653.9/5
Razer SabertoothPC/Xbox$79.994423.4/5
SNES Retro Nintendo ControllerPC$24.995933.6/5
MOGA Mobile for Android PC/Android $29.9911643.7/5
Ipega ControllerPC/Android/IOS$60.003553.4/5

Below is a list of major aspects to consider when choosing a gamepad:

1. Controls

A gamepad that does not have all the necessary controls is not worth your consideration. It is important to note that computer gaming calls for some fundamental controls and a gamepad must have them. The best thing is to first consider the kind of games that you will be playing on your computer. That way, you will be able to choose a pad with regard to the respective controls.

2. Compatibility

Another very important aspect to consider in a gamepad is compatibility. It is at this point that you are supposed to take into account the operating system of your computer. This is where compatibility between your gamepad and the computer revolves around.

Some gamepads are not fully compatible with particular operating systems. Others are universal hence they can match with different operating systems. A universal gamepad is certainly an ideal option. All in all, you should aim at getting a gamepad that has the capacity to operate well with your computer.

3. Hand Comfort

The shape and size of a gamepad are a very important consideration since it dictates if you will be comfortable when gaming or not. It is necessary to understand that discomfort when gaming may lead to lack of fun. Needless to say, gaming without fun is certainly not worth the deal.

The gamepad that you opt for should have a shape that rests very well on your both palms. Your fingers should easily access all the controls on the pad without any strain. You should be in a position to game for hours without subjecting your arms to unwarranted fatigue. This can only be made possible by a gamepad that has the best shape and size. It should neither be too small nor too large. It should also come in a shape that is very comfortable for your hands.

4. Price

Most people tend to overlook the price aspect when buying gamepads. Little did they know that price dictates a lot of things. It is with the help of price deals that you will be able to know if you are dealing with the right gamepad or not. An authentic gamepad goes at relatively high and reasonable prices. Inauthentic gamepads on the other hand may cost you ridiculously lenient deals but never serve you for a long span.

In case you feel that a gamepad’s price is ridiculously low, a red flag should be raised. Normally, gaming pads go at moderately high prices since they are considered to be a very important gaming complement. Otherwise, it is only best to consider a gamepad that matches with the present specifications and your budget as well.

Which Are The Available Types of Gamepads

When choosing a gamepad, it is important to ask yourself if there are different types available. In this case, there are different types of gamepads. Each type has some distinguishing clear cuts with another. The general functionality of a certain gamepad marks the difference with another.

Below are the 7 main types of Gamepads:

1. Pedal Controller

This is the category of game controllers that are meant for leg control. It provides gamers with the privilege to stimulate gaming with the help of their feet. This kind of game controls/pads is considered best for automobile or aircraft games.

2. Yoke Controller

This is another version of gamepads that are meant for racing and flying games. They are more like a flight controller and require gamers to use both hands during a gaming session. Most of these gamepads are compatible with assorted Computer Operating Systems hence making them ideal in all aspects.

3. Paddle Controller

For gamers who still have the taste of old games, this type of game controllers can work fine for them. Paddle controllers are designed for old and simple games. It is not used for sophisticated modern games. The main operation of this gamepad relies on wheel options and fire buttons. All controls that can be used in basic gaming are present in this type of gaming controller/pad.

4. Joystick Controller

This is among the commonest gamepad options especially for modern gamers. It is designed in a manner that it can be mounted on a firm stand in order to provide a firm gaming surface. The stand attached to the joystick must have a firm base in order to support vigorous movements during gaming. A joystick controller comes with additional buttons to provide added gaming options among players.

5. Arcade-Style Joystick Controller

The defining traits of this gaming controller are a shaft and ball handle. These are the main control functions that gamers use. However, the controller still has some additional buttons to ensure that gamers are provided with additional gaming options. This kind of gamepad is considered ideal for paying standing video games in an arcade.

6. Flight Stick Controller

This category of gamepad makes use of an excellent stand to ensure that your hands are properly supported during gaming. It is majorly used in playing flying games. However, the controls featured in this gamepad may also be used in playing racing games. Some of the controllers in this category may come with some additional features that include programmable functions as well as push buttons. Flight Stick Controllers are considered to be on the sophisticated side hence ideal in playing modern games.

7. Steering Wheel Controller

Just like the name goes, this gamepad resembles a steering wheel. It is seen as an ideal option for those engaging in games that involve heavy negotiations. A normal joystick may not be the best when it comes with negotiating corners in flying and racing games. However, a steering wheel controller is far much better. In some instances, the controller may come forth with some foot pedals while others may not.

Top Three Gamepad Reviews

1. Razer Sabertooth

It is among the most versatile gamepads there is in the market. It is versatile in the sense that it is compatible with most Windows versions including Vista, XP, 7 and 8. In addition, it supports different USB versions including 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0. The mentioned specifications are a clear indication that the gamepad is indeed very versatile.

What’s more, the gamepad supports the Plug and Play technology. This implies that you will not have to run some configuration settings for the gamepad to function. It is as simple as plugging it in and playing right away. The additional gaming buttons are meant to spice up your experience. The comfortable handles are meant to facilitate easy gaming.

2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

It is just incredible to know that the wireless technology has finally found its way in the world of gamepads. Microsoft Xbox 360 is a perfect example of the wireless game controllers that you should consider. With it, you enjoy the privilege of playing from any point of your choice. It is pretty powerful since it has the capacity to maintain a wireless range of 30-feet.

PC gaming using this controller is made very easy and interesting. It comes with precise thumb sticks, two pressure point triggers and a directional pad that has the capacity to facilitate 8-way movement. It is ideal for all Microsoft gaming platforms.

3. Zhidong V Full Vibration Feedback Controller Gamepad

The versatile nature of this gamepad is certainly behind its massive credits. It has the capacity to work well with Windows XP, 8, 7 and 10. It is also a perfect match with Play Station 3. This means that the largest percentage of gamers is covered fully by this gamepad.

Aside from that, the gamepad comes with a full vibration feedback function. This means that your gaming experience will be spiced even further. Above all, the gamepad operates under the plug and play principle. No driver installation will be required to ensure that you work well with the gamepad. It takes a matter of few minutes for the gamepad to be detected by your computer. It is comes with a USB connection function.